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Apollo Intensa Emozione

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2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione

2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione

Modern hyperspeed, old school rawness

How do you go about competing with the best of the best in the world of hypercars? Apollo thinks it’s got an idea, as evidenced by this, its new flagship. Dubbed the Intensa Emozione, Italian for “Intense Emotion,” Apollo is seeking to bridge the gap between pilot and machine with an old-school, raw, and unbridled approach to making speed. Making its debut after just a year in development, the IE’s primary focus is on being “lightweight, aerodynamically efficient and connected, yet unimpeded by any emotionally dilutive technological systems.” Incredibly, in addition to pounding out lower and lower lap times, this spaceship-for-Earth also has what it takes to be a road car. However, don’t look for any hybrid system or turbos here – providing the power is an atmospheric, 6.3-liter V-12, which motivates a mostly carbon fiber body and chassis with nearly 800 horsepower on tap. So then – does it have it takes to get your blood boiling? Read on to find out.

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