German tuner, MTM, knows a thing or two about tuning up an Audi. One of their last projects was theAudi RS6 Clubsport which was an ugly car, but ended up having a sick power boost to the tune of 730hp. Not bad for a car that looked like a cab. Now, MTM is at it again, albeit on a much smaller scale. Their newest project is the Audi RS5 and, though MTM did not increase the 450hp found under the hood, they did adjust it a little to make the car much cooler.

Using a modified MTM motronic computer, MTM is able to ensure that the speed limited is removed from the Audi. The RS5 can now hit a top speed of 188mph compared to the standard 155mph. This upgrade program will cost the consumer 1,499 EUR. Put some extra cash down and the German tuners will add a new exhaust system with throttle valves and two end pipes. The added package also brings Bimoto rims in a 19” or 20” style available in two colors, 20mm spacers, and a TV set. An F cantronic air suspension system will become available soon.


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  (1211) posted on 09.22.2010

I think I would prefer Sepang Blue, with BBS CH-R wheels, instead. Just personal preference. The red paint, and Sportec wheels look great, though.

  (221) posted on 08.25.2010

I love the color of this onem, nie tuning up MTM

  (518) posted on 08.2.2010

good thing they upgraded the Audi RS6 Club sport to Audi RS6. With regards to the new model,not bad. And yes, it’s much cooler now.

  (247) posted on 08.1.2010

Definitely, and some of the 19s that come from Audi are insane, no point in changing them for some after market gaudy abomination (not that these are ugly, they are just not that nice)...

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