• 2019 Acura NSX

Handles better, includes previous options as standard

The iconic Acura NSX made a comeback in 2016, after a 11-year absence from the market. Powered by a hybrid drivetrain for the first time, the second-generation NSX just got better for the 2019 model year thanks to a comprehensive mid-cycle refresh.

Already a potent sports car, the Acura NSX now rides on a revised chassis that’s supposed to enhance agility on the road and track. Acura also made some design changes, but these are rather small and limited mostly to new color options. But the Japanese firm also added new standard features that cost more than the marginal price increase of the facelift. Find out more about that in the review below.

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2019 Acura NSX Exterior

  • Body-colored upper grille
  • High-gloss trim
  • High-gloss carbon-fiber
  • New orange paint
  • New paint options for brake calipers
2019 Acura NSX
- image 791993
At first glance, the NSX hasn't changed a bit for the 2019 model year.

So don’t feel awkward if you look at it and wonder whether you’re actually looking at the pre-facelift model. It takes a closer look to notice the changes.

Up front, the silver front grille garnish is now finished in body color. Whether this provides a more cohesive look or not is matter of taste, but it sets the NSX apart from other Acura vehicles. Down below, the grille surround has a high-gloss finish, as do the air intakes on the sides. The same finish was applied to the rear bumper outlet mesh.

2019 Acura NSX
- image 791994

All carbon-fiber parts are also finished in high-gloss now, including the optional decklid spoiler and all features included in the Carbon Fiber Exterior package, such as the front splitter, the side sills, and the rear diffuser.

Acura also offers a new paint option.

It's called Thermal Orange Pearl and pays tribute to 30 years of Acura race cars with orange-accented liveries.

It also continues the tradition of NSX color names inspired by motorsports venues and iconic corners. And needless to say, it’s very flashy and will make the NSX stand out on the road or in the parking lot.

The same orange paint can be selected for the optional carbon-ceramic brake calipers. The standard iron brakes, on the other hand, can be had with red calipers. And that’s about it! It’s not much, but this is what facelifts are usually about: minor changes, new colors, and revised trim - even when it comes to supercars.

2019 Acura NSX Interior

  • Indigo Blue upholstery
  • Red full-leather option
  • Sports seats now standard
  • $4,700 worth of options now standard
  • Lightweight seats remain a no-cost option
2019 Acura NSX
- image 792001
The $1,500 sports seats are now standard equipment

It’s the same story inside the cabin, where Acura added new upholstery colors. First, there is a new, optional Indigo Blue color for the semi-aniline leather and Alcantara combo. The full-leather upholstery, also optional, gets a new color too. Previously available in Ebony, now it can be ordered in red also. Just in case you like a colorful cabin.

Fortunately, Acura added some new standard equipment as well.

The most important upgrade are the power, four-way sports seats, which are now included as standard.

On the previous model, they were optional for $1,500. What’s more, the Satellite-Linked Navigation system, ELS Studio premium audio system, the front and rear proximity sensors, and aluminum sport pedals, previously optional equipment, are now standard.

The lightweight, manually adjustable sport seats wrapped in Black Milano leather and Alcantara remain an available no-cost option just like on the outgoing model.

2019 Acura NSX Drivetrain

  • Same hybrid drivetrain
  • 3.5-liter V-6
  • Three electric motors
  • Up to 573 horsepower
  • 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds
  • Top speed at 191 mph
2019 Acura NSX
- image 792428
The engine carries over unchanged

Unlike the first-gen NSX, the second-generation sports uses a hybrid drivetrain.

Ever since it was introduced back in 2016, the Japanese coupe gets its juice from a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and three electric motors.

Mounted behind the seats, the twin-turbo V-6 was developed specifically for this car and combines both direct and port injection, along with variable timing control. The mill cranks out 500 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

2019 Acura NSX
- image 791995

Of the three electric motors, one sits between the engine and the nine-speed, dual-clutch transmission. It generates 47 horsepower and 109 pound-feet of twist from as low as 500 rpm. The other two motors spin the front axle by means of 36 horses and 54 pound-feet. The entire drivetrain pumps out 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of twist, a figure that remained unaltered from the outgoing model.

