The second-gen compact comes loaded with a technology bonanza

Audi first produced the Q3 compact crossover in 2011, but didn’t bring it stateside until after a refresh for the2015 model year. Since its star-spangled arrival, the luxury-oriented high-stance five-door has posted strong sales numbers, performing well in a segment fraught with competition. These days, demand for small SUVs continues to grow unabated, which means Audi is giving the Q3 a second-gen update for the 2019 model year. Providing the Q3’s latest styling cues and equipment perks is Audi’s lineup of range-toppers, including the Q8 and the A8, while larger exterior dimensions and a turbocharged engine lineup round it out.

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2019 Audi Q3 Exterior Styling

  • Looks similar to older model
  • Takes cues from the larger Q8
  • Redesigned front end
  • LED lighting with adaptive lighting
  • Wheels up to 20 inches in diameter
  • Contrasting lower body cladding
  • Three optional exterior styling packages
  • Larger exterior dimensions
2019 Audi Q3 Exterior
- image 788272
Put it all together, and you get a high-profile crossover with tons of premium cues, many of which Audi pulled from the range-topping Q8 SUV.

While the 2019 Audi Q3 does indeed offer new styling, the overarching design is more or less identical to the outgoing model, with an upright stance, sharp angles, and deep cuts. Put it all together, and you get a high-profile crossover with tons of premium cues, many of which Audi pulled from the range-topping Q8 SUV.

And while we’d file the styling changes under the heading of “evolution rather than revolution,” there are a few notable aesthetics updates to point out.

Let’s start in front, where we find Audi’s signature Singleframe grille once again in full effect. This time around, though, the design uses a new octagonal shape, as opposed to the six-sided grille found on the previous model year. The nose also comes with eight vertical chrome slats for the grille insert, rather than the previous model’s horizontal slats, and the side intakes also get a bit of a reshape as well.

Higher up, we find the headlight housings, which get a sharp, drawn-back look that gives off more of a high-tech vibe compared to the older model’s trapezoidal housings. You’ll be able to buy the Q3 with three individual LED setups for forward illumination, including a range-topping Matrix LED layout that comes complete with an adaptive high-beam feature.

2019 Audi Q3 Exterior
- image 788275
The 20-inch wheel option comes from Audi Sport GmbH, giving the Q3 a little extra performance spice in the process.

Moving around to the sides, we find the front and rear bookend the profile with symmetrical lighting graphics between the headlights and taillights, which are mirrored at the shoulder line with the same apostrophe-style shape. Wheel sizing includes 17-inchers, 18-inchers, and 20-inchers, all of which come with lightweight aluminum construction. What’s more, the 20-inch wheel option comes from Audi Sport GmbH, giving the Q3 a little extra performance spice in the process.

Housing the large alloy rollers, you’ll find flared-out wheel arches, which are intended to emphasize the crossover’s size and presence, even if it is a compact model. The plumped-up fenders also give a nod to the SUVs quattro drivetrain (more on that in the “Drivetrain” section). Further back, the angle of the D pillars helps to emphasize the car’s forward leaning rake. Polished window surrounds up the flash factor, and roof rails up the practicality side of things.

To add a dash of extra off-roader style, the Q3 comes with the option for contrasting paint added to the lower body cladding, which stretches from the nose to the rear. Offered in a matte-black finish, the lower cladding should help to ward off any bits of the terrain kicked up while exploring the path less traveled.

Finally, in the rear, the 2019 Q3 comes with a subtle trailing-edge roof spoiler, plus wide taillight housings that match the headlight design up front. The lower bumper once again comes with the same flat-black color, plus a pair of faux vents in the corners.

2019 Audi Q3 Exterior
- image 788284
Audi offers three exterior packages to enhance the Q3’s exterior styling, including the sporty S line package.

All told, Audi offers three exterior packages to enhance the Q3’s exterior styling. That includes the sporty S line package, which which adds new performance-oriented treatments to the bumpers, the sill trim, and the diffuser.

