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Audi To Show Off its "Ice" at TT Event in France

Audi To Show Off its "Ice" at TT Event in France

Audi Ice ParTTy

Audi of France is hosting an event in the Valley of Isere to show off its new TT drop top yet again. This will be the second official unveiling of the new Audi TT Cabriolet. At the event , there will be a ice racing circuit , giant igloos, and gigantic bars of ice. Brave attendess will actually get to ride around with professional drivers on the Ice track of Isere(sweet)
Additionally, there will also be an auction event at Jack Bar by chaired by Pierre Cornet of Cyr Saint where proceeds will be given to the "RED NOSE" foundation. At night the Jacks Bar will turn into a trendy lounge where attendees can enjoy themselves and reflect on one bad-ass Audi event.

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