BMW tuners AC Schnitzer have just revealed their take on the drop top version of the classic English sport compact, the Mini Cooper. The tuners from Aachen not only focused on improving the styling both inside and out of the Mini Convertible, but paid close attention to the vehicle’s performance as well. They started off by adding a pair of aerodynamic lips to the front and rear bumpers of the car, this not only makes the Mini look like more of a racecar, but also helps it to perform like one as well. However, the AC Schnitzer decals are purely decorative.

The optional 18 inch rims not only look great, but also allow the owner to mount wider rubber; this gives the Mini a larger contact patch and greatly improves the vehicle’s handling. The AC Schnitzer suspension components take full advantage of the extra grip from the wider tires; by lowering the vehicle and stiffening the chassis the AC Mini will handle like it is on rails.

The interior of the Mini is already well equipped from the dealer, so AC Schnitzer decided that all it needed was a little dressing up. So the German tuners provided pieces like metal shift knobs, parking brake handles, aluminum pedals and some velour floor mats to make this Mini their own. The German engineers have tuned the little 1.6 Liter engine in the Cooper S to make 226 HP, up from the 175 HP offered from the factory, this is quite an impressive improvement considering the displacement of the motor.

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Press release

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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With its new Convertible (R57), MINI has now produced the next body variant of the cult car. The AC Schnitzer designers and engineers have already developed a range of special accessories for the new MINI. In keeping with the history of the MINI, the Aachen-based tuning specialists have concentrated on developments in the field of performance upgrades, sports rear silencer, sports suspension, alloy wheels, exterior components and interior details.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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Under the small bonnet of the MINI Cooper S the 1.6 litre engine provides power of 175 HP. The AC Schnitzer performance upgrade energizes the MINI Cooper S to 153 kW/208 HP. Under the same conditions, the uprated export version of the Cooper S takes the standard power of 128 kW/175 HP to an impressive 166 kW/226 HP. At the same time, the AC Schnitzer limited slip differential in the MINI Cooper S and Special Model JCW (John Cooper Works) guarantees maximum driving pleasure with excellent ground adhesion.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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The perfect driving experience is complemented by the acoustic qualities of the AC Schnitzer sports silencer in special steel with chromed Racing tailpipe for the MINI Cooper S and JCW. The AC Schnitzer sports exhaust perfectly adapts the complete exhaust system to the needs of high performance and tuned engines.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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An equally important contribution to driving performance is provided by the renowned AC Schnitzer suspension components, available in the form of suspension spring kit and height-adjustable racing suspension. In conjunction with an aluminium strut brace for the front, even more performance can be extracted from the MINI One, Cooper or Cooper S.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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To fill the wheelarches of the new MINI, AC Schnitzer is also offering a choice of several wheel and tyre combinations with Mi1 rims in 17" and Mi2 rims in 18".

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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Visually, the new series MINI shows few differences from the current series. The designers of AC Schnitzer have changed this with front spoilers and rear skirts (for the MINI Cooper S), which not only enhance the looks of the MINI but also offer aerodynamic advantages. Decal sets in white, black or chrome/black put the finishing touches to the appearance of all MINIs.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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Characteristic of the MINI, in the interior the central instruments are arranged between driver and passenger. Characteristic of AC Schnitzer, sporting elements are applied to the driver’s workplace. So the Aachen designers offer gear knobs, handbrake handle, pedals and foot rests in aluminium, with velours floor mats.

MINI Cabrio by AC Schnitzer
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Source: AC Schnitzer

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  (780) posted on 04.29.2010

I really love the tuning work on this car, especially on the white ’S’ version. The bodykit and wheels fit this car very well!

  (1022) posted on 02.16.2010

I really love the tuning work on this car, especially on the white ’S’ version. The body kit and wheels fit this car very well!

  (421) posted on 06.4.2009

Well in terms of styling, Schnitzer offers a sport exhaust system several wheel and tire combinations, a new front spoiler, a sporty rear skirt, and a variety of different decal packages. That’s a good offer already and
should owners feel obligated to spruce up the interior, the tuning firm also offers an aluminum gear knob and pedal set as well as several velour floor mats. I believe Schnitzer is giving Mini Cabrio a good shot here

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