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John Olsson's New Ride is A Two-Faced RS6 With Sinister Intentions

John Olsson’s New Ride is A Two-Faced RS6 With Sinister Intentions

This is one wagon you don’t want to cross hairs with

Jon Olsson is known for his love of cars and owning some of the most desirable custom-built exotics in the world. The Swedish alpine ski racer is particularly fond of the Audi RS6 Avant. He once owned a heavily tuned RS6 Avant that met an untimely end when it was stolen and burned to a crisp. Not one to be unnerved by the circumstances that befell his ride, Olsson bought a new RS6 Avant before turning it over to ABT Sportsline for a little tuning job. The result is the Audi RS6 Phoenix.

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David Beckham Crashes His Audi RS6

David Beckham Crashes His Audi RS6

Soccer icon David Beckham and his son Brooklyn were involved in a car crash over the weekend in the elder Beckham’s Audi RS6. According to multiple reports from the UK, the harrowing ordeal happened last Saturday shortly after Beckham picked up his son, who at that time had just finished playing for English Premier club Arsenal’s under-16 team in a game against Brighton.

Details on what exactly happened are still unclear, but a source close to Beckham told The Telegraph that the accident occurred at “quite a speed,” indicating that it was not your typical fender bender. Pictures of the crash scene also paint a clear picture to the extent of damage incurred by Beckham’s RS6 and the Mitsubishi Colt Coupe Cabriolet with a woman and her daughter inside.

Luckily, all parties involved escaped serious injury. Beckham only suffered minor shoulder pains while his son escaped unhurt from the crash. The mother and daughter in the Colt CTZ were both taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

We’re all hoping that everyone involved in the accident recovers from their injuries. We’ve had far too many of these incidences, and while car crashes are a reality of life, they can also be avoided if drivers are more careful when they’re behind the wheel of their cars.

Click past the jump to read more about Audi RS6.

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Tony Stark Returns to the Audi R8 in Iron Man 3

Tony Stark Returns to the Audi R8 in Iron Man 3

It was fun, Acrua NSX, but ultimately, Tony Stark is returning to his old love.

With Stark set to return to the big screen this coming May for Iron Man 3, the eccentric billionaire playboy will once again sit behind the wheels of his old flame, the Audi R8. The German supercar has been on the side of Stark since the first Ironman movie, but was left in the garage in favor of the NSX when Stark and his superhero buddies teamed up in the Avengers.

But now that it’s back to Iron Man, the R8, or specifically, the battery-powered R8 e-tron, is back in the loving arms of Tony Stark. You can see some production photos of Iron Man 3 that was released by Audi and clearly see Robert Downey Jr. behind the wheel of the German exotic.

Just like his high-powered suits, the Audi R8, in whatever variant it is, just suits Tony Stark to a tee.

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Christian, Oh, Christian: Did "50 Shades of Grey" drive up Audi's US sales?

Christian, Oh, Christian: Did "50 Shades of Grey" drive up Audi’s US sales?

If you’ve ever leafed through the pages of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of erotica involved between the two stars of the book, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. We’re not going to dive into that; instead, we’re focusing on another part of the book that bears more relevance to the auto industry.

It seems that for all of his quirks, Christian Grey also has a fascination for cars, in particular, Audis. A number of Audi models were mentioned prominently in the trilogy, particularly the A3, which Christian gave to Anastasia for her birthday.

On top of the A3, the R8 was also mentioned, as well as an unnamed Audi SUV, and a host of other vehicles from the German automaker. The multiple references of Audi on one of the fastest-selling book trilogies of all time seems to have reflected on Audi’s US sales.

In a quote from AutoNews, Loren Angelo, general manager of Audi brand communications, said that while Audi had no involvement or knowledge that their cars would be prominently mentioned in the books, the company may have benefited from the unexpected exposure.

"As Audi continues to generate momentum in the U.S. market, we’re seeing our products utilized more and more within popular culture," Angelo said.

"Those organic results are always a sign that a brand is generating real cultural relevance. Obviously, the runaway success of this series has introduced Audi to consumers who might not have previously been thinking of the brand and that certainly has a positive impact for us."

For the month of July, Audi reported an all-time sales record, earning a 28% sales increase from the same time last year. The company did clarify that they don’t have any data to prove that the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy had a direct effect on the increased sales.

Then again, when something like this happens, you only need to trace it back to the source to find out that there just might be an explanation to all of this.

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2012 Audi R8 PPI Design Razor GTR for John Olsson

2012 Audi R8 PPI Design Razor GTR for John Olsson

Jon Olsson is famous for the amazing cars, like the Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR or the Lamborghini Gallardo Ski Transporter. Now, it’s time to add another great car to his impressive garage: a specially designed PPI Design R8 Razor GTR.

