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2018 ATS GT

2018 ATS GT

ATS returns from the dead to challenge Ferrari and Lamborghini

Revived in 2012, almost 50 years after it was originally established in Italy, ATS, short for Automobili Turismo e Sport, returned to the market with a couple of open-cockpit, race-inspired sports cars. These prototype-style vehicles were followed by the Leggera roadster in 2015, but not much happened since then. Now, ATS is making a new comeback to the market, this time around with a potent supercar that promises to give Ferrari and Lamborghinis a run for their money. It’s called the ATS GT and pays tribute to ATS first road car, the 2500 GT, launched all the way back in 1964.

If you haven’t heard of ATS before, it was established in 1963 by former Ferrari employees Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini after the "great walkout" of 1961, when Maranello lost some of its most valuable engineers. ATS was established as both an automobile constructor and a Formula One race team, but it survived for only two years. Its only road car, the 2500 GTS, wasn’t exactly successful either, but it remained in history as the second mid-engined sports car ever produced. Come 2017 and ATS is trying to recapture its former glory with the GT, a supercar that employs state of the art technology, a premium interior, and a powerful engine. It’s also the first ATS to join the small niche of exclusive supercars with high price tags and limited production runs.

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