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2011 Abarth Scorp-Ion Concept by IED

2011 Abarth Scorp-Ion Concept by IED

While we are all waiting for Abarth’s very own two-seater sports car, some students from IED design Milano decided to work on a concept of their own. Under the supervision of Luca Borgogno, senior designer at Pininfarina, and Luigi Giampaolo, a designer for Maserati, these students have created the Abarth Scorp-Ion, a concept car that was presented in a 1:4 scale at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Scorp-Ion concept is being built on a 2.35 meter long wheelbase and measures 4.1 m x 1.90 m x 1.19 m. The concept is an electric vehicle powered by four electric motors (one per wheel) that get their power from a lithium-ion battery located in a central position. This will not only help in delivering an optimal weight distribution between the axles, but it will also help lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

"It’s always exciting declares César Mendoza, Director of IED Turin and also a source of a particular apprehension to know that our school participates each year at the Geneva Motor Show without having a definitive vision, from the outset, of the project we will present; a vision that is gradually refined and takes shape once the concept has been completed by the students. It is this silent confidence in our students and which exists among the school, lecturers and students that underlies the professional growth of each single designer. The concept premiered this year is already a source of great satisfaction as it has provided us with the opportunity to carry out research into a great Italian marque, its character, also considering the use of alternative sources of energy. This study has encouraged our students to conceive bold, innovative styling and volumetric solutions."

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