Aston Martin revealed today its concept that will bring back the Lagonda brand. The concept’s styling seems to blends elements of a traditional sedan, SUV and others cars from Lagonda’s history.

2009 Lagonda Concept
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Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez sees the Lagonda brand as a way for Aston Martin to branch out into other markets. “Aston Martins are pure sports cars… they are limited in their usability mainly because of the low ground clearance.” Bez says the rebirth of Lagonda must be suitable for or countries that do not necessarily include traditional urban areas. That also means the Lagonda will be geared less for all-out performance, and more about multiple terrains. “We do not intend to claim a lap record around the Nurburgring because there is no point in doing so.”

We shouldn’t be too shocked by the direction Aston Martin is taking on the Lagonda. Back in September when the car was first announced, Bez said, “The revival of the Lagonda brand would allow us to develop cars which can have a different character than a sportscar.” This may be most evident in the chassis considering that it is based on the Mercedes GL. The Lagonda will also be a place for Aston Martin to use powertrains it has not explored before such as flexfuel, diesel and hybrid systems.

2009 Lagonda Concept
- image 288882

There are currently plenty of emerging and established countries with well-heeled individuals who do not have access to proper roads. By making the Lagonda into an SUV/crossover vehicle, this enables Aston Martin to compete in more markets around the globe (there are 100 countries where Aston doesn’t currently operate) without having to tarnish its pure sports car image.

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Aston Martin is proud to announce the return of Lagonda, one of the oldest and most iconic names in luxury car manufacturing.

The revival of Lagonda fulfils a long-term vision and will bring performance luxury into new markets and territories around the world for Aston Martin Lagonda. Ultimately, Lagonda will be a strong presence in 100 global territories, vastly increasing the global brand reach of the company and extending to new customers.

Reflecting its remarkable history, the brand will return to Russia, enter emerging markets in the Middle East, South America, India and China, as well as responding to demand from the dynamic, innovation-focused consumers of Europe, North America and the Far East.

“The Lagonda is the luxury car of the future,” says Aston Martin Lagonda Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez, “a combination of total usability, a new form and innovative new technology and materials.”

Lagonda is committed to innovative new propulsion technologies, new materials and elegant forms, creating a functional luxury for the near future. Critically, the brand will allow the exploration of alternative powertrain solutions including flexfuel, low emission diesel and hybrid systems. Lagonda will epitomise the intersection of craft, design and technology with Aston Martin’s established high performance expertise.

The intention is for Lagonda to enter the market place with a unique performance avant-garde luxury product, a vehicle that combines exceptional ability with unsurpassed elegance, inside and out. The LAGONDA CONCEPT is a powerful four-wheel drive, four-seater car that will satisfy the most discerning and demanding owner.

“An Aston Martin is an authentic, pure sports car,” says Dr Ulrich Bez, “but Lagonda is something else, a new brand that will reach into new markets. Lagonda will create a new kind of customer relationship, instilling the spirit of travel, adventure and style into a single, formidable package.

“An Aston Martin demands to be driven. A Lagonda demands a destination.”

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  (477) posted on 01.6.2010

It appears Lagonda cannot help itself as its last foray into the luxury car market was the wedge shaped and ill-fated Aston Martin Lagonda of 1976-91 which newly defined "lemon" as a noun/adjective for defective cars.

  (780) posted on 12.9.2009

Ever since its purchase by Aston Martin in 1947, the Lagonda brand has played second fiddle to the firm’s sports cars.

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 03.4.2009

This was much more striking in person. It carries many of Aston’s design cues from relative grille shape (although larger) to the door handles.

If this were an Aston Martin, the purist in me would hate it, but because they using the Lagonda name, I can be more objective. Besides an SUV fits the Lagonda brand — it was originally started by an American and the name comes from a river in Ohio.

pdaix  (433) posted on 03.4.2009

At least it is true to the Lagonda brand... Bizarre, bordeline ugly and certainly a sale flop, but still a designer’s car

pdaix  (17) posted on 03.4.2009

It looks more like a clay model rather than a finished car.

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