There’s also eleven paint options on the table.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Q3 is bigger than it was before, with the exterior dimensions including an increase to 14.7 feet in overall length, which is a 3.8-inch increase compared to the outgoing model. The 2019 Audi Q3 is also an inch wider than it was before, up to 6.1 feet in overall width, while the wheelbase gains a considerable 3 inches in length, up to 8.8 feet overall. All these size increases help to increase passenger comfort in the cabin, with expanded headroom, more elbow room, and greater knee room compared to the outgoing model year.

That said, the 2019 Q3 is also 0.2 inches shorter in terms of height, down to 5.2 feet overall. While this certainly gives it a little extra visual appeal, it might also have a small impact on interior headroom. No word yet on whether or not that is indeed the case.

left right
Beyond the aesthetics, the Q3 is bigger than it was before.

Regardless, the 2019 Audi Q3 is still considered large for the compact segment. You can check out the exact exterior dimensions in the table provided below, which also includes the previous model year for the sake of comparison.

Audi Q3 Exterior Dimensions 2019 Model Year 2018 Model Year
Overall Length 4,485 mm (176.6 inches) 4,388 mm (172.8 inches)
Overall Width 1,856 mm (73.1 inches) 1,831 (72.1 inches)
Overall Height 1,585 mm (62.4 inches) 1,590 mm (62.6 inches)
Wheelbase 2,680 mm (105.5 inches) 2,603 mm (102.5 inches)

2019 Audi Q3 Interior Design

  • Interior takes after the A8
  • Much improved layout and design
  • High-end materials throughout
  • Variety of optional packages
  • Tons of infotainment features
  • Audi Virtual Cockpit behind the wheel
  • Tons of connected features
  • App provides remote control
  • Latest driver assists, optional and standard
  • Up to 23.8 cubic feet rear cargo with seats up
  • Up to 53.9 cubic feet rear cargo with seats down
2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788266
The 2019 Q3’s interior is a bold new redesign compared to the outgoing model, taking after the lovely A8 sedan.

While the 2019 Audi Q3 pulls its exterior styling inspiration from the Q8 SUV, it takes its interior design cues from the A8 sedan. That includes not only the overarching look and layout, but also much of the equipment and specs as well.

Indeed, unlike the exterior aesthetic, the 2019 Q3’s interior is a bold new redesign compared to the outgoing model. Heading the list of upgrades is a new dual-level instrument panel, with the upper panel housing wide HVAC vents, and the lower panels used to house the various control bits. Like the front grille, the interior utilizes loads of octagonal and geometric shapes, from the dash, to the door panels, to the upper vents.

Standard spec includes a leather-clad three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, as well as chrome trim and detailing matched to high-gloss black surrounds.
You can also add in extra performance cues if desired, such as performance seating gear and a sporty steering wheel that’s angled to accommodate the more aggressive sport seating position. Electric seating adjustability is also optional, as is a rear center armrest with twin cupholders.

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788267
In total, buyers get three options for the equipment packages, each of which are offered independent of the exterior packages.

In total, buyers get three options for the equipment packages, each of which are offered independent of the exterior packages. Each of the three interior packages affect the available colors and materials in the cabin as well.

The interior lineup includes the base spec, the Audi design selection package, and the S line package. The latter of these throws in those aggressive sport seats we just talked about, plus optional upholstery in both leather and leatherette, paired to Alcantara. The Alcantara was added to the instrument panel and the door armrests, and arrives as a fresh option for the 2019 model year. As for the interior colors, the latest includes an optional orange hue, if you feel like going bright with it.

The contour/ambient lighting upgrade is added as standard on the Audi design selection package, throwing in nice-to-haves like new lighting accents for the center console and door panels. The upgrade comes with 30 different color options, while also adding lighting to the storage compartment located underneath the instrument panel, plus a ‘quattro” logo just above the glove box (as an alternative, cars without AWD get Audi’s Four Ring logo instead). Further additions include a dual-zone A/C system, an auxiliary heating feature, a heated steering wheel, and a panoramic glass sunroof up top.

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788264
One of the 2019 Audi Q3’s biggest upgrades is in the infotainment department, where the instrumentation moves to an all-digital approach.

One of the 2019 Audi Q3’s biggest upgrades is in the infotainment department, where the instrumentation moves to an all-digital approach. Indeed, Audi says the Q3 no longer comes with any “analog instruments,” and that includes the stuff behind the steering wheel, where the available Audi Digital Cockpit ups the tech ante and desirability.

