Based on the Jeep Renegade, it’s the company’s first hybrid vehicle

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The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a crossover concept introduced at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Smaller than the Stelvio, the Tonale concept is based on the Jeep Renegade and previews the company’s second crossover. It’s also Alfa Romeo’s first hybrid vehicle. There’s no word as to when it will go in production, but it should happen sometime in 2020.

It’s been three years since Alfa Romeo joined the SUV market with the Stelvio, and the Italian firm is considering an expansion. With full access to parent company FCA’s platforms, Alfa Romeo is putting the Small Wide 4x4 chassis to good use. Already available in the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass, and Fiat 500X, these underpinnings will be adopted by the Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s smallest crossover yet. When it hits the market in 2020, the production version of this concept will compete against premium offerings like the Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMW X1.


  • Familiar Alfa Romeo design
  • Headlamps remind of SZ
  • Generic profile
  • Massive wheels
  • Sporty rear bumper
  • Aggressive front end
2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829164
The Tonale looks very much like a modern Alfa, but also sports classic cues from some of the company's most iconic models

When rumors of an Alfa Romeo SUV based on the Jeep Renegade began to surface, some started to worry that the Italian brand might fall down the badge engineering path of its compact crossover. As this concept shows, there’s nothing to worry about. Alfa Romeo isn’t making any compromises and the Tonale looks very much like a modern Alfa, but also sports classic cues from some of the company’s most iconic models.

Up front, the familiar shield grille and the wide bumper vent borrowed from the Giulia and the Stelvio are joined by three-unit LED headlamps inspired by the Alfa Romeo SZ of the late 1980s. Their wide and flat design give the Tonale’s front fascia an aggressive look. The front hood reminds me of Quatrofoglio-badged Alfa Romeos thanks to its muscular lines that form a V toward the nose.

Onto the sides, the Tonale looks pretty generic for a modern SUV. It isn’t particularly muscular, but the beltline is notably wider than the rest of the body. Alfa says that this design feature pays tribute to the old Duetto and Disco Volante Spider. Interesting features include tiny quarter windows that extends upward rather than downward like on current production SUVs and heavily sculpted side skirts with chrome inserts. The flush door handles and the camera-style side mirrors remind us that the Tonale is just a concept for the time being.

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829168
The SUV looks ready to hit the production line with minor changes

The wheels are also fancier than those seen on production Alfa Romeos. They feature the familiar "phone dial" design first introduced on the 33 Stradale from the 1960s, but with thinner rings and additional cutouts toward the lip. They’re pretty cool this way, as you can see the large brake discs and the red calipers. They’re also pretty big at 21 inches, way bigger than you’ll get on the production model.

The rear fascia isn’t particularly impressive, but Alfa went with three-piece taillights that mirror the headlamps for a nice effect. There’s also a thin stripe between them so the red lights extends over the entire width of the fascia. A small spoiler sits atop a rather tall rear windscreen. The latter is a notable departure from current compact SUVs, which suffer from poor rearward visibility. A big license plate recess sits between the lower tailgate and the sporty bumper that incorporates two exhaust pipes on each side.

The big question is, how much of this concept will make it into production? Well, the SUV looks ready to hit the production line with minor changes. Alfa will probably add regular side mirrors and door handles and will design bigger headlamps and taillights. The wheels will become smaller, while the rear bumper won’t be as aggressive.


  • Modern cabin
  • Clean dashboard
  • No buttons / knobs
  • Sporty steering wheel
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Big infotainment display
  • Seating for four
2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Interior
- image 827618
Alfa Romeo went with organic design features and an overall sporty feel

The Tonale’s interior stands as proof that Alfa Romeo wants to deliver a compact SUV that’s more than just a rebodied Renegade. While Jeep’s interior is modern but utilitarian and boxy, Alfa Romeo went with organic design features and an overall sporty feel. The dashboard is clean outside the A/C vents and wraps around the driver and passenger areas by running seamlessly into the door panels. It’s finished in a two-tone color, with black used on the upper part and light brown on the lower section. it’s this brown section that connects with the upper section of the door panels to form a "cocoon" around the occupants.

A 10.25-inch infotainment display sits on the center stack, but the really interesting part is that there are no buttons and knobs to talk about. Alfa is probably envisioning a new infotainment system that incorporates all controls in its touchscreen. The A/C vents at the corners are also digital. The center section, through which the air enters the cabin in regular cars, displays the temperature. Air probably enters through the ring surrounding it.

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Interior
- image 827630

The instrument cluster is slightly hidden under a binocular-shaped hood with chrome rings. The display measures no fewer than 12.3 inches, but Alfa Romeo went for round edges instead of a rectangular screen. The red lighting in both dials give it a sporty look. The steering wheel has a flat bottom, but it’s slightly bigger than the sporty wheel in the Giulia Q. The dark chrome spokes and the monochrome badge in a middle are a nice touch.

