Senner Tuning has already had their way with the Audi A1 once before when they put together a tuning package for the model sporting a 1.6L TDI engine. Apparently that wasn’t enough for them because they have gone back to change up the look and power of the smallest vehicle in this family: the 1.4 T-FSI version.

Thanks to a new Chipbox performance-enhancing module, the engine’s output has been increased from a standard 122hp to 156 HP and the peak torque has also gone up from 200Nm to 250 Nm. There is also a new stainless steel exhaust system in the right / left version which includes a silencer and tailpipes, each 90 millimeters in diameter.

Next to the engine upgrade, the package also includes sports springs that lower the car’s height by 35mm, rebound and compression adjustment, some carbon elements in the interior, and LED rear lights. The final element of this package is a new set of 8Xblack-polish 18" Corniche Monza rims and S1 Evo tires from Hankook.

Prices for this package start at €4,590 ($6,150 at the current rates).

  • 2011 Audi A1 1.4 by Senner Tuning
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  (594) posted on 12.1.2011

Its wheel is not fitted with the luxurious appearance of this vehicle. Anyway, good thing they increased its output from its standard 122hp to 156 horsepower. Moreover, I would really love to see this one in person.

  (158) posted on 01.20.2011

Senner is one of the few tuners out there that does a good job not ruining the original design, just making some nice adjustments in and out. The way it should be!

  (745) posted on 01.20.2011

I don’t really like it... plus its making what an already expensive entry level Audi even more expensive?

  (702) posted on 01.19.2011

that’s for sure, but I would rather choose this because if the engine displacement is lower than the m1, so expect it to me more fuel efficient and more eco friendly.

  (807) posted on 01.19.2011

IMO this car would be a good competitor of M1 series of BMW, every aspect of m1 and a1 is almost the same, I bet this is a tough choice in buying one.

  (111) posted on 01.19.2011

After the looks on this, the interior is even smaller than the one from Fiat 500... which is a terribly small car!

  (151) posted on 01.19.2011

Yeah. Too bad Audi didn’t understood that a small car does not need 1.3 meters of hood (including the dashboard)

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