Considered one of Audi’s more popular equipment upgrades, the Audi Virtual Cockpit is essentially a configurable digital display, offering users a variety of info on demand to suit whatever their needs might be, whether it’s refined navigation directions, more detailed system information, or onboard assist status. The display comes with three separate modes, each of which is tailored to provide a unique combination of info based on your needs. The latest of these display modes is something Audi is calling an “extra sporty” display.

Taking a prominent spot on the dash is a new MMI touch response display, which offers users icon-based inputs. Think of it as an extra-wide mixed-media touchscreen. This unit is also tilted towards the driver by 10 degrees, offering easier usage from the hot seat.

Further control upgrades include a new pushbutton module to activate the headlights, which is added as a replacement for the rotary control used on the previous model. You’ll be able to find the new pushbutton control just to the left of the steering wheel.

Infotainment Specifics

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788265
The range-topping options is the MMI navigation plus system, which gets a 10.1-inch touchscreen in the dash.

As for the various equipment levels, the MMI radio plus system is the first option on offer, bringing a new instrument cluster that’s upgradeable to the Audi Virtual Cockpit system with added functionality. As such, the upgraded cluster comes with features like extensive music information and a raft of Audi connect services.

Meanwhile, the standard MMI radio comes with a digitized instrument cluster, which includes a 10.25-inch digital screen, all of which is controlled via the multifunction steering wheel. There’s also an optional navigation system that will route the maps directly to the display.

There’s also the MMI radio plus system, which throws in an MMI touch display with an 8.8-inch screen in the instrument panel. However, the range-topping options is the MMI navigation plus system, which gets a 10.1-inch touchscreen in the dash, plus a 10.25-inch digital display behind the steering wheel, both as standard. The digital screen behind the wheel can also get upgraded to the 12.3-inch Audi Virtual Cockpit screen, if desired. The MMI navigation plus system also gets advanced voice control that allows user to give commands in “freely structured wording,” as well as a feature that offers route suggestions based on the driver’s preferences and previous navigation inputs. Real-time data and traffic info makes the journey even easier.

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788250
Audi connect offers stuff like traffic info, point-of interest search, available parking spot information, gas station information, and more.

Up next on the infotainment feature list is Audi connect, which comes as standard on the range-topping infotainment system. Audi connect offers stuff like traffic info, point-of interest search, available parking spot information, gas station information, and more, all with helpful pricing and availability stats to boot.

What’s more, there’s vehicle-to-vehicle technology that will communicate between similarly-equipped vehicles, providing detailed information on things like on-road hazards (black ice, fog), as well as the current posted speed limit. Finally, Audi connect throws in stuff like media streaming, social media access, email access, online news, and more. To power it all, Wi-Fi comes as standard spec, with there’s the option for a range of data packages as well.

The optional Audi connect Navigation & Info system also throws in Google Earth and satellite imagery, and it includes a hybrid radio that will automatically switch between FM, DAB, or an online stream, depending on the signal strength.

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788261
The myAudi app provides several of the Audi connect functions directly to your smartphone.

Tying it all together, the myAudi app provides several of the Audi connect functions directly to your smartphone. For example, the system will automatically transfer navigation info from the phone to the infotainment screen as soon as you get into your car, and it can do remote stuff like lock and unlock the doors, provide info on the vehicle’s current status, provide parking lot location information, and turn on the optional auxiliary heater.

Rounding out the the infotainment features is the Audi phone box, which offers inductive wireless charging. There’s also two USB ports, a 12-volt socket in back, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included.

Finally, there’s an optional Bang & Olufsen audio system to provide the tunes, which offers up a virtual 3D sound profile by adding four speakers in the instrument panel and one speaker in each of the D pillars. The extra speakers are designed to enhance the “depth” of the sound, with 15 speakers total scattered throughout the cabin, plus up to 680 watts of power.

Driver’s Assists

Headlining the list is adaptive cruise control, which includes both traffic jam assist and active lane assist.

