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Alfa Romeo X Bertone Montreal

The Alfa Romeo X Bertone is a bold concept, by an independent designer that shows an Alfa Romeo supercar needs to happen

Having a plethora of pixel artists that showcase their visions of future cars is tremendous. This is especially true for classic cars that need to have a modern-day successor. The 1970-1977 Alfa Romeo Montreal is one of those cars and recently, the YouTube channel, NewCarDesign has given us a rendering of what a new model could look like.

Alfa Romeo X Bertone Montreal
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You can’t go wrong with an Alfa Romeo when it comes to the design, but recreating it is risky business. Luckily, the rendering we see here manages to retain both the proportions and many of the original design cues of the car, even mixing them with design elements from newer models, like the Alfa Romeo 4C and 8C Competizione, such as the round taillights and sort-of Kam-back rear end, also called “la coda tronca” in Italian. The Alfa Romeo TZ3 is one car that features the distinctive rear end and the X Bertone rendering has managed to replicate it, to an extent.

The original Montreal was designed by Marcello Gandini who worked for Bertone, at the time. The same designer was responsible for the Lamborghini Countach and Lancia Stratos, so I don’t think anything else needs to be said here.

Alfa Romeo X Bertone Montreal
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Like the original Montreal, the X Bertone features a tapered front end with a thin-headlight design. Like in the original Montreal, the beltline is curved up towards the end, creating the car’s elegant hips, while at the same time the window line curves up towards the back of the roof. The upper side vents of the original are not recreated here, but an extension of the side window, in the form of a dark trim makes up for it.

The wheel arches pop out in a subtle manner, suggesting the car’s athletic nature. The design is clean and screams lightweight sports car. We know Alfa Romeo is working on future models, including a new high-performance sports car and we can definitely see the company making something similar-looking, with the 2.9-liter, twin-turbo V-6 engine (and most probably hybridization), coming out.

Alfa Romeo X Bertone Montreal
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You can also see a racing version of the X Bertone, which looks like something we can see in the next Gran Turismo game. The main difference here is the big wing, slightly altered front fascia, and of course the Alfa Romeo livery, known from the 1990s. Alfa Romeo returned to Formula One recently, so we can definitely imagine the company going back to Touring cars and even entering the FIA Endurance series.

Words don’t do this rendering any favors. It’s better you take a look for yourself and tell us whether you would like to see something similar from Alfa Romeo.

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Dim Angelov
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