Alfa Romeo’s new Giulietta will enter the race track as a Safety Car at the Superbike World Championship, scheduled on May 22-23, 2010. The Safety Car will come with a Rosso Competizione exterior paint job which will be the only one available considering the Rosso Competizione was removed from the catalog due to issues with the supplier. The red color will be obtainable again next November when it becomes a part of the color lineup again.

The Giulietta Safety Car will be powered by a 1.75-liter TBi petrol engine that develops a total of 235 HP. The car will be distinguished by a special front spoiler and side sills which will be available to order from the Lineaccessori catalog, and, of course, the Safety car logo on the doors.

This model will also be used as a Safety Car in competitions like the Superstock 600 European Championship, the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, and the Mondiale Supersport.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta began its run as a safety car when it made a few laps around the Monza alongside the 8C Competizione, the halo car for Alfa Romeo.


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  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

Well most of the car are super stock. I guess the Giulietta can Compensate with those stock race cars.

  (666) posted on 05.13.2010

hmm so this is the stock version of the giuletta? hmm impressive even a stock is choosen to be the safety car of the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, and the Mondiale Supersport.

  (428) posted on 05.12.2010

Hey, this car is so supa hot and I was wondering if we got some in S.A? If so, how much does it cost pls let me know.

  (544) posted on 05.11.2010

Well, I guess the Giuletta speed is enough but how about the top speed? There are no word on top speed here.

  (462) posted on 05.10.2010

Good choice but isn’t that too slow to be a safety car? It would be much more appreciated if they used a GT-R or 911 as a safety car.

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