If you’re looking for Honda reliability but really want something a little more upmarket, then Acura – Honda’s performance and luxury arm – is the perfect place to look. Acura has been in the U.S. market since 1986 and was met with warm reception but was quick to meet some serious competition from the likes of Lexus and Infiniti – mid-luxury arms for Toyota and Nissan, respectively. Acura is a bit different than its competitors, though, in that it considers itself a performance brand as much as a luxury brand. More recently, however, Acura has been looking back to the past in hopes of rejuvenating itself as a performance-first brand, something one could argue came with the launch of the new Acura Integra. As for the brand’s core lineup, you can expect the usual sense of exclusivity, balanced performance, comfort, and as much useful tech as possible. Acura isn’t always the best premium brand out there, but it always stands out thanks to its relationship with Honda from which it brings reliability, quality, longevity, and high-value appeal all. At a price that is hard for its competitors to beat.