The Aston Martin DB9 has already received a major update for the 2011 model year, but one lucky tuner in Miami, Fl got the chance to make the supercar even better with a tuning package of their own. RSC Tuning have already started working on the exterior modifications for their super project, with engine mods to follow in the near future.

Changing it up a little for the Aston Martin DB9 is new RSC clear rear tail lights, a new RSC sports exhaust, RSC performance air filters, COR wheels, RSC lowering springs, RSC custom floor mats, and Vantage Collection rear diffuser. Future updates will make the kit much better as RSC Tuning is planning on performing an ECU update and using RSC 100 Cell secondary sports catalysts.

Since the engine updates have not been executed as of yet, the tuner could not volunteer any information on how it would affect the performance of the DB9. We know the 2011 Aston Martin DB9 is currently working with a 6.0L V12 engine that produces 470bhp and 442lb ft of torque. Mated to a six-speed ‘Touchtronic’ paddle-shift automatic or six-speed H-pattern manual transmission, the DB9 gets from 0-60mph in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 190mph. We fully expect to get much more power once the engine has been revised, and we can’t wait to hear about it!


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  (577) posted on 12.15.2011

It still looks like their other model, but I’m as yet impressed on it for they maintain it to have a decent and exclusive look and a powerful engine which I really love with an Aston Martin vehicle.

  (399) posted on 12.12.2011

It maybe looks so simple on its platform, but it still looks very attractive for me, especially on its lovely headlight! smiley Anyway, I think it will look more impressive if it is on an outstanding body paint.

  (570) posted on 12.5.2011

It is maybe looked like their typical vehicle, but it still looks so attractive and very lovely on its aesthetic design. Anyway, I’m also glad that it as yet has an impressive and efficient engine.

  (484) posted on 11.10.2011

This one is a typical Aston Martin car! smiley Anyway, I must say that I’m still impressed with this one, and I’m glad to hear that it still can deliver a powerful and striking engine performance.

  (647) posted on 10.5.2011

Aston made a distinct idea of cars with every unit, and now I’m more informed with their vehicle specification and I love to study every details of it.

  (397) posted on 10.4.2011

Despite of having a simple platform design and styling, I found it very appealing about that. I’m just wondering if what will the interior of this looks like and the figure performance of this.

  (1) posted on 05.21.2011

Ecu remap is set to be done next month with a 65 to 70 hp increase projection. Along with the other upgrades that have been done already the total hp output should be in the area of 540- 550.

  (518) posted on 04.5.2011

Aston Martin is popular on its hometown the UK! However, I do like the design of this car and its engine performance! 

  (474) posted on 03.29.2011

DB9 would be one of the most successful Aston Martin brand. The front looks like a Hyundai Veloster. But i find the engine performance kind of awesome!0-60mph in just 4.6 seconds is amazing!

  (325) posted on 01.13.2011

Now, as the 2011 model year rolls in, the DB9 and its Volante cousin are receiving the most significant upgrades since the car’s launch.

  (702) posted on 01.13.2011

Other changes include the addition of a new tire pressure monitoring system, updated Bluetooth connectivity, and a restyled Bang & Olufsen stereo.

  (762) posted on 01.11.2011

really? so why bother buying it? its price is much higher than the regular one, but its performance is just the same as the regular one.

  (570) posted on 01.11.2011

this car is purely stock outside with a little bit of tunning. the performance is still the same as the regular one.

  (347) posted on 01.10.2011

The performance part of the project is a little bit more serious and will manage to give the car a wilder personality.

  (321) posted on 01.10.2011

let’s start with the tech goodies, a list of mods that are aimed at increasing performance in a straight line and also through the corners, where the driver will be able to push the car harder.

  (70) posted on 01.10.2011

Amazing performance and looks, any idea about it’s price?

  (101) posted on 01.10.2011

Just another unaffordable car for all of us, or better, most of us.

  (89) posted on 01.10.2011

I was expecting more changes after a tuning. This one at first look looks just like a regular Aston Martin (if an Aston Martin can be regular).

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