As you might expect, the 2019 Audi Q3 comes with the very latest driver assists. Headlining the list is adaptive cruise control, which comes optional with the S tronic transmission, and includes both traffic jam assist and active lane assist. There’s also blind spot warning, parking assist, an around view monitor, and standard lane departure warning, the latter of which works at speeds over 37.3 mph and comes with automatic steering correction with a haptic warning for the driver.

Standard spec also includes Audi pre sense, which can detect hazards, pedestrians, and cyclists in front of the vehicle, and will provide a haptic warning through the steering wheel, as well as a visual and audible warning.


2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788268
The Audi Q3 gets more cargo room heading into the 2019 model year, expanding up to 530 liters total.

To help underline its role as a practical crossover, the Audi Q3 gets more cargo room heading into the 2019 model year, expanding up to 530 liters total. There’s standard adjustment for the cargo area as well, with up to 675 liters offered depending on the position of the rear bench seat. For those of you living stateside, that’s between 18.7 cubic feet and 23.8 cubic feet. Fold the rear bench flat, and you get as much as 1,525 liters, or 53.9 cubic feet.

To help make the most of it, the rear seats can move nearly 6 inches forward or backward. The rear bench also comes with a 40/20/40 split feature with a seven-stage tilt, and there are three levels for the load floor.

The load sill height is set at 29.4 inches, which helps when loading up heavy cargo, while the parcel shelf can be stored underneath the loading floor, opening up even more room in the rear.

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
- image 788258
Extra practicality is added with the optional storage and luggage compartment package.

There’s also a storage and luggage compartment package offered as optional equipment, which adds nets to the seat backs of the front captain’s chairs, as well as storage under the front passenger seat. The package also tosses in some luggage compartment netting, plus LED lighting in the tailgate for late night cargo searches. You can open the tailgate with the key fob, or a give a little kick under the rear bumper.

2019 Audi Q3 Drivetrain And Performance

  • Four engine configurations overseas
  • Just one engine in the U.S.
  • Turbocharged four-cylinders across the line
  • Standard AWD in the U.S., optional overseas
  • Six-speed manual standard overseas
  • Seven-speed automatic standard in U.S.
  • Optional sport suspension
2019 Audi Q3
- image 788270
In the U.S., expect a limited selection, with buyers offered a single four-cylinder TFSI turbocharged gasoline.

At launch, Audi is offering the new Q3 with four individual powerplant configurations, including three gas engines and a diesel. Power ranges between 150 horsepower and 230 horsepower.

Here in the U.S., expect a more limited selection, with buyers offered a single four-cylinder TFSI turbocharged gasoline engine making 190 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque.

Both FWD and quattro AWD are offered overseas, while U.S. models get quattro AWD as standard. Transmissions include both a six-speed manual and a seven-speed automatic, but again, U.S. buyers are limited to just the seven-speed unit.

Underneath the skin, the Q3 gets the Volkswagen Group’s modular transverse matrix architecture. There’s new suspension bits as well, although the set-up is still MacPherson struts up front and a four-link in the rear. The track width is measured at 1,584 mm (62.4 inches) in front and 1,576 mm (62 inches) in the rear, and the longer wheelbase should help to soak up the bumps.

Optional equipment includes an upgraded suspension and damper control system, which comes with sensors that measure the lateral and longitudinal acceleration and will automatically adjust the settings to accommodate. There’s also optional hill descent control if you plan on tackling any steep, slippery grades.

The optional sport suspension is added as standard with the S line exterior package, and comes with stiffer springs and dampers, plus progressive steering as well.

The tires are sized at 244/40 at all four corners.

Finally, the Q3 comes with optional driving modes, with up to six settings total to customize as you see fit. Each setting tunes the settings for either more comfort or more performance, affecting the transmission, steering system, and throttle response.

2019 Audi Q3 Prices

2019 Audi Q3 Exterior
- image 788252

For now, Audi has yet to reveal exact pricing information. However, with the outgoing model starting at $32,900, we wouldn’t expect a major price increase for the next generation.

Overseas, the Q3 will hit dealers in Germany and other European countries by November of 2018.

Interested buyers will have the option to get into a limited special edition model, which comes with black badging and additional paint choices, sport seats and contrast stitching in the upholstery, plus additional Alcantara wrapping.