According to his official blog, all Olsson wanted to do was add "a nice little spoiler on it and do a nice little "quick" pimp," but PPI kind of ruined his plans. They added a full carbon fiber body kit that weighs only 600 grams. Knowing about his passion for skiing, PPI also added a ski box at the top of the R8.

The standard PPI Razor GTR features a normally aspirated V10 engine that provides over 601 hp at 7,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 416 lb-ft at 6,400 rpm. However, from what we know about Olsson’s rides, we wouldn’t be surprised to see at least 700 HP under this hood.

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Video: Jay Leno puts the Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro through the paces

Jay Leno never seems to run out of cars to talk about, does he? If you’re half the auto enthusiast that he is, you probably wouldn’t get tired of talking about them either. It also helps that he’s got way more money than all of us combined, which means that he doesn’t settle for talking about cars, he actually goes out and buys them.

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the comedian finds himself looking at Audi’s benevolent beast, the R8 V10 Spyder. Ever the gearhead that he is, Leno gives us the lowdown on the car and shares some pretty insightful thoughts on what he thinks of the R8. He also brings out his buddy, Justin Bell, to give us even more tidbits on the R8, including the time it takes for the soft-top roof to retract and stow away in its compartment, as well as the R8’s now iconic front fascia.

After showing a video of Bell testing the R8 on his own, Leno gets his turn behind the wheel and brings it out on the streets of LA. As he drives, he shares more nuggets of wisdom on what he thinks of the R8, including his admission that, as far as he’s concerned, the R8 Spyder is arguable the fastest supercar in the wet.

Check out the video to see the whole webisode.

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Audi gifts Tom Brady with new car after recent crash episode

Audi gifts Tom Brady with new car after recent crash episode

Apart from a recent crash while driving an Audi S8 – and an embarrassing loss to the New York Jets, too – life’s been pretty good for Tom Brady.

He’s married to Giselle Bundchen, he just signed a $72 million extension with the New England Patriots, and he’s got a new car – and one he got for free.

After crashing an Audi-owned S8 that made national headlines, Tom Brady was the beneficiary of a brand new Audi vehicle. We don’t know how somebody could crash a car that was owned by the automaker and get a free car for it, but apparently, that’s how Tom Brady rolls. Okay, so he’s partnered with the company for a number of charities throughout the years, but still, a free car for crashing another one?

We don’t know what Audi gave him, although rumors are spreading that it’s actually a 2011 S8 model, a newer – and more awesome – version of the car he crashed last week. Audi didn’t elaborate on the gift either with US boss Johan de Nysschen only saying that “we put him in a new car”.

Whatever model Audi gave Brady isn’t really important. What’s important is that being one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL certainly comes with a lot of perks.

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Tom Brady's wrecked car was a loaned Audi S8

Tom Brady’s wrecked car was a loaned Audi S8

America’s most popular jock, Tom Brady, was involved in a car accident a few days ago involving a pretty sweet Audi S8 sedan. Now, it turns out that the S8 Brady crashed was loaned to him by Audi as part of an arrangement the Patriots quarterback has with the automaker and the Best Buddies charity.

For those who don’t know, Brady has served as an honorary chairman of the Best Buddies charity for the past three years. In his tenure, Brady has even spearheaded a number of charity events, including hosting the Audi Best Buddies Challenge, a series of fund-raising events that predictably includes a flag football game.

The Brady-Audi partnership has been a solid one for quite some time now and, while we’re pretty sure that Audi was none too pleased on seeing one of their S8 sedans getting all dinged up, we don’t think they’re going to reprimand Tom Brady for the crash.

After all, the Pats quarterback has been a model partner for the company through all the charities he gets involved with and Audi couldn’t have picked a better athlete to tie up with. Just don’t let him drive any more loaner Audis in the future.

Photo credit: Pedro Boué

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Inter FC soccer star Mario Balottelli has one awesome matte black Audi R8 V10

Inter FC soccer star Mario Balottelli has one awesome matte black Audi R8 V10

Maybe it’s just us, but our fascination for sports athletes and the cars that they drive is a real sickness, bordering even on downright fanaticism. While we profess to be fans of these athletes and whatever sport they excel in, it’s hard not to get caught up in the fancy rides that they buy from the piles of money they receive when playing their respective sports.

This particular scoop photo was taken by a forum member from – noggin knock to you, Mr. SabraSport – featuring Inter FC striker Mario Balottelli and his jaw-dropping matte black Audi R8 V10.

Okay, given that this 20-year old soccer stud plays for Serie A in Italy, we’re going to excuse you for not being familiar with the dude. But even if you don’t know him, the car he drives certainly needs no introduction. And add that to the fact that it’s dressed in a matte black finish and has unique black/yellow rims with matching brake calipers and you have a car that’s going to make heads turn no matter who’s sitting behind the wheel.

