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2015 Alpine GT6 Vision GT Sports Car

2015 Alpine GT6 Vision GT Sports Car

Even though the racing-focused Alpine brand is yet to return to production and a 2016 unveil of the troublesome project confirmed, Renault’s marketing for the sports car manufacturer soldiers on with the help of Polyphony Digital’s Vision Gran Turismo program. Gran Turismo 6 players will be happy to find out that they’ll be getting the first drive of a new Alpine sports car in March 2015. Called simply Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, the virtual model certainly looks the part of a GT concept, but with hints of classic Alpine racers here and there.

With a history that started six decades ago but sadly ended in 1995, the Alpine brand has always been connected with Renault – the French brand bought the small sports car maker back in 1973. Since then, the former Alpine headquarters in Dieppe had been home to Renault’s motorsport endeavors, including Formula One. As it happens, Alpine is preparing for a comeback in 2016, but until then, the A450 prototype has already collected European endurance racing titles in 2013 and 2014, not to mention a podium finish in the LMP2 class at the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours. Naturally, only professional racing car drivers can enjoy the A450, so Renault/Alpine got together with Sony’s Polyphony Digital back in 2013 and started working on a virtual Alpine model to feature in the Gran Turismo franchise, as part of the now-famous Vision Gran Turismo line of supercars.

The result looks pretty fantastic, and Alpine made the very wise choice of also building a full-scale mock-up of the virtual car. Unfortunately, only a select group of Frenchmen got to see the scale model in the flesh on January 27, when it was presented at a Concept Cars exhibition in Paris. I do suspect that will not be the only place the car will be shown though. Until then, Gran Turismo 6 owners are probably dying to fire up their PlayStations and check out the virtual handling of this rather gorgeous concept car.

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