TI for Turismo Internazionale, the name that Alfa Romeo once gave only to the most lavishly equipped of its cars. They were derived from standard models but stylistic touches and mechanical changes turned them into thoroughbred sports cars for everyday driving. And today those two letters, so simple but so glorious, reappear on cars in the Alfa 159 family (saloon and Sportwagon). Underlining that the Alfa Romeo brand always guarantees the quality and guarantee of work performed right in the plant for this particular sporty characterisation.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI
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Alfa romeo 159ti

Earmarked for a young, sporty public, the cars with the TI logo promise more entertaining driving, better ‘handling’ and more powerful braking. In a word, the dynamic behaviour of a car that brings the sensations of the racing circuit to our everyday roads.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI
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Models for people who want the maximum in terms of sportiness. And they want people to know, albeit without ostentation. As a result, the exterior lines of the car were not radically altered, and any intervention was limited to a few small touches. This is why the cars are still immediately recognisable from outside, but appear more assertive, literally ‘glued’ to the road, thanks in part to their low stance, larger tyres, 19” alloy wheels, sideskirts and larger brakes with red callipers.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI
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Inside, the TI ambience is expressed in the sporty shape of the leather covered seats, the new steering wheel with its sports grip, the gear lever knob covered with perforated leather, and the dark upholstery of the ceiling and pillars.

The sporty look is evident in the instrument graphics, the pedals and the heel-high strip with the TI logo. And finally, the burnished aluminium trims and satin-effect housing of the wing mirrors (optional) that characterise this particular version, which also offers a superb array of standard equipment, including dual-zone climate system and the VDC system.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI
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These are cars that offer great sensations and authentic driving pleasure, that interpret the brand values one hundred percent and that are ambassadors of the ‘sportiness’ that makes them famous all over the world. In a word, the new TI specification is the perfect answer for customers who wish to enter the world of Alfa Romeo sports.

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