For 30 years now, Autodynamica has been taking some of the hottest supercars on the market and turning them into some of the most awesome cars on the road. The latest monster to come rumbling out of Autodynamica’s shop is an impressively modified Audi R8.

Now, the R8 4.2 is already a wonderful piece of German engineering, so not much can be done to make it even better. Straight from the factory, it features a 4.2-liter V-8 engine that punches out 420 horsepower at 7,800 rpm and 317 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm. With all of that power and torque, Audi’s famed Quattro system, and a 3,605 curb weight, the R8 can not 60 mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds.

So how exactly does Autodynamica plan on making this awesome coupe better than it already is?

Click past the jump to read our full review and find out if and how Autodynamica made this already sweet machine a little sweeter.

  • 2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica
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  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
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    4.2 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.6 sec.
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2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica High Resolution Exterior
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The exterior of the R8 is already bad-ass, so there was not much room for improvement. Autodynamica added in a set of 20- x 12-inch HRE P40 SC forged wheels on the rear and slapped the same rims sized 20 x 8.5 inches on the front. Around the back end of the R8, Autodynamica added a little extra down-force via a medium-sized carbon-fiber spoiler – nothing too over-the-top.

2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica Exterior
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Also on the rear you get a pair of dual-exit 2.5-inch exhaust tops with the Stasis logo engraved in them. Besides these mild upgrades, the Audi R8 4.2 Quattro looks bone-stock.

Exterior Goodies
HRE P40 SC forged wheels
Carbon-fiber rear spoiler
2 dual-exit 2.5-inch exhaust tips

Engine and Drivetrain

2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica Drivetrain
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Under the hood is where Autodynamica spent most of its time. To start, Autodynamica strapped a 1900 cc Magnusson/Eaton supercharger to the top of the already-powerful 4.2-liter V-8 engine and pumped its boost up to 7 psi. To help with airflow, a CNC-machines billet aluminum intake system was custom built to fit this setup. With the extra boost that the supercharger adds, Autodynamica saw it fit to install a secondary water cooling system to help keep this powerful V-8 engine’s heat within a safe range.

Running from the engine and out of the rear end is a Stasis full exhaust system. As we said earlier, the exhaust system dumps out of a pair of dual 2.5-inch exhaust tips hanging out of the rear bumper. All of these add-on components are enough to bump its horsepower to 540 and its torque to 435 pound-feet – a 29 percent and 24 percent increase, respectively.

All of this power flows through the Audi’s 6-speed manual transmission and out to all four wheels, via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

This enables the R8 by Autodynamica to hit 60 mph in an astonishing 3.6 seconds. That is nearly a full second – 0.9 seconds to be exact – off of its factory time. That is simply an incredible reduction.

Driveline Specifications:

Engine Type Supercharged 4.2-liter FSI V-8
Engine Output 540 horsepower and 435 pound-feet or torque
Transmission Type 6-speed manual (factory)
Drive Type Quattro AWD (factory)
Acceleration (0-to-60 mph) 3.5 seconds

Handling and Braking

2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica Exterior
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Under the car, Autodynamica did tons of modifying. The suspension system boasts a set of Ohlins coil-over monotube dampers with linear-rate coil springs. Sure, the linear-rate springs will kick your ass on a bumpy road, but in the twist, there is nothing more predictable than having a spring that maintains the entire rate through its full compression. Also included are Stasis spring perches and ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) discs. Capping off the suspension system is a rear anti-roll bar to help keep the rear quarter of the body from excessively leaning.

On the corners, you get the Stasis brake system, which includes: 390 mm (15.35-inch), 2-piece rotors up front and 355 mm (13.97-inch) 2-piece rotors on the rear. There’s no mention of the calipers used, but we assume they are the factory units.

Those awesome HRE P40 SC forged wheels that we told you about earlier are embraced by Michelin Pilot Super Sports to help keep the R8 firmly planted on the road.

This combination allows the R8 to stop with 1.06 Gs of force and it can hold up to 1.01 Gs of lateral acceleration, these numbers allow you to come into corners hot and slow down with plenty of time to spare and come shooting out of the corners like a rocket. As we all know, races are won and lost in the twist.

Handling Specifications:

Suspension Type Ohlins coil-over monotube dampers w/ linear-rate coil springs
Brakes )front/rear) 390 mm (15.35-inch), 2-piece rotors / 355 mm (13.97-inch) 2-piece rotors
Tires Michelin Pilot Super Sports
Acceleration 1.01 G
Deceleration Force 1.06 G


Autodynamica hasn’t publicly released a price yet for this build, but you can give them a call at 281-292-7755 and we’re sure they can give you a rough price for your R8.

According to Stasis, this package, which it calls the “Challenge Extreme” retails at $44,995. You’re likely looking at another $7,000 to fit everything on the car. A rough TopSpeed estimate would put this at about $52,000.


2012 Audi R8 by Autodynamica Exterior
- image 476854

In all, this build is absolutely fantastic. It is just about as much a “sleeper” as an R8 can be. Rolling in with a 3.6-second 0-to-60 time puts you right on the cusp of competing with the $187,900 2012 Gallardo Coupe and well faster than the $195,000 Ferrari California for a lot less money.

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  (475) posted on 10.8.2012

don’t forget about the 4-wheel drive porsche 911 turbo. it’s just as fast and powerful. and it does have 4x4 too.

  (509) posted on 10.8.2012

until proven wrong, i still think the audi is at leas as good as the other two cars.

  (422) posted on 10.8.2012

you may have better performance, but you don’t have the flamboyance of the gallardo nor the style of the california.

  (452) posted on 10.8.2012

i loved this audi before. now i would marry it!

  (475) posted on 10.8.2012

i think it is kind of wrong to put things like that, john. it may beat them in a straight line, but i’m not sure the outcome would be the same on the track.

  (509) posted on 10.8.2012

having this audi - about 150.000$. beating both a gallardo and a california - priceless.

  (516) posted on 10.8.2012

i’d love the face on a gallardo’s or california’s owner when you’d go by them.

  (542) posted on 10.8.2012

a 52.000$ extra is quite some money. about a well-equipped bmw 3 or mercedes c class. but then again, you could kick a lambo’s for far less money.

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