Alfa is envisioning a new infotainment system that incorporates all controls in its touchscreen

The wide center console lacks the usual gear shifter and hand brake, but features an unique weave pattern that lights up via the vehicle’s ambient lighting system. The same pattern is visible on the centers of the door panels. The console extends all the way toward the back, as Alfa went with a four-seat layout for enhanced comfort for rear-seat passengers.

The infotainment system provides access to Alfa Romeo’s Lifestyle and Social communities through a couple of new features called Alfista and Paddock. Alfista gives you live access to Alfa Romeo gatherings, drives, and meets. You can confirm attendance, order racing tickets, or apply to win VIP access to special events.

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Interior
- image 827633

Paddock is an in-vehicle garage and market for real-time viewing and purchasing of interior and exterior performance upgrades and equipment. You can also scroll through the latest Alfa Romeo Merchandise and Apparel products, as well as order them through the touch of the screen.


  • Hybrid drivetrain
  • Likely based on Renegade
  • 1.3-liter gas engine?
  • One electric motor
  • At least 250 horsepower
  • 31-mile range
2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829156
There's a big chance that Alfa Romeo will borrow an existing drivetrain from parent FCA group

This is where the Tonale stands out among other Alfa Romeo vehicles because it has an electric motor in addition to a combustion engine. Unfortunately, Alfa Romeo had nothing to say about the hybrid drivetrain beyond the fact that the electric motor motivates the rear axle.

With no other Alfa features a hybrid drivetrain, the production version of the Tonale will pretty much debut a new powertrain. However, there’s a big chance that Alfa Romeo will borrow an existing drivetrain from parent FCA group. With Jeep having just unveiled a hybrid version of the Renegade, on which the Tonale is based on, Alfa Romeo will probably use the same combo.

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829171

The gasoline-electric powertrain in the Renegade marries a turbocharged, 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine to an electric motor. The gas mill cranks out up to 177 horsepower in the Jeep, while the electric motor’s output is still a mystery as of March 2019. But Jeep that the combo delivers between 190 and 240 horsepower, so the electric motor could deliver up to 100 horses. In order to differentiate the Tonale from the Renegade and main its performance credentials, Alfa Romeo will probably use an upgraded version of this drivetrain, so expect it to generate in excess of 250 horsepower.

The electric motor will probably provide 31 miles of range

All-electric range, on the other hand, should remain similar at 31 miles, while top speed will be limited to less than 100 mph when using electric power only.

Alfa Romeo will also make adjustments to the DNA drive setup of the Stelvio for this crossover. The "Dynamic" mode will evolve into "Dual Power," as the mode that delivers the most output from the two units. It will still include the E-mozione button that enhances throttle settings and provides sharper breaking and more direct steering response.

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829161

The "Natural" mode will continue to offer a compromise between performance and efficiency, while "Advance Efficiency" mode will become "Advance E." The latter will deliver the best performance in full electric mode.

The concept vehicle rides on a set of exclusive Pirelli tires that will probably make it on the production model.

Final Thoughts

2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Exterior
- image 829167

The Tonale may be just a concept vehicle, but a production version was already confirmed. This is big news from many perspectives. First, the Tonale will become Alfa Romeo’s second SUV. Alongside the Stelvio, it should bring more customers to Alfa Romeo and increase the company’s profits. Second, it’s the brand’s first plug-in hybrid and will pioneer Alfa Romeo’s new path toward electrification. The experience gathered from designing the Tonale will help the Italian firm create hybrid version for other vehicles, including the Stelvio, Giulia, and Giulietta. And why not, Alfa Romeo may soon introduce a stand-alone EV.

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The concept car of the first Alfa Romeo compact plug-in hybrid SUV is making its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show.
The Tonale Concept Car is joining the growing segment that interprets the trademark language of beauty of Alfa Romeo. It is a compact utility vehicle with an urban vocation and an athletic personality.
The distinctive features of Italian style are projected into the future, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts.
In keeping with the Alfa Romeo manifesto, every detail is designed according to the driver’s needs.
Driving pleasure lies in ergonomics, high-quality materials and, above all, unparalleled dynamism.
The Tonale Concept Car is the Alfa Romeo take on electrification. State-of-the-art technology and proverbial driving dynamics meet to grasp the opportunities and provide tangible answers to new challenges.
Also in the spotlight Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio "Alfa Romeo Racing" special editions equipped with an exclusive carbon fibre Aero Kit designed in partnership with Sauber Engineering.

