The Acura RSX was the replacement for the Acura-badged version of the Integra, marketed by Honda Motor Corporation in North America and Hong-Kong. In Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, and elsewhere, this vehicle is still sold as the Honda Integra. In North America, it is available as base and Type-S trim levels, while in Japan and Oceania the Integra IS/Integra Type-S and Type R versions are sold. More confusingly, the Type-R sold in Oceania is very similar to the Type-S sold in North America, and in Hong-Kong, Singapore, and other places, only the base version is available.

2006 Acura RSX
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In the design of RSX, an entirely new platform was chosen by Honda to base it on, instead of re-engineering the previous Integra/Civic platform. This was a major change of the former 1998 revision of Integra, making this platform the first entirely new entry-level chassis Honda had debuted since 1994. due to its more efficient and luxurious nature, the Acura division decided to market the car as the Integra’s replacement and badged it as the RSX. Acura expected to use the RSX to help gain more brand recognition and respect from older, wealthier clients who were tempted to see the company’s offerings, especially the Integra, as sporty and reliable, but not as mature and luxurious.


As weight is the enemy of high performance, the body of the RSX is constructed from advanced, weight-saving materials, to keep it agile. The front seat frames and the engine valve covers are made of strong, lightweight materials. Other body parts, such as the hood, front fenders, the trunk lid and its frame are aluminum, while the significant use of high-tensile steel helps enhancing the robustness, minimizing the overall mass.

The exterior of Acura RSX is also modeled to dispense the wind gracefully. The principles of modern race cars were applied here, which inspired the RSX sharply chiseled styling that combines a steeply hood and cabin – forward design. Also, its motion is improved by smaller design features, such as gently tapered side panels, curved glass in the doors, and rear quarter-panels, which helps improve both high-speed stability and fuel efficiency.

The RSX is propelled by its intelligent design, starting with a 155-hp, 2.0-liter, 16-valve system. It also serves to inspire a clever bit of engineering – the i-VTEC system that provides both low-rpm torque and high-rpm power, reaching a maximum pull of 139 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm. The weight is reduced by the aluminum-alloy blocks and cylinder heads, and the friction is reduced by the forged-steel crankshaft rides on micropolished surfaces. Power and precision, as well as durability are achieved with up to 100,000 miles to enjoy before its first scheduled tune-up.

2006 Acura RSX
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The RSX does not apply to fluid and filter changes or periodic inspections, so you must refer to the maintenance section of the owner’s manual to determine all adequate maintenance intervals.

A choice of either low-end torque or high-end horsepower is offered by conventional valve systems. With no compromise, the RSX is equipped with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, which uses dual cam profiles on a single shaft. The system uses a cam profile that creates low valve lift and short valve opening duration in order to boost torque at low engine speeds. As engine speed increases, this system switches to a cam profile with higher valve lift and longer duration, boosting high-end horsepower, which means higher power throughout the entire rev range.

To gain more power refinement, the RSX engine takes advantage of the intelligence of the Variable Timing Control which allows the intake camshaft timing to vary according to the amount of power wanted by the driver. The combination between the dual cam profiles of i-VTEC and the Programmed Fuel Injection for precise, efficient fuel use makes the RSX give you up to 27 mpg/city and 34 mpg/open road.

The clever engineering used by the RSX delivers both high performance driving and environmental responsibility, due to its certification as a Low-Emission Vehicle that meets stringent government emission standards.

The RSX offers the best of both worlds – the ease-of-use and the convenience of fully automatic transmission and the shift-for-yourself fun of Sequential SportShift. The combination of the five speeds with the 2.0-liter engine’s abundant torque gives the transmission a broader range of engine speeds, boosting acceleration and fuel economy.

Every rpm count is made with the RSX’s quick-shifting 5-speed manual transmission, which features a short-strike shift linkage for more precise feel and quick shifts. It has a smooth and progressive engagement, with low clutch-pedal effort, thanks to its refined hydraulic clutch unit. Long clutch life is maintained by durable clutch friction materials.

The RSX’s Grade Logic Control System is designed to recognize ‘gear hunting’ that other transmissions meet on steep roads and downhill stretches, and adjusts the shift schedule accordingly. Only if the suspension system is paired, the drive train capabilities go. This is done by the RSX’s racing-inspired double-wishbone rear suspension system. The design of the double-wishbone helps maximize tire-to-pavement contact and its geometry has been optimized for a distinct linear feel while cornering.

2006 Acura RSX
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The RSX easily maintains its stability and flat cornering stance, as the road bends. It relies on front and rear stabilizer bars, combined with high-performance, gas-filled shock absorbers that dampen wheel movement, make the RSX ride smoothly over bumps.

Although motion is the natural state of the RSX, if you command the brakes, it will obey without hesitation. This is because of its 4-wheel disc brakes system with ABS. the RSX is equipped with 10.3-inch ventilated rotors and 10.2-inch solid rear rotors to help cool brakes after a hard stop. An increased master-cylinder size offers a solid, more linear feedback to your braking foot just to enhance brake feel.

When braking hard on low-friction surfaces, sensors monitor your wheel speed for skid, to help you retain steering control.

