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The new Alfa 147 epitomizes the best in Alfa Romeo’s tradition and a new way of living on the move.
Fully refurbished and enriched with new accoutrements, the new Alfa 147 stands out for its compact, slender lines. Its bold profile, with a low grille and new elongated headlamps, defined by lines steeply slanted towards the shield, unveils the muscle and the dynamic quality of this model, whose design expresses a firmer grip on the road and unparalleled stability. Every detail of the rear section of the new Alfa 147 is an eye catcher, combining elegance with sportiness.
The rear handles blend so smoothly into the car body, they almost go unnoticed in the five-door version. The headlamps, with a longer, more triangular shape, convey a new impression of strength. Even the tailgate looks smarter, with its exclusive light clusters and newly acquired chromed mouldings.


New petrol and diesel engines make the new Alfa 147 into the ideal car for those who appreciate the pleasure of driving. Its sporty spirit is mated to a powerful heart, an engine that ensures low fuel consumption at all times, a great reserve of horsepower and outstanding responsiveness even at low engine speeds.
Engine choice is very rich. The two 1.6 petrol engines and the 2.0 with variable geometry aspiration deliver torque values just under the maximum at only 2000 rpm.


A quick look at the outside tells you all you need to know. The car retains the tried and tested box shapes of the 147 and the biggest changes are reserved for the front end. The changes to the rear are more minor. The car features a new grille that is now bigger and enhanced by new design headlights.

The final result is a front end that oozes sportiness and class. It also looks more aggressive because the grille has been lowered in relation to the bonnet.

This impression is reinforced by the elongated appearance of the headlights - a lip of glass enclosing three round chrome elements on a black background - and the air intake that is divided by three vertical elements, one in the middle and two at the sides. The overhang is also longer while the bumpers and wing are new.

At the rear, the designers reworked the tailgate and made slight changes to the tail-lights to make them more stylish: the light clusters have now been lengthened into a more triangular shape emphasised by a chrome moulding. The triangular motif so typical of Alfa Romeo design is referred to explicitly in the New 147.

For example, the protruding shield that describes a jutting corner when viewed from above is emphasised at the front by the design of the bumper. The stylistic changes are based on triangular shapes and sloping lines that increase the perception of dynamism and overall sleekness.


The new Alfa 147 proposes a highly refined environment ensuring the highest degree of comfort.
The driving position is adjustable in every respect, including steering-wheel rake and distance, height of the ergonomic seat and lumbar support. The facia offers many new features. New colour combinations and an instrument panel with graphic elements standing out against silver and black backgrounds making for greatly improved visibility.Driving comfort is supported by the most innovative technologies. 

Radio and telephone controls are mounted on the steering-wheel to avoid any distraction, the dual-zone climate control ensures a perfect climate throughout the cockpit. The car can be equipped on request with a highly advanced telematic system that will assist you by receiving and sending out data and information. It is available in two versions (CONNECT™ Nav and CONNECT™ Nav+) and, depending on the version selected, it offers navigation by pictograms or by maps, a 5” active matrix colour display, a road atlas, hands-free telephone controls, voice memo and MP3 reader. A Trip Computer shows all travelling parameters instant-by-instant on a clear, spacious multifunctional display. 

The exclusive interior trim of the new Alfa 147 expresses a superior elegance mated to an indomitable sporty character. The aesthetic solutions proposed are invariably functional, original, innovative. Dynamism and class: this is the combination that has always characterised Alfa 147 and has determined its success with people who wish to be appreciated for their taste. This is why, to motorists seeking maximum comfort, the new Alfa 147 proposes the exclusive coordinated upholstery in Alfatex®, a new microfibre fabric developed by Alfa Romeo to combine a sense of well-being with unique refinement, adding up to a striking aesthetic effect.

The Distinctive version with beige trim is embellished by the coordinated colour scheme of the seat belts and central console. This high-prestige environment can be equipped with options designed to enhance its character, such as wooden steering wheel and gearshift knob. Motorists who cannot resist the fascination of leather upholstery can choose blue, black, beige, grey and natural leather hues. The range also includes two fabric options available in a variety of colours. Black leather trim, featuring flaming Alfa red seams and seats fashioned for sporty driving, is yet another option for those seeking an even bolder appearance.


The heart of the passive safety systems equipping the new Alfa 147 is the non-warping cockpit conceived by Alfa Romeo to serve as a survival cell, with anti-intrusion bars and controlled non-deformability reinforcement for optimal protection. Great care has also been devoted to the construction of the front and rear seat belts, all of them equipped with pretensioners and load limiters.

All the safety devices of the car are managed electronically, including the Fire Prevention System (FPS), which cuts out fuel delivery instantly and automatically in the event of crash. A sextet of airbags is provided as standard to ensure total protection for all the occupants. In addition to the front-impact bags for the driver and passenger, the new 147 has two side-bags built into the front seats and two window bags affording further protection to the passenger heads in the event of a side crash. All models have passive protection devices against theft: Alfa Code key, the Immobiliser and a steering lock that works by friction to prevent the steering column and lock mechanism from being damaged if someone tries to force it.

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