2019 Audi Q3 Competitors


2016 BMW X1 High Resolution Exterior
- image 632475

Without a doubt, the Q3’s main competition comes from the BMW X1. Known for its fun, very Bimmer-esque like ride and stout performance, the X1 is capable of hitting 60 mph in a mere 6.4 seconds thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Routing the power is a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox, which feeds a standard AWD system. Pricing starts at $34,800.

Read our full review 2018 BMW X1.

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class High Resolution Exterior
- image 518816

Put the CLA sedan on stilts, and you get the GLA. Inside is all the classy Merc gear you’d expect, while under the hood, a turbo four-cylinder mates with a seven-speed DCT for a 0-to-60 mph time of 6.4 seconds. Standard spec is FWD, while AWD is optional. Pricing starts at $32,500.

Read our full review on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Final Thoughts

2019 Audi Q3 Exterior
- image 788275

The 2019 Audi Q3 is just about right for the segment. It’s a little bigger, adds extra space to an already roomy cabin, gets sharper exterior styling, and it comes dripping in technology.

And while it’s difficult to criticize, it’s not impossible. For example, we would like it if Audi managed to offer U.S. audiences additional drivetrain options - granted, the standard 190-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo would still make up the majority of sales, but having a few other possibilities on the table would help to broaden its appeal. Same goes with the interior spec - how about more affordable equipment levels?

That said, we see this next-gen update performing quite well all the same.

  • Leave it
    • Limited options for U.S. buyers
    • Extremely competitive segment

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Top Selling Model: Audi A4

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Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez
About the author

The new Audi Q3 is a family SUV with great all-round talents. In the second generation it appears not only visually more self-confident, but offers far greater utility value thanks to abundant space, comprehensive adaptability and many practical details. Just like the Audi top-of-the-line models, it features a digital cockpit and a large MMI touch response Numerous infotainment solutions from the full-size segment connect the compact SUV with its environment. New assist systems support the driver when parking, in town and on long journeys. These also enhance comfort, as does the further developed suspension.

Strength and presence: the exterior design
The new Audi Q3 looks much sportier than its predecessor. The Singleframe in octagon design and large side air inlets characterize the masculine front-end. Eight vertical bars divide up the radiator grille with its striking frame and reflect the SUV character. The headlights are narrow and run inwards with their wedge shape. Audi supplies them in three versions, all with LED technology. The top-of-the-line version are the Matrix LED headlights whose adaptive high beam intelligently illuminates the road.

A highlight in the side view is the symmetrical lighting graphics of the headlights and rear lights. The shoulder line connects them from a styling perspective and provides an athletic overall impression with strong muscles over the wheel arches. The contours draw their inspiration from Audi’s quattro DNA and make the SUV seem even wider; the color-contrasting wheel arch trims emphasize the offroad look. Supported by a long roof edge spoiler, which also flanks the rear window at the side, the steeply raked D pillars of the body line also create an appearance of forward thrust.

Customers for the new Q3 have many options for customizing their car. These include a contrasting paint finish for the attachments in the lower body section, which accentuates the SUV look even more. With the S line exterior package, the bumpers, sill trims and diffuser look decidedly sporty. Eleven paint colors are available. The interior offers a choice of three equipment lines, which can be combined freely with three exterior packages.

Driver-oriented and sporty: the interior
Sporty character, taut lines, three-dimensionally styled elements – the interior continues the design of the exterior and echoes in many ways the brand’s full-size models. The instrument panel is divided into two levels: the top part includes the air vents; the bottom section incorporates the large octagonal area with its black-panel look. The instrument panel varies the motif of the Singleframe and is surrounded by a wide chrome strip. The high-gloss black trim surrounds the central element of the new operating concept: the MMI touch display. Together with the air conditioning controls underneath, it is tilted 10 degrees toward the driver. The pushbutton module for the lighting functions, which replaces the rotary control on the predecessor model, is slotted into the panel to the left of the steering wheel. All displays, buttons and controls are located ergonomically.

Audi has also developed a new concept for the colors and materials. Q3 customers can choose between three variants – the basic version, the Audi design selection and the S line interior package. Both packages include the sport seats, which are trimmed optionally with a combination of leather/artificial leather and Alcantara. The Alcantara surfaces on the instrument panel and on the door armrests are an entirely new option. They are available in three colors, including a bold orange.