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Video: Episode 5 of Audi's A1 mini-series, "The Next Big Thing"

Video: Episode 5 of Audi’s A1 mini-series, "The Next Big Thing"

We’re on the penultimate episode of Audi’s A1 mini-series, "The Next Big Thing", and things are getting stranger and stranger by the day. Now that we’ve moved past the bunny jackets, the underground cage fighting, and the random making out, we pick up where we left off as the unwilling tandem of Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez run away from the cops and receive a series of cryptic messages that led them to the docks.

When they get there, Justin is shocked to find out that the mystery man - his name, apparently, is Tollison - behind the messages turned out to be the same waiter that was shot in the first episode. What? Tollison then proceeds to congratulate Justin on his excellent time, kills Dania, and then gets punched senseless by an obviously perplexed leading man.

Don’t worry, Justin. You’re not the only one who’s confused by all of this.

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Episode 3 of Audi's "The Next Big Thing" spices things up

Episode 3 of Audi’s "The Next Big Thing" spices things up

The Audi A1 is back and this time it brings along some action. In this episode of the six part mini-series by Audi, Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez return to their exciting journey in their Audi A1. This episode starts off with Justin getting put in a chokehold only to be released after the sexy Dania whispers something in the goon’s ear. A surprised Justin jumps back in the equally attractive A1 and he and his sexy accomplice are allowed to proceed into the warehouse.

What comes next is nothing short of awesome as the duo share a steamy kiss then proceed to jump in a ring for some kickass fighting. You’d be surprised to see who has the kickass moves. All we can say is that you don’t want to miss it.

At the end of this episode, Justin is left facing “Bunny”. Oh, yeah, Bunny. He has a decision to make as he holds the key to the package the long-eared fellow wants so desperately.

Check it out!

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Video: Justin Timberlake returns in episode 2 of "The Next Big Thing"


Justin Timberlake became world-famous because of his singing skills. Recently, though, our favorite *NSync member has tried his chops in acting and has, for better or worse, become quite good at it. So much so that Audi has tapped him to become the lead actor in their new six-episode mini-series called, "The Next Big Thing".

In episode two of the mini-series, we picked up where we left off in the first episode with Timberlake being chased around town by a bunch of goons with evil intents. Thanks, of course, to the ever-so cool A1 - and the uber hot Dania Ramirez - Justin manages to evade and get away from the hired guns. From there, the two head over to a warehouse guarded by two relatively burly fellows because, according to Justin, "we were supposed to meet a buddy at this address."

As to who the "buddy" is? Well, we’re going to have to wait for future episodes to find out.

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Audi’s first episode of the "The Next Big Thing", featuring the A1 and Justin Timberlake


The first episode of the highly-anticipated short film featuring the Audi A1 and Justin Timberlake has finally been released by the Ingolstadt-based company.

Truth be told, we were expecting a little bit more from Audi and JT with this film. It’s not that we don’t like it - it’s too early to make any judgments given that there’s only been one episode - it’s just we’ve seen that set-up before from, ironically, BMW and Clive Owen.

In any case, here’s the first episode of the movie, "The next big thing". Give it a look-see and judge for yourself whether the subequent episodes are worth waiting for.

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Ironman Vs. Audi R8 V10 Spyder: Who gets the girl?

Good looks, money, and a charmingly sarcastic and confident attitude apparently are not enough for Tony Stark to get the girl. Even his powered exoskeleton is not enough for Ironman to achieve his ultimate goal of landing Virginia “Pepper” Potts. No, apparently, Tony Stark needs an Audi R8 V10 Spyder to claim his girl. At least, that’s according to the new Audi commercial. Boasting “unbridled power and superior agility”, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder produces 525hp at 8,000 RPM, makes the 0-60 sprint in 4.1 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 194mph. Clearly this machine can give Ironman a run for his money, but I think Ironman has a slight advantage when competing for the girl.

Check out Ironman 2 when it hits theatres on May 7, 2010 and don’t forget to check out the Audi R8 V10 Spyder. You never know, the impression we get from Audi is that it just might improve your sex life.

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Justin Timberlake shows up for Audi A1 debut in Geneva; gets mobbed by crowd

Justin Timberlake shows up for Audi A1 debut in Geneva; gets mobbed by crowd

As promised, Justin Timberlake was on-hand for the launch of the 2011 Audi A1. While the car was received pretty warmly by the gathered audience, it sure looked like Timberlake stole the show by just, well, showing up.

Audi head honcho Rupert Stadler welcomed Timberlake on-stage and proudly introduced the brand’s new global ambassador, much to the delight of the shrieking - did we say shrieking; we meant applauding – crowd.

We kind of thought that Timberlake would have a more hands-on involvement during the entire proceedings but apart from some trivial banter with Stadler and the cursory plug for the new A1 – “it’s cool, environmentally-friendly, and perfectly suited for my crazy urban lifestyle,” Timberlake said – the pop star was surprisingly toned down during the event.

Then again, that didn’t stop the crowd from bum rushing him as soon as he got off the stage.

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