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Apollo Automobil Arrow reviews

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2016 Apollo Arrow

2016 Apollo Arrow

Gumpert is back & better than before

The automaker once known as Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH has received a new lease on life thanks to wealthy investors at a holding company named Ideal Team Ventures Limited. What’s that matter? Well, Ideal Team has poured resources into the automaker, effectively allowing it to rebirth itself with a new product. That product debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show as the Apollo Arrow – a 1,000-horsepower hypercar ready to compete in the exclusive league of built-to-order collectibles.

The automaker, now called Apollo Automobil GmbH, appears ready to redefine itself as a legitimate threat to other hypercar builders. "I have always been a big fan of the Gumpert Apollo. It was, in my opinion, a thoroughbred hypercar that stood out among its competitors," said Norman Choi, owner of Ideal Team Ventures Limited. "I’m excited to have the opportunity to revive, reinvent and rebuild this legendary, record-breaking vehicle.”

Though the company went through a restructuring, Roland Gumpert continues to act as Apollo’s CEO and chief engineer. "The Arrow is truly magnificent – it is the perfect combination of German engineering and automotive art," Gumpert says about the car. "Although it’s still a prototype, we are confident that the Arrow will achieve the unimaginable."

This marks a new chapter for Apollo, thanks to its new investor, fresh engineering practices, and as we’ll see with the Arrow, a new design style that mimics the natural world.

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