Audi’s mid-size performance coupe gets a shot of extra power and improved driving dynamics

ABT Sportsline is dialing up its aftermarket upgrade for theAudi RS5 by offering an engine upgrade program that was previously exclusive only to the limited edition RS5-R package. The new power upgrade is part of a comprehensive tuning kit that also includes changes to the RS5’s aesthetics and suspension. The result is a high-performance coupé rocking carbon fiber bits with a new 2.9-liter bi-turbo V-6 engine that now produces 510 horsepower and an improved suspension that paves the way for optimized driving dynamics.

What makes the Audi RS5 By ABT Sportsline special

2018 Audi RS5 By ABT Sportsline
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Creating aftermarket programs for Audis is old hat for ABT Sportsline. The world-famous German tuner previously developed an exclusive package for the Audi RS5, calling it the RS5-R package. Perhaps the program was popular among fans, or maybe there are other reasons involved, but ABT Sportsline doing Audi RS5 owners a solid by pulling out the engine upgrade program from the previously exclusive RS5-R package.

That’s right. You don’t have to get the full RS5-R package from ABT Sportsline to score the package’s impressive engine upgrade program. Everyone can now get in on the fun of having the RS5’s 2.9-liter bi-turbo V-6 engine with 510 horsepower and 501 pound-feet of torque.

Granted, the new offering has slightly less power than the upgrade in the RS5-R package — that one featured an output of 530 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque — but the numbers available for all RS5 owners still represents an improvement of 60 horsepower and 58 pound-feet of torque over the standard RS5.

That’s more than good enough; that’s actually really impressive.

So how did ABT Sportsline arrive at these numbers? The tuner’s signature ABT engine control unit is the star of the show. It’s a software upgrade that can tune the RS5’s V-6 engine to produce more power and torque than what it’s carrying in standard guise. It’s not all about the ECU tune, either. ABT Sportsline also installed a water radiator kit and an air inlet cover to help support cooling of the engine. The German tuner also has own exhaust system on the menu. Customers are more than welcome to take full advantage of the increased output from the V-6 engine. There aren’t a lot of things that are better in life than to hear an amplified engine with more power at its disposal. Put the RS5 on Dynamic mode and the exhaust valves open to help register the kind of charismatic and intoxicating roar that has become a hallmark of ABT Sportsline’s tuning career.

2018 Audi RS5 By ABT Sportsline
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Beyond the impressive power gains, the new ABT kit for the RS5 also includes a number of aerodynamic upgrades in the exterior of the coupé. There’s a lightweight carbon fiber rear spoiler that was put in place to stabilize the car when it’s running on full blast on the road. Wheel arch vents and a carbon fiber fin are also part of the exterior upgrades. Carbon fiber is also present in the interior of the coupé, particularly on the shift knob, dashboard, and the side and back of the sports seats.

Should you want to take your ABT-tuned RS5s to the race track, you’ll have a better time there if you have the tuner install height-adjustable suspension springs and stiffer anti-roll bars on your performance coupes.

A coilover suspension system with a special shock absorber setup doesn’t hurt, either. ABT developed the latter in collaboration with KW automotive, ensuring that only the best of the best are involved in this new program.

Somewhere along the way, ABT Sportsline’s new program for the Audi RS5 will get noticed in the real world. The engine upgrade program is the highlight of the entire kit, but it’s also just one piece — a big one, no doubt — of a comprehensive tuning kit that’s dedicated to the RS5. The German tuner didn’t indicate the cost of the program, but those figures are usually available through private inquiries.

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ABT is making the 510 HP power upgrade for the Audi RS5 available to all its customers. Until recently the performance increase was exclusively reserved for the limited RS5-R package. To give the Audi powerhouse coupe a boost of up to 510 HP and 501 lb-ft the power upgrade does not only include the signature ABT engine control unit (AEC), but also an additional water radiator kit and air inlet cover to support cooling the engine.

With up to 60 HP and 58 lb-ft more an Audi RS5 Coupe upgraded by ABT is not only a pleasure to drive but also a neat car to look at it thanks to some high-quality aerodynamic upgrades. The lightweight carbon fiber rear spoiler helps to keep the car down on the road while wheel arch vents with a carbon fiber fin generate a more dynamic sideline.
A new muffler system that fits into the factory rear skirt switches the egg-shaped exhaust bezels of the RS5 with two double end pipes with 4-inch wide carbon fiber exhaust bezels. The ABT exhaust amplifies the charismatic sound of the V6 engine especially when put into Dynamic mode opening up the exhaust valves.

ABT is also optimising the driving dynamics of the RS5 with height adjustable suspension springs and stiffer anti-roll bars. A coilover suspension system with a special shock absorber setup that was developed in collaboration with KW automotive is available for drivers that really want to feel the race track.

ABT is not done by upgrading the exterior of the RS5 Coupe. Carbon fiber covers for the shift knob, dashboard and seats (side and back) highlight the elegant yet sporty interior of the Audi without showing off.

Our Warranty

All our ABT parts come with a warranty of 4 years or 100,000 miles. Installing parts like aerodynamics or wheels will not void the factory warranty of the car.

About ABT

ABT is the global market leader when it comes to enhancing cars produced by Audi and VW. Since 1896 the German company uses its engineering skills in various racing series (e.g. Formula E and German Touring Car Masters) and to cater for the needs of car enthusiasts worldwide by providing European quality aftermarket parts for street cars.

Sold in more than 50 countries, ABT is also permanently present in North America, based in Miami, Florida at our partner F355 Automobile Technic, to provide services and parts to customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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