Rumors about a possible Audi A1 Convertible were circulating even before Audi dropped the standard A1 hatchback on the market, but now British magazine Autocar is offering the first real details on the future model. According to Audi boss, Rupert Stadler, a full-blown cabriolet version of the A1 won’t be offered because it will be too expensive. However, Audi sources have confirmed that a semi-open-air version of the compact hatchback will indeed be offered.

Audi has already provided an early design study of the three-door A1, with a retractable cloth roof panel. Of course, this step has sparked many speculations. It is believed that the new A1 Cabrio will feature a "large, electric-powered cloth panel, covering an area described as being up to 80% of the total roof area." The roof will be opened at the push of a button and it will automatically retract back and be gathered in above the rear hatch.

The A1’s design was inspired by the Shooting Brake Concept and is the production version of the Metroproject Quattro Concept unveiled last year at the Tokyo Auto Show.

2013 Audi A1 Convertible
- image 227637
Audi A1 Hatchback

Like the future Polo, the A1 will be built on an all-new platform. This means it will also be offered with the DSG transmission.

The A1 Convertible will be offered with the same engines as the A1 hatchback version: those from the TDI and FSI ranges. TSI and TFSI are expensive and performance orientated, which makes them less likely to be offered for the new Audi base model. Rumors also talk about a future hybrid version.

The design will be inspired by that of the 2005 Audi Shooting Brake concept, especially in the rear. Two or four doors will be offered for passenger access plus an extra door for the generously sized trunk. The general look of the car will be a sporty and dynamic one, a match for the already announced competitor, the Volvo C30.

2013 Audi A1 Convertible
- image 227632
Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept

To prove its Audi genes, the A1 will feature the single-frame front grille, a dynamic sideline, large size tires, short consoles and small side windows. Besides the hatchback, a roadster and a cabriolet are also considered to expand the A1 range.

The A1 will consistently cheaper than the A3 with prices ranging between $16,000-20,000. The cost reduction can be achieved due to the use of the new platform with a semi-rigid rear axle, a lot cheaper than the multi-link. In addition, the body will be made from steel, not aluminum, as used in the A2, further reducing production costs.



Audi Shooting Brake Concept

Audi unveiled the Shooting Brake Concept in 2005 at the Tokyo Auto Show. With its powerful 250 bhp, 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine and quattro permanent four-wheel drive, the Shooting Brake Concept produces a quality of road behaviour that in every respect lives up to its visual impact. The study vehicle sprints from 0 to 60 mphin just six seconds, and its top speed is electronically governed at 155 mph.

A venture into a new segment: the Audi Shooting Brake Concept represents an entirely new departure in design terms. The styling of this coupé, measuring 4.18 m long by 1.84 m wide but standing just 1.35 m tall, singles it out unequivocally as a paragon of the latest Audi design, yet countless innovative elements demonstrate how this repository of shapes has taken a decisive evolutionary leap forward. Even when seen in the rearview mirror, the Shooting Brake Concept reveals at first glance a front end that is characterised by the striking single-frame radiator grille with dominant vertical slats in chrome.

2005 Audi Shooting Brake
- image 92818
audi shooting brake concept

Powerful and confident – the power unit of the Shooting Brake Concept is a transversally installed V6 four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.2 litres, which has already thrilled many thousands of customers in currently the most sporty versions of the A3 and TT car lines.

The six-cylinder engine is equally suited to such a distinctly sporty vehicle as the Audi Shooting Brake Concept thanks to its outstanding torque and power characteristics. Its maximum output is 184 kW (250 bhp) at 6,200 rpm, and the torque range is particularly impressive, peaking at 320 Nm between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm.

Audi A1 Metroproject Quattro concept

Tokyo Auto Show again; this time 2007: Audi presented the Metroproject Quattro concept, an original, characteristically Audi design study for the sub-compact segment. The three-door four-seater car blends dynamic styling with exemplary economy of space and supreme quality in trailblazing fashion. At the same time, a series of visionary technical solutions take efficiency, dynamism and motoring pleasure into new territory as only Audi knows how.

The drive unit for the metroproject quattro showcases a fully independent, innovative hybrid technology. At work under the bonnet is a 1.4.litre TFSI engine developing 110 kW (150 bhp), whose power is directed to the front wheels by means of the S-tronic Direct Shift Gearbox. A 30 kW (41 bhp) electric motor positioned on the rear axle is able to deliver up to an additional 200 Nm of torque when the vehicle is accelerating. When boosting, in other words driving the vehicle simultaneously by TFSI and electric motor to achieve a dynamic driving style, the study is transformed from a front-wheel-drive car to a quattro, and power is transferred to the road in the most effective way possible.

