When it comes to fine-tuning Audis, there aren’t a lot of aftermarket tuners that can hold a candle to Stasis Engineering. At the recently concluded SEMA event, Stasis was at it again with a slew of Audi Signature Series models making their way to the SEMA showroom floor.

One particular model that was worth our attention was Stasis’ take on the Audi S5 Cabriolet. We’ve always taken a particular liking to the S5 Cabriolet because it offers all the elements that we look for in a car. It’s fast, it’s powerful, it handles remarkably well, and best, of all, it looks pretty darn awesome.

But even if people like us are already fawning over the S5 Cabriolet, some folks apparently are not as convinced, not because they don’t like the car in its standard format, but because they feel that they can maximize every ounce of it even further. That’s where Stasis Engineering comes in. For these guys, a good sports car can always be better if you put the right elements into it.

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Stasis Engineering’s Audi S5 Cabriolet isn’t so much about giving the car an aesthetic facelift as it is giving it a performance boost. That being said, Stasis did put some work in on giving the S5 Cabriolet a unique look, particularly the two-tone paint finish on the exterior. If you’ve seen what these guys did with the S4, you’ll notice that they pretty much used the same black/red color scheme, only this time, they inverted the colors to make the S5 look cooler and more intimidating.

Instead of the red on black finish, the S5 was given a black on red colorway with the red taking the form of a huge racing strip that runs from the hood all the way to the rear. You’ll also notice that enormous snake-like S on the hood, which we assume is the company’s unofficial signature, a way of making it known that this car is their work of art.

Stasis Engineering also made a point in giving the S5 Cabriolet the appropriate style of wheels to enhance the glorious awesomeness of the car. In this particular case, they’re giving out two options for wheels with the sports car: 20” lightweight cast wheels or 20” ultra-lightweight forged wheels that be fitted inside either Yokohama S-Drive high performance tires or Yokohama Advan Sport Extreme Performance tires.

As for the interior, it largely remained untouched, not because for a lack of trying, but for not messing with what already is a fine work by Audi in dressing up the insides of the S5 Cabriolet.

2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet by Stasis Engineering Exterior
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This is where the S5 Cabriolet gets really interesting. In the world of Stasis, standard is as standard goes, which means that ‘standard’ is a word used about as often as ‘slow’, ‘weak’, and ‘boring’. Armed with that frame of mind, Stasis turned a ‘standard supercharged 3.0-liter V6 with 333 horsepower and 344 lb/ft of torque into a car that produces 410 horsepower and 370 lb/ft of torque simply by tuning the engine software and replacing the factory exhaust with a lightweight, free-flowing, T304 stainless steel exhaust system that is perfectly synchronized with the engine tuning software. By using the first cross flow pulse scavenging technology and applying it to the engine, the exhaust boosts up the car’s pony power by 8 horsepower single-handedly.

Of course, cars are only as good as the braking system that they comes with. In the case of the S5 Cabriolet, Stasis used its own braking system made from lightweight, 2-piece 370-mm (390-mm optional) rotors and calipers.

The rotors, which are bolted to an aluminum hat through a floating pin design, include a slew of critical features that help in assuring its high-quality performance, including large air gaps, directional aerofoils, and a custom iron alloy that extracts heat that’s generated whenever the car stops, assuring the driver that overheating or warping due to heat stress doesn’t happen. Stasis also made sure that the calipers used in the S5 Cabriolet would be of their own design. Taking out the two-piece sliding calipers that are standard among Audis, Stasis replaced them with 6-piston monobloc aluminum calipers, which are 50% lighter than the standard-issue.

Finally, Stasis also gave the S5 Cabriolet a new set of brake pads and stainless steel lines that allows the driver to step on the brake pedal without worrying about increasing brake temperatures.

2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet by Stasis Engineering Exterior
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The Audi S5 Cabriolet faces some very stiff competition, to say the least. Among the cars that fall under the S5 Cabriolet’s performance specs and price range include the BMW M3, Cadillac CTS-V, and Lexus IS F.


Stasis Engineering has yet to reveal the appropriate price tag on the car, but you can be sure that they’ll do it sooner rather than later. That being said, the ‘STaSIS Signature Series’ automobiles are available from more than 50 certified dealerships across North America.

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  (745) posted on 11.22.2010

Audi continues to produce some really great cars these days but I always struggle with its high cost.

  (859) posted on 11.21.2010

2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet has the best of everything, such as great handling and dynamite styling, but isn’t the best of everything.

  (1211) posted on 11.10.2010

I love the S4 and S5..Well that’s nice that we can order the stasis direct through dealership..But I guess they should improve the paint..

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