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The Making Of The Alpine Gran Turismo: Video

The Making Of The Alpine Gran Turismo: Video

For the past 17 months or so, Gran Turismo’s Vision project has been the catalyst for some truly remarkable virtual vehicles. GT developer Polyphony Digital created Vision as a means to celebrate 15 years of video gaming awesomeness, but the major car manufacturers are getting in on the action to offer branded concepts that range from the beautiful to the outrageous. 

So far, it’s been a win-win for all involved, and that goes unchanged with Alpine’s GT Vision. First made available for download last month, this roofless single-seat slab of speed is a celebration of the French manufacturer’s founding 60 years ago, and features styling that melds old school and new school draped over a cohesive performance package that should elicit more than a few giggles from PS3 owners.

The video you see here is a bit of an amalgamation as well, mixing 3D computer renderings, cartoons, paint-on-glass animation and real-life action to highlight the stunning design work that went into the creation of the Alpine GT Vision. It’s short, artistic and even uplifting. Plus, it makes you want to drive the snot out of this concept in the game.

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