The Audi A5 S-line is not only classy, but sporty as well, and that type of combination is something that many consumers hunt for in the process of locating the perfect car for their lifestyle. Find that perfect classy/sporty car and the only thing left to do is find the perfect tuner to jazz it up even further. The latest customization package to claim a classier upgrade for the A5 S-line is JMS and Senner Tuning. These two tuners have joined together to come up with that perfect package. Did they succeed? Read on to make that decision yourself.

The new body kit for the A5 includes a new front lip that extends to the sides of the bumper for € 269, a sporty rear apron for € 269, and a Senner 4-pipe exhaust system with oval tailpipes for € 1090. These exterior additions can be attached to all three of the A5 S-line models (Convertible, Coupe, and Sportback).

The whole package is finished by an upgraded coilover suspension from KW priced at 1,319 euro and a set of 20 inch custom design rims wrapped in 245/30-20 tires priced at 5,500 Euro.

And, unfortunately, that is where the package ends. There is no power upgrade from JMS and Senner Tuning to boost the Audi to the next level. We have to say, without a power upgrade, the package just feels incomplete. If we go back and check out the Audi AS5 Sportback by ABT, we’d find a much more suitable package. We understand that the package from ABT is just for the Sportback, but it’s still a better pick. We’d hold off on purchasing this package until other tuners take the opportunity to provide a real package for the S-Line.


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  (331) posted on 09.2.2010

The styling is further enhanced with a sports rear apron (€ 269), which is offered in exchange for the original parts. A Senner 4-pipe exhaust system with oval tailpipes (€ 1090) complements the A5’s appearance and improves sound.

  (462) posted on 09.1.2010

JMS tunes so uniquely elegant. Look at the rims and the paint.

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