The German automaker Audi has unveiled two new limited edition equipment packages for the RS6 full size luxury sport sedan. Called the RS6 Plus and RS6 Plus Sport, the special edition sedan comes with a few exclusive equipment packages from the four ring automaker and will be limited to only 500 units. The upgrades start with a carbon design package for the engine compartment, a sport tuned suspension hidden behind a set of special five spoke rims measuring 20 inches in diameter, an instrument panel and center console covered in lavish leather as well as bespoke RS6 logos adorning the front floor mats. But best of all the special equipment packages distinguish these RS6s by raising the electronically limited top speed of 155 MPH all the way up to 188.28 MPH, that’s over the magical 300 km/h mark. The special RS6’s are priced at 3,250 euros for the Plus package and 8,310 euros for the Sport version.

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Press release

Audi is offering two new limited-edition equipment packages for the RS 6 – restricted to just 500 units. With a top speed of 303 km/h (188.28 mph), a Carbon design package for the engine compartment, 20-inch wheels bearing a 5 segment-spoke design, and the sports suspension plus, each of these RS 6 models will be truly unique. In fact, each of them will be a one-of-a-kind thanks to a numbered badge in the interior. Customers can opt for one of two packages: RS 6 plus Sport or RS 6 plus Audi exclusive.

2010 Audi RS6 Plus Sport and RS6 Plus Audi exclusive High Resolution Interior
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The Sport version features an instrument-panel hood and center console covered in leather; an RS 6 logo adorns the front floor mats. Concerning the Audi exclusive package, customers can also specify a custom paint job by choosing from the color range of quattro GmbH. In addition, the seat upholstery, controls, door trim inserts, front center armrest, and the armrests in the door trims are covered in leather of an attractive color from the Audi exclusive program. Seat add-on parts are adapted to match the color of leather in question.

Thanks to FSI direct gasoline injection, twin-turbo supercharging, and dry sump lubrication, the high-performance V10 delivers 426 kW (580 hp) and maximum torque of 650 Nm (479.42 lb-ft) between 1,500 and 6,250 rpm. This sedan mirrors the performance of a high-performance sports car: from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62.14 mph) in just 4.5 seconds and it exceeds the 200 km/h threshold (124.27 mph) after just 14.5 seconds. The sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) reduces pitch and roll by purely mechanical means. The driver can switch among the three operating modes of the MMI operating terminal’s shock-absorber control system: comfort, dynamic, and sport.

The RS 6 offers all the comfort of the A6 line of business models and is in the hands of quattro GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG. High-quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, and Alcantara create a cultivated and dynamic atmosphere in the interior. And intelligent assistance systems grant drivers yet more control. Audi lane assist warns the driver should the car inadvertently veer out of its lane.

2010 Audi RS6 Plus Sport and RS6 Plus Audi exclusive High Resolution Exterior
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Audi side assist alerts the driver to possible critical situations during lane changes. Audi adaptive cruise control maintains proper speed and following distance. In addition to three-dimensional road maps, the MMI navigation plus offers a DVD player for navigation/audio/video DVDs as well as a radio with dual tuner and a 40 GB hard disk drive which can store up to 3,000 musical tracks in addition to navigation data.

The RS 6 plus Sport and RS 6 plus Audi exclusive equipment packages are available now. The Sport version costs 3,250 euros; the Audi exclusive package 8,310 euros. This equates to savings of about 50 percent compared to purchasing the items individually.

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  (92) posted on 02.21.2010

That car is only available in Europe. Europe has the most tracks in the world... tracks like Nurburgring are accessable to the public, and it gets crazy over there.

  (780) posted on 02.16.2010

An increase of less than 30 MPH for the topspeed is not that bad for 3 thousand quid, but for the plus sport, wouldn’t that seem to be a little bit to steep? I mean most of the people who buys this cars doesn’t even drive it to it’s maximum speed so why pay a good 8 grand for it?

  (92) posted on 02.16.2010

Listen, you know the Porsche 911 Sport classic??? There is only 250....... And it is PHENOMENAL!!!!!

  (939) posted on 02.15.2010

500 cars only? yes it was a very limited one, lucky for the person who will have a chance to park this baby to his garage.

  (92) posted on 02.15.2010

Cars like this one make me wish that i lived in a different place than the stupid United States...... first of all, we have the stupid ENGLISH system!!!! the metric is SOOOOOOOOOO much easier, and then thereis the RS line of audi... We had RS cars here before, now they are not even in the website.... This car is a must have.

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