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Alpina B6 S Coupe

Alpina B6 S Coupe

Grand Tourers have a long tradition at ALPINA. It began with the legendary BMW ALPINA 3,0 CSL lightweight Coupé in the early 1970s, a car that caused a great furore, both as a race car and as a street car. It was with this car that ALPINA won the European Touring Car Championship in 1973 and 1977. Since it débuted in 1978, friends of BMW 6 Series Coupés have awarded the 300 bhp BMW ALPINA B7 Turbo Coupé with 330 bhp / 512 Nm in the S-Version) cult status, making it a desired collector’s car. The elegant BMW 8 Series was the basis for the BMW ALPINA B12 5,7 Coupé, identifiable at a glance thanks to its carbon-fibre bonnet with NACA ducts.

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