In the dark, the contour/ambient lighting package – standard with the Audi design selection – sets pinpoint lighting accents on the center console and on the doors. It can be set to 30 colors and also illuminates the storage compartment under the instrument panel as well as the quattro logo above the glove compartment, or the Audi rings on front-wheel-drive models. Other top extras include the two-zone air conditioning, the auxiliary heating, the heated steering wheel and the panoramic glass sunroof.

Large and adaptable: the space concept
The new Audi Q3, which is based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular transverse matrix, has grown in virtually all dimensions and is positioned in the upper compact SUV segment. It is 4,485 millimeters (14.7 ft) long, making it 97 millimeters (3.8 in) longer than its predecessor. In terms of width, it has grown 25 millimeters (1.0 in) to 1,856 millimeters (6.1 ft), but at 1,585 millimeters (5.2 ft) is 5 millimeters (0.2 in) flatter than the first-generation Q3. Its wheelbase, which has been stretched 77 millimeters (3.0 in) to 2,680 millimeters (8.8 ft) is much more spacious – knee room, headroom and elbow room are even larger.

In typical SUV fashion, the Audi Q3 is easy to get into, with good all-round visibility, and yet offers a sporty seating position. The steering wheel is steeply angled accordingly. The seats – electrically adjustable as an option – offer the same comfort as in the next larger vehicle category.

One highlight is the standard-fit highly variable division of space: the rear seats can be moved fore/aft by 150 millimeters (5.9 in). Their three-way split backrests in the ratio 40:20:40 can be tilted in seven stages. Rear passengers also have the option of a center armrest that features two cup holders as standard.

Depending on the position of the rear seats and backrests, the luggage compartment capacity totals 530 or 675 liters (18.7/23.8 cu ft). With the backrests folded down the figure rises to 1,525 liters (53.9 cu ft). The loading floor can be adjusted in three levels; the low loading sill of 748 millimeters (29.4 in) makes it easier to stow heavy luggage. If the parcel shelf is not needed, it can be stowed under the loading floor. For extra comfort on long journeys, Audi offers the storage and luggage compartment package as an option. Besides nets on the backs of the front seats and a storage compartment under the front passenger seat, it includes a luggage compartment net as well as LED spotlights in the tailgate to provide illumination whatever the vehicle is carrying. The electric tailgate provides effortless access to the luggage compartment. In conjunction with the convenience key, it can also be opened and closed with a kicking motion.

Digital world: controls and displays
The operating and display concept of the family SUV has been overhauled from the ground up – Audi has done away with the analog instruments. Even with the standard MMI radio there is a digital instrument cluster with a 10.25 inch screen diagonal, which the driver operates using the multifunction steering wheel. With MMI radio plus, the first option level, customers can upgrade the instrument cluster as an option to the Audi virtual cockpit with additional functions. It incorporates, for instance, the MMI functions and, in addition to road and engine speed, also displays information on music tracks and Audi connect services. If the customer has specified navigation, the display also includes the navigation map. The driver can configure the display according to their needs and has all the data in their direct field of view. The MMI radio plus also includes an MMI touch display with 8.8 inch screen diagonal in the center of the instrument panel. With the top-of-the-line equipment MMI navigation plus this touchscreen measures 10.1 inches. The displays appear in the 10.25 inch Audi virtual cockpit, which the customer can upgrade as an option to the version with a 12.3 inch screen diagonal. The driver can call up three different views on the screen, including a new extra sporty display.

In addition, the Audi Q3 with MMI navigation plus also comes with new natural-language voice control. It also understands freely structured wording. The ingenious dialog manager asks questions if necessary, allows corrections, offers choices and defers to the speaker when interrupted.

Intelligently connected: infotainment and Audi connect
The MMI navigation plus in the Audi Q3 offers the same technical functions as in the higher segments – here too the SUV sets a new standard in the compact class. The navigation, for instance, recognizes the driver’s preferences based on previous journeys, allowing it to generate suitable route suggestions. The route is calculated – in parallel to the planning in the car – on the servers of the map and navigation provider HERE, using real-time data for the overall traffic situation.

