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Audi Q Junior Coming in 2019

Audi Q Junior Coming in 2019

The news about the Q Junior has already broken, but now a new report suggests that the tiniest of the Audi SUVs will debut as early as 2019.

This report comes from Car Magazine who had a sit-down with a senior official within the company. In this interview, the magazine somehow came to the conclusion that the A1-based crossover will hit the market by 2019, but it didn’t point to a direct quote from the official regarding this.

It did, however, learn that Audi isn’t necessarily sold on the out-of-the-norm name. In true Audi fashion, this small SUV should carry the Q1 name, but Audi has to name its next small SUV — due in 2016 — the Q1 because Fiat owns the Q2 name. This leaves Audi no real choice but to go out of the normal pattern for this lifted, all-wheel-drive hatchback, and the Q Junior seems the best route for now.

With all of these SUVs, how will Audi ever differentiate them? The report claims that the Q Junior will have a sportier, two-door-coupecrossover design, making it more desirable to younger buyers. Also up the alley of the younger buyer is a base price that could start as low as €20,000 ($22,584 as of 2015).

Look for this new model to take on the likes of the GLA-Class and the BMW X1 once it hits the market. Its U.S. availability remains unknown, but keep in mind that we do not have the A1 here in the States, which could mean the platform just won’t work here.

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