Who doesn’t want a small Allroader?

Audi looks set to increase the number of Allroad models it sells with its smallest offering, the A1 Allroad, which was caught testing under camouflage around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The car in the photos is definitely an A1, but it has a raised ground clearance and what looks like plastic cladding around the lower part of its body.

It will be based on the second generation A1 which debuted this year at the Paris motor show and if we look at what Audi has chosen to hide with camo are a different front grille and bumper, as well as the rear bumper.

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Exterior

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Exterior Spyshots
- image 800310

The all-new A1 is longer than the previous model, but just as wide and tall, and comes with front-end styling that’s a direct homage to Audi Sport Quattro, the Group B homologation special (with the three slats designers put between the grille and the leading edge of the hood).

Based on how much camouflage is on the car, it looks like Audi will change the fenders, the bumpers, the side sills, and the grille too.

Ride height will also be increased, and it will probably be sold with wheel designs unique the the Allroad model.

Allroad badging will also probably adorn its front fenders and rear hatch, just like it does on all current Allroad models.

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Interior

2019 Audi A1 Interior
- image 784111

Audi probably won’t change a lot inside the A1 to make it an Allroad, although it may feature either “Allroad” or at least “Quattro” badging somewhere visible on the dashboard fascia.

The rest will be standard new A1 fare, which means it will come with a grown-up, high-quality interior which ditches the circular air vents of the previous model in favor of rectangular ones. Infotainment is now handled by a screen embedded in the center console, not sitting on top of it and overall the interior is larger thanks to an increased wheelbase.

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Drivetrain

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Exterior Spyshots
- image 800318

Audi doesn’t offer its Allroad models with any of the lower powered engines, and this will probably be the case with the A1 Allroad as well. It may, therefore, ditch the base 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine and only be offered with the largest powerplant, a 2.0-liter with 197 horsepower.

It could also come with the mid-range 148 horsepower 1.5-liter, and both manual and automatic transmissions are possible, but it will most likely only be offered as a self-shifter.

The A1 Allroad will also definitely have a Haldex-based Quattro all-wheel drive - The S1 hot hatch will get it too, so we know the platform supports it.

With all-wheel drive and the 198 horsepower engine, it should be able to accelerate from naught to 62 mph or 100 km/h in around (maybe under) seven seconds.

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Prices

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Exterior Spyshots
- image 800317

In its native Germany, the A1 Allroad will probably cost a bit more than a well-equipped regular A1 with the same drivetrain combo which would set you back over €30,000 ($34,400).

2020 Audi A1 Allroad Competition

Audi Q2

2017 Audi Q2 High Resolution Exterior
- image 667662

The A1 Allroad’s main rival will probably be another Audi, the Q2 compact crossover which costs about the same and is about the same size. The latter is billed as a mini-SUV/crossover, though, and has a more rugged look, although it’s still mainly designed to be used on-road.

They have similar engines too, but the newer A1’s interior looks smarter and more upmarket than that of the Q2. However, the Q2 should have slightly more interior space and be better at carrying larger items.

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MINI Countryman

2017 Mini Countryman High Resolution Exterior
- image 693012

The A1 Allroad won’t really have any similar rival models from other manufacturers, but the MINI Countryman could steal some sales too. It brings quirky styling and a very unique look to the table (both inside and out), as well as great driving dynamics and strong engines.

It’s also quite roomy inside, and it has plenty of gadgets to keep you entertained - it probably won’t be as fun to drive as the A1 Allroad, though, since it’s more of a tall-riding crossover than it is a zippy hatchback.

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DS3 Crossback

2019 DS3 Crossback Exterior
- image 795265

The DS3 Crossback is another contender in the premium subcompact high-riding segment, and its main selling points are even more unique styling than the Countryman and the fact that you can get it as an all-electric car.

People who buy the Crossback are going to buy it based on the way it looks - it will either repulse them or make them instant fans. The ones who won’t like it will prefer the more subdued look of the A1 Allroad or the Q2 crossover, but I’m sure there will still be plenty of people out there who will really fancy it - the Crossback is a slap in the face of most cookie cutter crossovers, and its originality will be appreciated.

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2019 Audi A1 Exterior
- image 784073

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