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2016 Aston Martin Letv Rapide S Concept

2016 Aston Martin Letv Rapide S Concept

At this point it’s clear that automotive electronics are destined to enter the same rapid-cycle evolutionary process as computers and smartphones. To help stay at the front of the wave, Aston Martin has teamed up with Chinese entertainment technology company Letv to visualize ways to keep its bespoke products connected.

For a number of reasons, Aston Martin has lagged a bit behind its competitors in terms of infotainment integration and ergonomics. The partnership with Letv intends to address this issue, and the companies unveiled the Aston Martin Autolink Rapide S Concept at CES in Las Vegas to show the direction this might take. This updated Rapide S follows the template of auto-electric pioneer Tesla in replacing the center stack and the traditional instrument panel with electronic panels. The Autolink Rapide S Concept also features the Autolink system, introduced in November 2015 as Letv’s platform for automotive internet applications. The company calls it an “Internet brain.” Remote vehicle monitoring and cloud access are possible through an in-car wi-fi system.

Though no plans for production have been announced, Letv’s partnership with Aston Martin is likely to yield benefits to customers. The bespoke nature of Aston’s products offers many opportunities for a car like the Autolink Rapide S Concept to become a reality.

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