Safety and Security

The RSX’s ABS system pulses the brake pressure to a wheel if it detects lockup. Between eye-catching style and practicality, there is a line, which make the RSX walk with grace. Excellent outward visibility is provided by halogen headlights while advancing its sporty image. Three lamps-low beam, high beam and positioned light are incorporated in its design.

2006 Acura RSX
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Power-operated, body-colored, heated outside mirrors help clear snow, ice and mist during bad weather, giving a clearer view of the road.

The RSX instrument panel features large-format, white-on-black analog gauges, which glow red for easy night viewing, to encourage your undivided attention to the road. Easy on the eyes are the rear overhead map lights, and the power-window switches illuminate with a soft, white light.

The prime real estate for the horizon straight ahead is the RSX’s windshield. Below the hood line sink duly uncluttered and aerodynamic, hidden-pivot speed-sensing, variable intermittent windshield wipers.

To supplement the 3-point seat belts at each front seat position, the dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags and front side airbags are integrated.

To provide substantial occupant protection in an impact, the RSX’s body structure integrates door beams and a stout floor crossmember, which is designed to remain rigid and to protect passenger from side impacts. In case of a front or rear impact, front and rear crumple zones are constructed to deform in a controlled manner, dissipating impact energy and allowing the RSX compartment to retain much of its structural integrity.

2006 Acura RSX
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If the driver sits too close to the steering wheel, sensors tell the driver’s airbag to deploy at a lower rate and for front passengers, weight sensors will disable the airbag if a passenger weighing less than 65 pounds sits in the seat.

Both outboard rear seats feature the LATCH child sea-t mounting system.

Luxury and Comfort 

Several safeguards are built into the RSX, namely, its keyless entry system. From up to 30-feet away, you can lock and unlock the doors and rear hatch at the push of a button. The remote also features a panic button, which activates the car’s horn and lights.

2006 Acura RSX
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Curvy roads are no match for the RSX’s sporty bucket seats and integrated headrests. They were designed to keep you intact and tuned-in to the scenery that swirls around you. To keep you grounded, the front seats have a firm back and bottom cushion, and an adjustable lumbar support in the driver’s seat allows the seatback to conform to your posture preference. To keep you centered, substantial seat bolsters hug you, no matter how sharp the corner.

Acoustic enlightenment is within reach when you’re surrounded with full, rich sound from the RSX’s 6-speaker Sound System. With the cabin’s acoustic landscape in mind, each of the six speakers are precisely tuned and positioned for full fidelity. It features an AM/FM tuner, an in-dash CD changer and a cassette player.

A high-speed S-turn gets your adrenaline pumping, but you remain cool under pressure. Doing the dirty work is an automatic climate control system. You can plan ahead, selecting the desired temperature, and the system will maintain it. Or control it manually. In this cockpit, you won’t be overruled.

Whether it’s the moon, the stars or the high-rise lights of the urban jungle, the RSX’s power-operated moonroof can be adjusted in two ways—raised slightly for airflow, or opened horizontally for unobstructed views. The moonroof’s tinted glass and sliding sunshade help block out radiant heat.


Unlike Chevrolet Cobalt SS, the Acura RSX offers Side-Impact Airbags standard and has a better Highway and City Mileage. The Cobalt SS has standard leather seats and produces 50 more horsepower (205 vs. 155).

Of Ford Mustang and Acura RSX, the Mustang features a larger engine (4.0L vs. 2.0L), a CD changer and produces 55 more hp (210 vs. 155). Besides, the RSX features ABS and Side-Impact Airbags and has a better Highway and City Mileage.

Mitsubishi Eclipse GT its equipped with a standard Traction Control, a 6-speed Manual Transmission, a larger engine and produces 108 more hp, when the RSX has a better Highway and City Mileage and it costs $3.074 less.

2006 Acura RSX
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The advantages of the Pontiac G6 GT compared to the RSX are: the Traction Control and Automatic Transmission are standard and the engine is larger. The only advantage RSX has is that it costs $1,575 less.

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goony  (29) posted on 03.5.2012

I love this car

goony  (762) posted on 01.4.2012

RSX really looks great and it is already the best with its color. I love the luxury and the comfort of this car; this kind of car is what I really want for my car. Simple but very appealing and it is already stunning for me.

goony  (692) posted on 01.1.2012

I like it more than Acura-badge; the engine performance is really quite impressive for a sedan like this. I love the simplicity and the luxury of this RSX.

goony  (530) posted on 09.14.2011

Well, to be honest I can’t see the luxury and comfort on the interior of this RSX but I must say that the exterior seems classy on its glossy paint.

goony  (459) posted on 08.24.2011

It is already looked great on its color. Just like TL and RDX it really don’t had the looks of a luxurious car but I’m impressed with the safety features on this RSX.

goony  (365) posted on 08.16.2011

RSX really looks great and it is already the best with its color. I love the luxury and the comfort of this car, this kind of car is what I really want for my car. Simple but very appealing and it is already stunning for me.

goony  (317) posted on 08.8.2011

The ABS system of this RSX is really interesting for me and what I love most about this RSX is its simplicity yet so elegant to look.

goony  (302) posted on 08.1.2011

This replacement of Acura badged is awesome! I like it more than Acura-badged, the engine performance is really quite impressive for a sedan like this. I love the simplicity and the luxury of this RSX.

goony  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

The design is simple and common for me but the engine is impressive. I love the security that RSX offered. 

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