The Audi connect portfolio – included as standard with the top-of-the-line infotainment system – supplements the navigation in an ideal way. The data transfer module supports the LTE Advanced standard and provides the Audi connect services in virtually all European countries via a SIM card which is permanently installed in the vehicle. These services include traffic information online, the point-of-interest search as well as information on parking spaces and filling stations, which appear directly on the navigation map – where necessary also with dynamic additional information such as prices and availability. The Audi Q3 uses the fleet’s swarm intelligence as part of these functions: Suitably equipped vehicles report moving into and out of parking spaces so that forecasts on the availability of roadside parking space appear in selected towns and cities. The cars from this swarm also warn each other of hazardous spots such as fog or black ice, and report current speed limits. Audi connect also includes media streaming, online news, access to Twitter and to the e-mail inbox. A Wi-Fi hotspot for the passengers’ mobile devices is also fitted onboard. As an option, the customer can add on data packages conveniently from the car.

The optional Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment plus add-on package also features other innovative services, including Google Earth. Using high-resolution satellite images it provides a more lifelike display, making it easier for drivers to find their way around. The same applies to the new, detailed 3D models of many major European cities. The hybrid radio is also included in the specification. Depending on a station’s signal strength it automatically switches between FM, DAB and the online stream to ensure optimum reception at all times. In conjunction with the optional Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment plus package, the natural voice control responds to inquiries not just with information stored onboard, but also with the detailed knowledge from the cloud – the same feature already premiered in the Audi A8. The online cross-referencing improves both the detection rate as well as the results. That way it is easy for the Audi Q3 to find special destinations such as an Italian restaurant, a climbing center or the next shopping mall. The system displays relevant information such as photos, opening times and visitor ratings.

Many Audi connect functions are brought together in the myAudi app. It connects the customer’s smartphone to the new Q3 – allowing, for instance, navigation routes to be imported seamlessly. Once the user gets into their car, route guidance is continued on the onboard monitor. Once the driver gets out of their Q3 at the end of the journey, the smartphone navigates them onto their next destination.

The app also supports music streaming and transfers the smartphone calendar onto the MMI. Furthermore, the user can remotely lock and unlock their car, consult the current vehicle status, pinpoint where their Audi Q3 is parked or operate the optional auxiliary heating using the myAudi app on their smartphone.

A range of hardware modules supplement the infotainment portfolio. The Audi phone box links the owner’s smartphone to the vehicle’s antenna and charges the phone inductively. To play music from the MP3 player, USB stick or smartphone via the loudspeakers in the car, the Audi Q3 offers two USB ports – one of which is the latest new type C. This innovation supports faster transfer rates and makes it easy to connect thanks to a symmetrical plug. In addition, there are two USB sockets and a 12V socket for the rear. The Audi smartphone interface links customers’ iOS and Android cell phones and places their Apple Car Play or Android Auto environment on the MMI display.

The Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with virtual 3D sound provides three-dimensional audio. The sound experience is generated through four additional loudspeakers in the instrument panel and one in each D pillar. A special algorithm that Audi developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute adds great width and depth to the sound – the interior of the Audi Q3 sounds larger. The sound system uses 15 loudspeakers altogether and produces a total output of 680 watts.

Convenience and safety: driver assistance systems
The Audi Q3 is also at the top of its class when it comes to assist systems. The highlight is the adaptive cruise assist, which is available optionally in combination with S tronic. It incorporates the functions of adaptive speed assist, traffic jam assist and active lane assist. In this way it assists the driver with longitudinal and lateral control – substantially enhancing comfort on long journeys in particular. The same applies to the lane change warning. If the two radar sensors at the rear detect a vehicle located in the blind spot or approaching quickly from behind, a warning LED is lit in the relevant exterior mirror.

The Audi Q3 makes maneuvering easier thanks to functions such as the park assist. It steers the SUV automatically into and out of parking spaces. The driver only has to accelerate, brake and shift gears. If the driver wants to reverse out of a parallel parking space or a tight entrance, cross traffic assist is activated. The system monitors the area behind the vehicle using two radar sensors and alerts the driver in critical situations. The four 360 degree cameras provide another useful function. They show on the large infotainment screen the immediate surroundings of the Audi Q3 when moving at speeds up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph). Touch operation allows the driver to switch between various views. In addition to the virtual bird’s eye view, the reversing camera view and the front and rear 180° panoramic view, there is a detailed view of the front and rear wheels. This enables the driver to maneuver precisely up to the curb.