Alfa Romeo is breaking into the electric car world at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 revealing the new concept of the Alfa Romeo Tonale compact SUV. The Tonale is the first plug-in hybrid and the first compact utility vehicle of Alfa Romeo. It rewrites the rules of today’s fastest growing segment using the manufacturer’s trademark language made up of unique Italian style and unparalleled driving pleasure.

A car inspired by beauty and the Alfa Romeo design manifesto

The design of the Tonale is an expression that looks fondly into our future. Its compact dimensions embody unique Italian design and the unmistakable original and modern style typical of Alfa Romeo, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts. Alfa Romeo holds dear the essence of Italian art and sculpture, through the timeless "artigianale" experience of hand sculpting. The Tonale is inspired by the beauty and nuances associated with human forms, and the organic movement of light resulted by pure lines and volumes. Its design tangibly recalls a number of time-honoured design elements that are synonymous with the rich history of Alfa Romeo, with an execution that excites a modern approach to the new Alfa Romeo anatomy. An element that echoes the tradition of the Alfa Romeo DNA is the phone dial wheel. The Tonale’s 21" wheel design displays this through a lightweight architectural construction, creating an honest and impactful execution of the circular theme. The lineage of the phone dial wheel dates back to the 1960’s, worn proudly on the iconic 33 Stradale. The distinctive Tonale wheel design is also celebrated harmoniously with an exclusive Pirelli tire scheme. The bold, elegant volumes of the body side make reference to a seemingly distant past, recalling the sensual qualities found it the pure forms of the Duetto and the Disco Volante Spider, while the Tonale’s "Linea GT" interprets the tension and confidence of the pouncing stance found on the beloved GT Junior. The front end sports Alfa Romeo’s signature "Trilobo" and the distinctive "Scudetto" grille that serves as the central point of strength, driving the speed and fluidity that moves throughout the Tonale. Flanking the iconic "Scudetto" and completing the front monographic is the "3 plus 3" forward lighting that evokes the proud gaze reflective of the SZ and Brera. The rear of the Tonale is elegantly defined by an enveloping window volume, complemented on top by the suspended wing that enhances the continuity between the transparent roof and the rear window itself. As every Alfa Romeo design is cared for through the human touch, the rear lighting is reminiscent of an artistic signature, rather than an optical lighting element...a sort of luminous signature born directly from the artist’s hand.

With the inspiration of Alfa Romeo’s history of racing at the core, the Tonale interior design conjures the passion associated with providing a spirited drive through dynamic form and pure sculpture. The interior of the Tonale is very driver oriented, but not egoistic, as the layout is designed comfortably for 4 passengers. The hand-drawn gestural lines stretch throughout the environment to create a muscular tension, as if what surrounds you is ready to lunge. The emotional significance of the Tonale interior is also generated by the contrast of rich materials, such as the cold solidity of aluminum combined with the soft and welcoming warmth of the leather and Alcantara. Inside there are translucent backlit panels, such as the central tunnel, providing the perfect location for the essential Alfa Romeo element, the DNA drive mode selector. The Tonale interior provides an inclusive experience, with details typically reserved for the exclusive. The interior is immersive and welcoming, with the dynamic attributes appreciated by those who love to drive.

The Tonale concept vehicle is equipped with the highest standards of technology to ensure a connected, comfortable and dynamic user experience, while keeping the pleasure of a sporty drive at the forefront.
The driver’s attention will be on the road, with the peripheral focus on a 12.3" full digital cluster and a 10.25" touchscreen central head unit. The new infotainment features a seamless and fluid multitasking interface that allows the driver to have all the latest features and functionality readily available at their fingertips. The Tonale allows the driver to be fully connected to the Alfa Romeo Lifestyle and Social communities, realized and presented through the new infotainment features, "Alfista" and "Paddock".

"Alfista" is an immersive Alfa Romeo Lifestyle experience, providing a fully connected interface with select Alfa Romeo clubs and Community events, such as gatherings, drives, and meets. This in-vehicle app allows the driver access to live news and updates about the current happenings of the Alfa Romeo Brand. The customer has the ability to confirm attendance to events and gatherings, order Alfa Romeo Racing tickets, as well as apply for opportunities to win VIP access to special Alfa Romeo sponsored Events, just to name a few.
"Paddock" is the Alfa Romeo Tonale in-vehicle garage and market for real-time viewing and purchasing of the latest interior and exterior performance upgrades and equipment. The Paddock app also enables the customer to scroll through the latest offerings of Alfa Romeo Merchandise and Apparel, which can be ordered direct with the touch of the screen.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is our look into the future of the CUV segment, creating a holistic creative expression and through the blend of beauty and technology. For Alfa Romeo Design, it is our "opera d’arte", or piece of art...
...otherwise expressed as our Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Authentically Alfa Romeo

