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Video: Aston Martin holds "track day" at Monza

Video: Aston Martin holds "track day" at Monza

So this is one of those perks that comes with being an Aston Martin customer. We gotta say, the amount of money you shell out for any one of those British supercars sure comes with some pretty cool extra benefits like participating in the company’s very own "track day" at Monza.

Specially held for customers and a select number of enthusiasts, Aston Martin spared no expense in making the event as lavish and extravagant as it could possibly get. There were driving tutorials where participants could choose from a wide range of Aston Martin vehicles, including the DBS, the V8 Vantage S, the Virage, and the Rapide. Participants also got the chance to rub elbows with some of the folks from Aston Martin, all while enjoying what looked to be a delicious feast of Italian cuisine.

All in all, Aston Martin’s "track day" seemed like a perfect way to spend 24 hours of our lives. After all, if you can spend one day indulging yourselves in delicious food, good company, and free-to-drive supercars, then we’ll chalk that up as a day well spent.

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