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In its short life span, Audi’s R8 LMS race car has proved to be a major force in the racing scene, having already amassed over 100 victories despite being only a couple of years old.

The R8 LMS’ world domination includes wins in Europe, Australia, and Asia with America being the only notable region that it hasn’t conquered. You can blame that on the stricter Grand-Am regulations, but Audi is looking into adhering to these regulations by building a car that will conform to the standards of Grand-Am racing.

“We’re convinced that we’re making a very attractive offer to our customers in the USA that will meet with great response,” says Romolo Liebchen, Head of customer racing at quattro GmbH.

“The anniversary event of the Daytona 24 Hours is a perfect occasion for the debut of the U.S. version of the new Audi R8 LMS.”

Among the tweaks and modifications being done on the R8 LMS to make it Grand-Am ready include the use of thicker-walled tubing in the roll cage, a new front splitter, a rear diffuser, and a new Grand-Am-spec rear wing.

In terms of performance, the R8 LMS Grand-AM will also come with a modified engine and the addition of an air restrictor that will drop the output of the R8 LMS from 493 horspepower to around 450 to 470 horsepower. Certain elements of the R8 LMS will also be removed for the Grand Am version, including the anti-lock system and traction control. Incidentally, Grand Am rules view these technologies as driving aids in the US.

UPDATE 12/12/2011: Audi has announced that the R8 GRAND-AM is now ready for the North American market. The car successfully finished its testing at the Daytona race track (Florida) and the first deliveries will be made in January, 2012.

"We successfully tested all the modifications at Daytona," says Romolo Liebchen, Head of Customer Sport at quattro GmbH. "With Frank Stippler we developed a sound and solid set-up for our customers and also gathered valuable findings in the endurance tests. The durability of wearing parts and runs at high outside temperatures meet challenging demands. We can now provide our racing customers with concrete advice and reference values for fielding the car."

UPDATE 01/24/2012: The Audi R8 GRAND-AM will make its debut this weekend on the 50th running of the Daytona 24 Hours from January 26th to 29th. "Our team prepared for this step at previous runs in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. APR is known around the world as one of the leading tuners of Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Škoda vehicles. We’re looking forward to the Audi R8 GRAND-AM with huge anticipation, our customers and fans are really excited and since the ‘Roar before the 24’ test we’ve just been dying for the 24-hour race to start."

UPDATE 01/27/2012: Audi has unveiled new images and a video of the R8 Grand-Am during its practice time at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. The race will be aired on Speed T.V. on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 2:30 EST.

UPDATE 07/17/12: Audi France has released a pretty cool video of the R8 LMS Grand-Am Racer titled "Symbiosis". Check it out by clicking on the photo above!

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  (287) posted on 02.14.2012

This has a very strong road presence. It can produce the fastest speed more than we ever know. This proved to be a major force in the racing scene and that’s very impressive.

  (517) posted on 02.7.2012

This could be a tough competitor for racing cars. The engine specification of this car is very outstanding making it to go a long way. I like the way it was conceptualized for it gives more appealing to me.

  (530) posted on 02.1.2012

The artwork attached in the body of the car was great and has a lot of that stuff. The tire is nice much nicer when it was running fast. This car could win the 24hour race. 

  (530) posted on 01.30.2012

I’m wishing a success to Audi to receive an achievement. You’re doing great like this R8 LMS. You guys have a lot of futures with this car.

  (372) posted on 01.25.2012

I like the car design, it really looks like a racing car. The car engine was really amazing for winning over 100 races and it really fits the specification of a racing vehicle.

  (539) posted on 01.25.2012

Audi had gone far in terms of racing. Now that they are trying to conquer the Grand-Am, maybe domination will be worldwide. These Audi will fit the taste of Grand-Am and eventually will be a best-seller.

  (797) posted on 01.4.2012

I love the design and artwork of this Audi. And I am sure that every person watching a race with this car in the competition will have their eyes on it. What a cool car!

  (776) posted on 12.21.2011

Yeah! That was the unlovely fact about this sports car! Why it should need to have a limited engine output for the fact that it’s a race vehicle? That’s annoying! Anyway, it really looks attractive on its graphics.

  (577) posted on 12.16.2011

Audi is really the best when it comes into a good-looking vehicle, and I would truly admit that I absolutely admire this. However, just like them, I’m so disappointed on its limited output.

  (384) posted on 12.14.2011

Yeah! Having a limited speed is I think it is the only unlovely fact about this Audi R8. Moreover, I also noticed that it looks very attractive on its graphic design, and it was oozing with angst on that.

  (466) posted on 12.12.2011

450-470 hp is really great, but I wonder if it needs to have a speed limitation for the fact that it is a race car? Anyway, I have to agree that this vehicle is truly impressive on its superstar graphic design. smiley

  (727) posted on 11.30.2011

The engine output is really great for this Audi R8, and I must say that I love the exterior detailing of this one, especially the angst of its headlight. smiley Anyway, I hope that its interior was impressive as well.

  (242) posted on 11.15.2011

The side rim of this Audi R8 is absolutely looking great on it. smiley I just only wonder if what will be the interior of it, will look like? Anyway, I’m so impressed on its engine.

  (248) posted on 10.24.2011

This R8 of Audi is really a good-looking car because on its elegant front headlights and body paint, but I’m quite wondering on its figure performance and if what will be the interior of this one will look like.

  (647) posted on 10.4.2011

I like the dominating look of this car, very extreme and definitely a major car. Surely done with much attractive offer and that’s very interesting.

  (320) posted on 09.26.2011

I would love to witness if it is really a super car, when will be the road test of this LMS Grand-Am? I’m so impressed with it, and the headlights are so much had an angst.

  (472) posted on 09.19.2011

Audi R8 LMS Grand-Am is really an attractive concept, but I don’t think that the 450 to 470 horsepower of it will be enough good on a sports car like this.

  (287) posted on 09.16.2011

2012 Audi R8 LMS Grand-Am has 450-470 horse power this is enough to have a great sports car like this. I want to see video for this car.

  (526) posted on 09.16.2011

The front headlights really look cool and attractive except only on its wheels. I found it lousy and why is it the article didn’t say anything on its figure performance.

  (197) posted on 09.15.2011

Audi R8 LMS Grand-Am this car has 450-470 horse power at RPM. The details of this car was impressive and the design of the car is good.

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