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Aston Martin And Tom Brady Should Make For A Successful Partnership

Aston Martin And Tom Brady Should Make For A Successful Partnership

Don’t count on sales to increase, but Aston Martin’s brand awareness in the US could shoot through the roof

Celebrity endorsements can reap huge rewards for brands. That’s especially the case in the auto industry where competition is so rampant, some companies take this route to help elevate their names by having a popular figure attached to them. Think Peyton Manning and Shaquille O’Neal doing those hilarious Buick commercials or Blake Griffin’s series of ads for Kia. Some of them are years old and don’t run anymore, but the association remains. Of course, not every celebrity-endorsed car is promoted through commercials. Land Rover signed Victoria Beckham to a deal back in 2012 to help design the Range Rover Evoque. All this leads us to the latest automaker-celebrity connection: Aston Martin and Tom Brady.

Talk of the Aston Martin and Tom Brady collaboration isn’t actually breaking news since it had already been teased in a 30-second teaser back in February. But now we know what the scope of the Aston Martin-Tom Brady partnership and its potential to be special. The synergy between the two sides is evident, especially when the immense success both Aston Martin and Tom Brady have in their respective fields is combined. The British supercar brand doesn’t remain relevant in the auto industry for over 100 years without being successful and Brady didn’t win his five Super Bowl rings by accident. Line up these two together and you have the makings of a partnership that’s oozing with promise and opportunity.

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Video: Women love Aston Martin - and Aston Martin loves them back

Video: Women love Aston Martin - and Aston Martin loves them back

British automaker Aston Martin is about as exclusive a niche brand can get, catering only to an exclusive group of people, particularly those considered gentlemen of the highest order.

Maybe its image has been shaped and sharpened by its extensive partnership with the James Bond franchise and anybody that has ever driven an Aston Martin wants to exude the same kind of debonair-ish confidence inspired by Bond himself.

The new "Love" commercial from Aston Martin only strengthens that notion. Whereas other ads will go for the comedy routine to get their point across, Aston Martin is a little more straight-forward in their approach: show the car attract women the way no other automaker can.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the appeal of Aston Martin, especially to the fairer gender. Even better is when a woman leaves a little kiss mark to show just how much she loves your ride.

Something tells us that a lot of men will be trooping to Aston Martin dealerships after watching this add. The only question now is if the cost is right up their price range.

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Video: Aston Martin 'Reverie' commercial

Video: Aston Martin ’Reverie’ commercial

One of the most impressive commercials ever have been brought to our attention today. It is called Aston Martin ’Reverie’ and was made by Gentleman Scholar, a multimedia production studio based in Los Angeles. As you guessed it the video is about an Aston Martin model, but not any Aston Martin: a V12 Vantage.

The idea behind this commercial was to create something that encapsulated the ’power’, ’beauty’, and ’soul’ of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. And they did. Next to speed and energy, the production company added stunning visual-effects, heavy explosions and morphing buildings, impressive landscapes and artistically lit cityscapes and they have created something that really manages to bring to our attention the essence of the V12 Vantage.

"From there we began to build our shots; moving cameras, animating the car, figuring out what and where our environments should be and look like. Our references introduced the car at dusk with a storm building on a desert horizon – taking on a sense of danger and anticipation. The use of CG allowed our imaginations to run free in terms of elegant camera moves and story-telling perspectives without worrying about the expense of helicopter shots and process trailers."

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James Bond trades martini for Coke - now stirred not shaken

James Bond doesn’t drink Coke, does he? Looks like he’s chasing the baddies in his Aston Martin DBS, possibly going after the secret Coke formula? Regardless, this commercial has some cool shots of the Bond car.

Zero, Coke Zero? No, NO, NO.

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