• 2013 Alessi AR-1
    by Robert Moore, on May 2, 2016, 13:00
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2013 Alessi AR-1

2013 Alessi AR-1

Every now and then, A car shows up somewhere that is just ahead of its time. One such model is the Alessi AR-1. Alessi is a fiberglass manufacturer that designed the AR-1 to show off what it could do with fiberglass way back in 1979. It originally showed up as a concept at the 1979 New York Auto Show and was eventually forgotten about – at least until 2013 when it surfaced yet again.

For 2013, Alessi Fiberglass upgraded everything about the car to bring it up to the current safety and productions standards. Plus, the AR-1 is limited to a production run of just 50 examples. There are no official production numbers to speak of as of 2016, but each one that has been built is truly a one-of-a-kind since each model is tailored to meet the customer’s specifications.

Being a limited-edition model, and being American-made, means the AR-1 is in a niche category where it competes against vehicles like the Saleen S7, Mach7 Motorsports Falcon, and the Hennessey Venom GT, to name a few. So, now that a few years have passed since the “new AR-1” has surfaced, let’s take a good look at the car and what else makes it so special.

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