The Tonale marks the debut of the brand in the compact utility vehicle segment and does so in line with the characteristics that have always identified each Alfa Romeo model. The goal is to deliver the best driving dynamics in the segment and to apply electrification in perfect Alfa Romeo style. It is the natural evolution of the brand on the way towards propulsive synergy capable of enhancing performance and driving dynamics. Rather than simply adapting to new standards, with the Tonale concept car Alfa Romeo is reinterpreting its own DNA to capture the new idea of beauty, energy, harmony, efficiency and driving user-friendliness. The electrification of Alfa Romeo comes at the service of sportiness and emphasises the famous "Mechanics of Emotions" mission of the brand. For this reason, it has no need to express itself through signatures or decided livery, but just with small details such as the Alfa logo, or "Biscione" in hybrid optics, a small yet definitive detail that enhances the Tonale. The rear electric engine opens the way to new technological solutions that offer driving dynamics, maximizes the drive and the pleasure of sporty driving. The evolution is also evident in the drive modes managed by Alfa D.N.A. From the beginning on Giulietta, Mito and 4C, and through the development with Giulia and Stelvio, it has reached the Tonale and now implements specific energy management functions.
With Tonale, the "Dynamic" mode evolves into "Dual Power" and guarantees the maximum output from the two engines. The infotainment touch screen features an E-mozione button, which offers specific throttle settings, sharper braking and more direct steering response. "Natural" mode continues to maintain the best performance optimization, and the compromise between using electric and internal combustion engines is managed automatically. This translates into everyday energy and fuel savings, but not at the detriment of performance. The "Advance Efficiency" mode becomes "Advance E" for performance in full electric mode. So, in line with the principles of the brand, the plug-in hybrid propulsion enhances the beauty, sporty and dynamic driving characteristics of each Alfa Romeo model, taking them to a new level. In Tonale, electrification embraces performance and represents a new way to achieve high performance and outstanding driving fun.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Tonale embodies the adventure potential of a compact, dynamic sport utility vehicle capable of guaranteeing the adrenaline of sporty driving inherent in the legend of the brand, in urban settings with the same ease. The hum of the electric motor accompanies the genuinely Alfa Romeo roar creating an efficient, exciting synergy at the service of driving pleasure. The energy switch to electric is the latest key page in the 109-year-long history of the Alfa Romeo legend and one which will propel the brand into the future. This is also behind the name chosen for the new concept car. The Tonale Pass, not far from the Stelvio Pass in the Alps, is a large natural amphitheatre famous for its majestic peaks, the natural spectacle of frothy waterfalls and snow all year round in a breath-taking natural setting. Directly connected to the Stelvio Pass, excitement and harmony coexist in the Tonale Pass area. The Tonale is an important development under the sign of continuity and geographical proximity, an evolution traced in time in an evocative association.

The Quadrifoglio Alfa Romeo Racing Special Editions

For the Geneva International Motor Show, Alfa Romeo will be introducing the Giulia Quadrifoglio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio "Alfa Romeo Racing" limited special editions equipped with an exclusive carbon fibre Aero Kit designed in partnership with Sauber Engineering.
This exclusive feature reasserts the ever-deeper bond with the world of Formula 1. The special editions celebrate the racing legend of Alfa Romeo and the return of an Italian driver to Formula 1 now that Antonio Giovinazzi has joined World Champion Kimi Räikkönen on the "Alfa Romeo Racing" team. Far from being a cosmetic kit, it is a piece of technical equipment that improves the aerodynamic performance of the car by increasing downforce and enhancing the already excellent dynamic qualities of the Quadrifoglio versions.
The technical kit complements the actions taken to make the limited-edition models lighter and more powerful, demonstrating the attention and research of Alfa Romeo aimed at continuous improvement of performance. The cars are characterised by lighter weight and increased power. The first objective was achieved with the extensive use of carbon fibre for the exterior details, Sparco leather and Alcantara sports seats with carbon shell, oversized braking system with carbon-ceramic brake discs and specific Akrapović titanium exhaust system. The operation shaved off about 28 kilograms from the standard Quadrifoglio versions. The diet was backed up by a technical tune-up by Alfa Romeo engineers that has resulted more torque and power, which reaches 520 HP.
The already exciting driving experience of the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is even more powerful. There is a special privilege for twenty lucky drivers. Over the year, ten Giulia cars and ten Stelvio SUVs will be available to represent the ten victories of Alfa Romeo in Formula 1, each one sporting a dedicated badge bearing the name of a Grand Prix won by Alfa Romeo and the corresponding year. Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio "Alfa Romeo Racing" customers will be invited to live a complete and dedicated customer experience. Starting from the Geneva Motor Show, they will be able to express their interest in purchasing a car through the official Alfa Romeo channels.

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