The Audi Q3 comes as standard with the Audi pre sense front safety system. It detects critical situations involving pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles using the radar and provides the driver with a visual, audible and haptic warning. If necessary it initiates emergency braking. The standard specification also includes the lane departure warning. It is active from speeds of approximately 60 km/h (37.3 mph) and helps prevent the vehicle inadvertently drifting out of the lane. If the driver has not set an indicator and the car is about to cross the lane markings, the system assists with corrective steering intervention. As an option, the driver can set the steering wheel to provide an additional vibration.

Agility on- and offroad: engines and suspension
As part of the sales launch, Audi is delivering the new Q3 with four engine versions – three gasoline and one diesel unit in combination with front-wheel or quattro drive. Their power outputs range from 110 kW (150 hp) to 169 kW (230 hp). All engines are four-cylinder direct injection units with turbocharging. They are powerful, refined and efficient. A six-speed manual transmission or a fast-shifting seven-speed S tronic is used to transmit the power. Offroad the permanent all-wheel drive delivers excellent driving pleasure with optimum traction and supreme stability. Activated at the push of a button, the optional hill descent control maintains the preset speed on a steep downhill gradient.

Maneuverable in town, agile on country roads, balanced on the highway – the suspension on the Audi Q3 offers a wide spread. The sporty character of the predecessor model has been retained, but enhanced with a clear dose of additional comfort. The new SUV takes bumpy roads with ease – thanks also to the longer wheelbase. As an option, the driver can vary the characteristics of the Audi Q3 depending on the driving situation, road conditions or personal needs using the Audi drive select dynamic handling system. It offers six profiles – from markedly comfortable, highly efficient through to out-and-out sporty. The system influences the throttle response, steering and shift characteristics of the S tronic as well as the optional suspension with damper control. Here sensors measure the movements of all four wheels plus lateral and longitudinal acceleration. The dampers are then adjusted accordingly to the road surface conditions and driving situation. This results in enhanced driving dynamics with even more comfort. Alternatively, there is the sport suspension – standard with the S line exterior package – with tauter spring/damper tuning and progressive steering. Its ratio becomes increasingly direct with increasing steering angle, adding substantially to the light-footed handling of the new Audi Q3.

The front axle of the compact SUV is based on the McPherson principle; the rear axle adopts a sophisticated four-link design. The track widths are 1,584 millimeters (5.2 ft) and 1,576 millimeters (5.17 ft) respectively. The format of the aluminum wheels ranges from 17 and 18 inch – depending on the exterior trim – up to 20 inch in diameter, the latter from Audi Sport GmbH and fitted with size 255/40 tires.

Market launch: in dealerships from the fall
The new Audi Q3 will be manufactured at the Győr plant in Hungary. Vehicles will be delivered in Germany and other European countries in November 2018. As standard, the compact SUV is fitted with the digital instrument cluster, MMI radio including Bluetooth, multifunction leather steering wheel, air conditioning and LED headlights. The rear seats, which can be adjusted fore/aft and for tilt, the height-adjustable loading floor along with numerous storage compartments make the vehicle extremely versatile. The Q3 comes ex works with a range of assist systems, including lane departure warning, Audi pre sense front, the light/rain sensor and the adjustable speed limiter.

For the market launch Audi will be offering its customers a special edition model, which combines numerous extras. The S line exterior package, which also includes color highlighting for many details, makes for a decidedly sporty look. The sport suspension, 20 inch wheels and Matrix LED headlights are also included in the equipment specification. Exclusive touches on the special edition model include the Audi rings in the Singleframe and the model designation on the rear finished in black. Pulse orange and Chronos gray are available as paint finishes. Highlights in the interior include sport seats with specific contrasting stitching, the flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, the contour/ambient lighting package and aluminum-look trim. Elements of the instrument panel and the door armrests are finished in Alcantara.

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