2013 Audi A1 Convertible
- image 227631
Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept

The electric motor is furthermore capable of powering the vehicle alone for zero-emission driving in residential areas, for instance. The capacity of the lithium-ion batteries gives the vehicle a range of up to 100 km in pure electric mode; the motor can be recharged from any power socket. The automatic start/stop facility, energy regeneration and phases of purely electrical operation reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of the Audi metroproject quattro by around 15 percent compared to when it is running exclusively on the combustion engine. Despite its sporty performance (0-100 km/h in 7.8 seconds, top speed of 201 km/h), the study uses just 4.9 litres of premium fuel for every 100 km, while CO2 emissions average a mere 112 g/km.



2008 BMW 1-Series Convertible

For those whose definition of pure driving pleasure includes wind in the face and sunshine above, the new BMW 1 Series Convertible follows the tradition established by the iconic BMW 2002 sport sedan. The essence of such driving purity - a responsive six-cylinder engine positioned within a rear-drive chassis to provide balanced, sporty dynamics - is at the heart of this compact four-place convertible.

The 128i Convertible, which joins the new 1 Series Coupe going on sale in the spring of 2008, will be powered by BMW’s 3.0-liter, 230 horsepower inline six-cylinder engine generating 200 lb-ft of torque. Like its fixed-roof stablemate, the 128i Convertible will feature Valvetronic valvetrain management and aluminum/magnesium cylinder block construction-core elements of BMW’s EfficientDynamics.

2008 BMW 1-Series Convertible
- image 202681

The 135i Convertible, on sale later in 2008, features BMW’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine producing 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque from as low as 1,400 rpm. With its direct piezo gasoline injectors, twin low-mass turbochargers and air-to-air intercooler, optimum performance and economy is achieved with no loss in engine response. For the 135i Convertible, acceleration from 0-62 mph is accomplished in 5.6 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. Both engines feature on-demand engine coolant pumps that improve fuel economy and reduce parasitic losses for increased efficiency.

2009 Mini Cooper Convertible

Mini will bring the Cooper Convertible model into showrooms in early 2009. According to MotoringFile, this image appeared on a dealer website these days. They also report that this is a MINI based mock-up of what the car will look like to be used internally only.

2009 Mini Cooper Cabrio
- image 275560

The R57 MINI Convertible will be very similar to the current R52 model in it’s top design. Elsewhere the R57 will be an R56 through and through with the only changes being some additional structural bracing.

Volkswagen Eos

Based on the new Passat platform and containing many interior pieces from the Jetta and Golf, the coupe/cabriolet employs a folding metal roof that incorporates an innovative sunroof that slides open before the top actually starts on its way into to the trunk, should you only want limited sun exposure.

The 2008 Eos comes with a choice of engines: the Volkswagen 2.0T four-cylinder and the innovative Volkswagen 3.2 L narrow-angle V6. Either way you get plenty of power and the innovative hard-top coupe convertible for as little as $28,915 for an Eos 2.0T and $37,990 for the Eos 3.2 L.

The 2008 Eos 2.0T offers 200 horsepower and 207 lbs.-ft. of torque from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. High-pressure, FSI helps with performance and efficiency. The 2008 Eos 2.0T is EPA-rated at an estimated 23 miles per gallon in the city and an impressive 32 mpg in highway driving.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 82733

For people who need even more performance, the 2008 Eos 3.2 L V6 cranks out 250 hp and 236 lbs.-ft. of torque. The narrow-angle six-cylinder engine accelerates the Eos from 0-60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds.

The Eos 3.2 L V6 model comes standard with the double-clutch DSG six-speed transmission with Tiptronic. This transmission is available as an option for those who wish to replace the standard six-speed manual transmission with hydraulic clutch that
comes standard with the Eos 2.0T. Regardless of powertrain setup, the power transfers to where rubber meets the road via front-wheel drive in all 2008 Eos models.

Source: AutoCar

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  (596) posted on 03.1.2012

I have to agree with Brice_Brett. It’s definitely not proportional and cheap-looking for a hatch to be also convertible.

  (473) posted on 02.29.2012

Creating an Audi convertible is a good concept, but a hatchback body in a convertible seems not that amazing. The bulky body of this Audi seems disproportional.

  (467) posted on 02.22.2012

Yeah! What a great look! This proves that Audi is really innovating on every aspect of their models, especially the inside looks of it. I’m pretty sure this will be a show stopper at the Expo.

  (402) posted on 02.22.2012

The two-door convertible was the best. It has a nice output and extremely sporty look and the wheels are fantastic

  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

What I love from Audi was their hatchback design that gives more comfortable feeling from the driver and the passenger. The price was a great offer. It’s the best for now. smiley

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