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Audi sticks Quattro models in Toronto as part of new ad campaign

Audi sticks Quattro models in Toronto as part of new ad campaign

Audi cooked up quite a stir at the Toronto International Film Festival recently when they, together with communications agency Company Lowe Roche, decided to pull a little guerilla advertising by attaching hundreds of Audi Quattro scale models in various locations in and around the city.

The 1:43 scale models came with magnets and a sticker that read, “Nothing sticks like Quattro” and were stuck to a number of objects, including lamp posts, newspaper stands, and TIFF barricades. Needless to say, the whole stunt attracted a lot of attention from bewildered passers-by, most of whom stopped to get their one scale model.

According to Geoggrey Roche, chairman of Lowe Roche and the proponent behind the campaign, “"We wanted to give people a real demonstration of how great the quattro all-wheel-drive system is.”

If Audi’s objective was to grab some attention with the new campaign, they obviously struck gold with it. After all, it wasn’t only about educating the local Torontonians on what the quatto all-wheel-drive system is, but in Roche’s words, “it’s also a great way to get the brand into the consumer’s hand.”

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