Over the course of its life, the Audi TT-RS has been the subject of a number of aftermarket modifications and for good reason too because as the most powerful version of the TT line, it’s a definite magnet for tuning companies to try and put their own touch on the car.

We’ve seen a number of these tuning firms release their takes in the past few months and this time, another one has stepped into the limelight to present their modded version of the Audi TT-RS.

Hailing from Ingelheim near Mainz, Germany is Senner Tuning AG, which just revealed their new program for the TT-RS. Similar to most of its competitors, Senner Tuning’s work on the Audi sports car involves upgrades on both the appearance and performance aspects of the car. Though Senner Tuning’s work was a little dialed down compared to its competitors, it worked out pretty well for them because as far as we’re concerned, it’s not stale that it becomes redundant yet it’s also not overbearing to the point that it becomes a little outrageous.

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On the TT-RS Roadster’s body, Senner Tuning used carbon fiber on the side mirror housings, as well as on the rear wing. Moreover, the sports car’s standard rims were removed and replaced with a swankier set of new rims, in the form of seven-spoke, 20” Varianza T1S rims that are shod in 255/30 tires and complemented by the lower sport suspension. As for the interior, well, let’s just say that the folks at Senner really love their carbon fiber because the inside of the sports car also comes with a steady diet of that high-end material, including on the sport steering wheel, the tachometer, the door handles and the center console.

2010 Audi TT-RS by Senner Tuning High Resolution Interior
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In the standard TT-RS model, Audi outfitted the sports car with a 2.5-liter engine with direct gasoline injection that produces 340 horsepower and 330 lb/ft. of torque. Senner Tuning took those numbers, customized and reprogrammed the engine control unit, added a power converter, a valve-controlled exhaust system with sport catalyst conjunction with an intercooler and a sport air filter, all of which results to a spike of the TT-RS’s horsepower to a pretty impressive 430 ponies.


Pricing figures have not been released yet, although given our experience, we’re expecting the package to come at a price tag of somewhere around $10,000 – $15,000.

2010 Audi TT-RS by Senner Tuning High Resolution Exterior
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The Audi TT-RS is a magnet for aftermarket tuners to work their magic on. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that a lot of them have taken stabs at it, with varying degrees of performance upgrades. Superchips worked on a TT-RS and bumped up the power to 401 horsepower. MTM has two tuning packages, one that boosts up the power to 424 horsepower with the more powerful variant ratcheting it up to 472 horsepower. But the most powerful upgrade belongs to ABT Sportline, with its “Power S” upgrade consisting of an upgraded ABT turbocharger spiking the output to 501 horsepower.

2010 Audi TT-RS by Senner Tuning High Resolution Exterior
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  (570) posted on 12.1.2011

I’m not really so fond with this Audi TT-RS, but I love the decency of its appearance. Anyway, I noticed that its interior didn’t have a cool technology unlike the other roadster that I see.

  (592) posted on 02.21.2011

like Audi’s TTs, they are nice and round, very German, fast, firm, get good MPG and are a pleasure to look at.

  (619) posted on 02.21.2011

They look so good, i would love to drive one, in fact they look so good i’d love to lick whipped cream from one of those TT’s

  (417) posted on 12.2.2010

And for those wanting a little more, a Matte Aluminum styling package will also be available.

  (515) posted on 12.1.2010

I would buy this for my wife.... Dont think i could be seen in this.. And can someone explain this PS instead of HP and how do you convert it??

  (1211) posted on 11.30.2010

S is the metric version of mechanical horsepower (hp) and is commonly used in Europe. PS’s value is approximately 1.39% higher than an hp rating.

  (808) posted on 11.26.2010

yes, it looks stunning, aggressive and can smoke a street tuned racing in spite of its being nimble.

  (1023) posted on 11.25.2010

lame! Porsche Spyder is much better it has a 500-horsepower , while the TT Rs has only 340 horsepower and 330 lb/ft. of torque..

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