Alfa 156 represents Italian style and design. It takes the concept of a sporting saloon and gives it a thoroughly modern interpretation, elegant and comfortable, dynamic and reliable, capable of offering top-quality driving with exceptional control. The car also has top quality interior, lavish equipment and, loyal to tradition, a powerful engine.

  • 2003 Alpha-Romeo 156
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2387 L
  • 0-60 time:
    7.6 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    131.1 mph
  • body style:


The power you want for all types of driving. State of the art innovations and technology. Authentic gems of automobile engineering, the seven diesel and petrol engines available for the new Alfa 156 represent the ideal blend of performance, fuel consumption, reliability and environmental compatibility. Apart from the 2.4 M-Jet turbodiesel with second generation turbodiesel. Another world first which guarantees enhanced performance, lower noise levels and lower consumption. The 20v 2.4 JTD M-Jet is a high power diesel, with175 bhp at 4000 rpm , generous torque with 39.2 kgm at 2000 rpm. Its outstanding performance is also thanks to the increased pressure of the direct injection system - taken from 1350 to 1400 bars - and the new setting of the turbocharger.

The 20 valve 2.4 JTD M-Jet has five in-line cylinders with a bore of 82 millimetres and a stroke of 90.4 mm. The four valves per cylinder are activated by tappets and equalisers with a double overhead camshaft. The Common Rail system utilised in the new engine features two new automatic control strategies for the settings and balance of the diesel fuel injected, ensuring lower noise levels and vibrations. There is a host of other new elements designed by the Alfa Romeo research and engineering centre: from the cylinder heads with hydraulic tappets to the steel connecting rods and engine shaft; from the piston with internal pipe to allow the coolant oil to circulate, to the innovative materials used for the main bearings and big end bearings. Perfectly in line with the great Alfa Romeo sporting tradition, which also comes through in the other petrol and diesel engines in the stunning new 156 range.


Strength. Power. Control. Driving pleasure in total safety. This is the essence of driving according to Alfa Romeo. A unique sensation perfectly encapsulated in the new Alfa 156, a car which makes driving sheer pleasure, in total safety and comfort. A car as beautiful to look at as it is to drive. The impact of the new Alfa 156 hits all five senses. Sight, drawn in by the Giugiaro-designed elegant, sporty contours. Hearing, ready to react to the unmistakable resonance of an Alfa engine. Touch, in the encounter with fabrics and materials which create new sensations every time. And the scent of speed and the taste of the unbeatable flavour of performance with total control. All that is missing is your sixth sense, to make the new Alfa 156 an even more unique experience. The unmistakable touch of Italian style, the most sophisticated mechanicals, engines beyond compare, painstaking research into all the materials and the utmost attention to detail: the Alfa 156 is all of this and more. Because Alfa Romeo represents the definitive combination of driving pleasure and safety.

Right from the start the new Alfa 156 conveys its unique personality with seductively elegant styling and a consummate sense of balance. The result is a car which will captivate with a racier, stylised front, with its new radiator and the line of the bonnet highlighting the lighting cluster which combines sophistication and power for trouble-free night driving. The bumper blends in seamlessly with the rest of the car, gracefully underlining its compact perfection. The aesthetics that continue, through the new 15", 16" and 17" alloy wheel, towards the rear. The tail of the car, with its spacious boot, highlights the historic Alfa Romeo emblem: symbol of motoring and design excellence which over the years has become an art form applied to the highest levels of technology, styling and driving safety.
Sixteen body colors. Three, including the classic Alfa Red, are pastel shades, eleven are metallic colors including the new Moonlight Blue, Stromboli Gray and Brooklands Green, and two iridescent colors: Cloud Blue and Cloud White.

Interior and Equipment

Its new interiors make traveling in the Alfa 156 more luxurious than ever, while at the same time conveying all the personality of a true Alfa Romeo.

The dashboard is dominated by the tower of the Infocenter, with an innovative, modern design. The built-in radio, also with steering wheel controls, and the automatic dual-zone climate control system are within easy reach in the center of the dashboard.

The whole layout has been designed to enable the best possible position for the mirror, fog light and headlight controls, while leaving room for spacious oddment compartments.

Attractiveness and attention to detail. The internal space is almost like a living room. Materials, forms and colors are combined with sophisticated elegance. The seats come upholstered either in leather, cloth or the new Alfatex®, a material patented by Alfa Romeo after long research, whose high-tech microfiber improves transpiration and combines comfort and elegance.

The new two-tone black/beige and black/gray dashboard, or the single-tone version, together with the door panels, lends a sense of brightness to the passenger cabin.

On-board Technology

The Alfa 156 passenger cabin is marked by technology and ergonomics. The various controls are perfectly accessible in the wraparound dashboard, in which the tower of the Infocenter stands out.
The multi-function display enables the driver to keep an eye on the car’s performance and immediately reports any problems and what needs to be done, while the Trip Computer keeps the driver informed about the car’s main running parameters.

Dynamic and interactive, the on-board Navigator is available as an option in two versions. The basic version includes: pictogram display, Blaupunkt radio-CD player and CD-Changer controls; the second version also offers a GSM telephone with hands-free function and a year’s subscription to the Connect services. Then there is the dual zone automatic climate control system, coming as standard on the top-of-the-range versions, the Bose® Hi-Fi system with amplifier and subwoofer, Cruise Control and CD-changer, giving the driver maximum flexibility even in the choice of music.

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