The Audi Q5 and Q7 understandably get all the love among Audi’s roster of crossovers and SUVs. But let’s not forget about the Q3. This little brother got some spunk and it definitely deserves a path on the back, or in the case of German tuner MTM, a dedicated aftermarket program.

We’re all familiar with Audi’s packaging of the Q3. It’s an economic crossover that has plenty of sweet features combined with Audi’s fabulous technical engineering. Then there’s the RS Q3 - the subject of this program - that breathes a little more fire as a more performance-oriented model of the Q3. But still, even something "good" has a chance to be "better", and that’s what MTM set out to accomplish with its new tuning kit for the RS Q3 2.5 TFSI quattro.

As a performance-heavy update, MTM is charging quite a lot for this program. The cost of the engine tune is €3,357, which is about $4,500 based on current exchange rates. Meanwhile, the new exhaust system and the carbon fiber rear diffuser will set you back €4,699, right around $6,400.

Then again, you can just opt for getting everything, car and tuning kit together. For that, you’re gonna have to pay €76,650, or about $104,150 in American money.

That might be a steep a price to pay, but what you can get out of it is pretty awesome in its own right.

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  • 2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM
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  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    4.3 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    167 mph
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Audi Q3 RS 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM in detail

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM High Resolution Exterior
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MTM didn’t add a lot of cosmetic changes to the RS Q3. Instead, the tuner focused on turning the crossover into one that handles like a true rock star in any kind of road condition. That’s why the tuner installed a chassis package into all the nuts and bolts of the RS Q3, successfully toughening up the crossover to create a good balance of comfort and performance that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM Interior
- image 558818

The magic of this program isn’t in the aesthetics, but rather tucked away under the hood. Yes, this is a performance-heavy program, and that’s a good thing, especially when said program can generate up to 100 more delicious horsepower than the Q3’s standard output.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM Drivetrain
- image 558812

See, MTM has the M-Cantronic, a modified engine management system that works wonders in pushing the Q3’s 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine into producing 410 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. That’s 100 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque more than the RS Q3’s 310-horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque numbers.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM Exterior
- image 558814

A specially tuned exhaust system and a carbon fiber rear diffuser were also installed at the rear section of the RS Q3, creating an equitable tag-team partnership with the modified engine to boost the crossover’s overall performance capabilities.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM Exterior
- image 558816

Apart from the impressive performance gains, MTM’s program for the RS Q3 also includes wheels. A nice set of them, in fact. We’re not going to disregard the OEM wheels on the RS Q3, but there’s something to be said for a nicer option.

In this case, that "nicer option" is a set of 20-inch Bimoto wheels that has been wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Look past the front wheels and you’ll also notice new internally ventilated MTM brakes fitted into the front axle.

Audi Q3

2015 Audi Q3 High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Audi Q3 High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Audi Q3 High Resolution Exterior
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Press Release

Originally the Audi Q3 wasn’t the sort of car that took to the streets to dislocate people’s necks. It tended to be sober, was a good family friend and endowed with all the ingredients which mobile man does not wish to be without when travelling by car. Then the Q3 caught the attention of interested parties who don’t like to do without performance as a matter of principle. It was for this clientèle that Audi created the RS Q3 2.5 TFSI quattro. The powerful five-cylinder engine generates 310 hp, and that was the end of the steady old friend, guardian of hearth and home. Its image is now more akin to the road-going go-getter than the mother-in-law’s blue-eyed boy.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM Exterior
- image 558814

And because MTM always likes to offer that little extra, the manufacturer from Wettstetten - near to Ingolstadt - is now offering a version setting entirely new standards, with 410 hp under the bonnet and 570 Nm of torque: 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.3 seconds and the uprated Q3’s top speed is just shy of 270 km/h. This comes courtesy of a modified engine management system - the M-Cantronic for the RS Q3 2.5 TFSI quattro, developed, built and installed at MTM, which comes with a 3,357 Euro price tag. And the magic that the M-Cantronic performs at the front end is optimised by an exhaust system specially tuned to the five-cylinder engine. Including the carbon fibre rear diffuser, the exhaust system will cost 4,699 Euro.

Drilled and internally ventilated 380 x 34 mm MTM brakes are fitted on the front axle to keep a firm check on such furious forward impetus should the need arise. The rear axle is served by the tried and tested production system. The brawny appearance of MTM’s latest creation is enhanced by Michelin tyres: the 275/35 R 20 Pilot Super Sport are fitted on 9X20" Bimoto wheels, generously filling the wheel arches. Finally, the adaptive MTM chassis package strikes the right balance between performance and comfort.

2014 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI Quattro By MTM High Resolution Exterior
- image 558815

Instead of the 54,600 Euro you would have to stump up for the Audi RS Q3 TFSI quattro, MTM’s extensively modified alter ego is yours for 76,650 Euro, including VAT.

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