Naturally, the sports car is all-wheel driven, which enhances off-the-line sprints and stability in the corners.

The setup enables it to hit 60 mph in just under three seconds, to go with a top speed of more than 191 mph.

While the hybrid combo carries over unchanged, Acura made significant upgrades to the chassis.

2019 Acura NSX Chassis and Suspension

  • Stiffer stabilizer bars
  • Stiffer rear hub
  • Recalibrated AWD system
  • New Continental tires
  • Faster on Suzuka track
2019 Acura NSX
- image 792445
Acura made various modifications to chassis components, mainly to make the car even more responsive.

The Japanese designed larger front and rear stabilizer bars, components which increase stiffness by 26 percent at the front and 19 percent to the rear. Rear hub rigidity has also been increased by six percent.

With these revised features in place, Acura also recalibrated some of electronics, including for the SH-AWD system, the active magnetorheological dampers, the power steering, and the VSA settings. These have been upgraded to suit the stiffer chassis setting and the grippier tire setup.

2019 Acura NSX
- image 792011
The 2019 Acura NSX is better than ever

Speaking of tires, the 2019 NSX rides on new Continental SportContact 6 rubbed developed exclusively for this car.

The new tires feature a revised tread pattern, construction and rubber compound for improved handling performance in all conditions, including wet weather driving

. The track-focused Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires remain available as options.

Acura didn’t say whether the 0-to-60 mph sprint is achieved quicker in the new setup but did mention that the new NSX is nearly two seconds faster on the Suzuka track compared to the outgoing model. Not bad!

2019 Acura NSX Pricing

2019 Acura NSX
- image 792008
and high-gloss carbon fiber

Pricing for the NSX increased to $157,500 for the 2019 model year, which accounts for a $1,500 premium. However, the Acura is actually a bit cheaper as the new standard features cost $4,700 in options on the previous model. So you’re basically getting a $3,200 discount in options, not including all the revised chassis components. Not a bad deal.

2019 Acura NSX Competition

BMW i8

2019 BMW i8 Roadster Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 748128
Same spacey styling as the previous model year

The sports car market is packed with models that could give the NSX a run for its money, but many of them have gasoline-only drivertrains. The closest thing to the NSX that’s also a hybrid is the BMW i8. Introduced in 2014, the German sports car was upgraded for the 2019 model year, but the facelift is far from impressive. Changes are mild on the outside, while the interior carried over with minor updates. The same goes for the drivetrain, with an extra 12 horsepower and a 30-percent increase in all-electric range. Performance-wise, the i8 isn’t as appealing as the NSX. While the Acura gets its juice from a 3.5-liter V-6, the Bimmer packs a much smaller, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine under the hood. Together with the single electric motor, the drivetrain pumps out 369 horsepower, about 200 horses less than the NSX. The sprint to 60 mph is also inferior at 4.2 seconds, as is the top speed, limited to 155 mph. If you want to use the i8 on electricity alone, the battery will dry up after only 18 miles. The good news is that the i8 is also available as a roadster, so you can enjoy the infinite headroom that comes with convertibles. Despite being less powerful, the i8 isn’t much more affordable than the NSX. The coupe retails from $147,500, while the Roadster is actually a bit more expensive at $163,300 before options.

Read our full story on the BMW i8 and BMW i8 Roadster.


2019 Acura NSX
- image 792018

Reviewed by many as a worthy successor to the original NSX, the second-generation sports car has many highs to brag about. It boasts a head-turning design, it’s accessible compared to Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and it’s actually a comfortable daily driver thanks to its adaptive suspension system. It’s also devoid of turbo lag and returns good fuel economy for a performance car. All these feats carry over unchanged into the facelift. But are there any improvements to talk about? Yes. The good news is that Acura listened to the customers who complained about the numb steering and made the car more responsive. On the other hand, the engine note is still tame, and the infotainment system still lacks a proper volume knob. There’s definitely room for improvement, but the facelift will keep the NSX fresh for a few more years.

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