Audi is a member of the big three German trio that also includes BMW and Mercedes. These three brands compete strongly against one another and, while Audi may not sell quite as well in the United States as its major competitors, it has a robust lineup that includes 27 cars and 7 SUVs. The only niche the company doesn’t cover is pickup trucks, and that probably won’t change in the foreseeable future. In terms of luxury, performance, and reliability, even Audi’s entry-level models rate pretty high on the scale and, with such a large lineup, there is a model available for almost every income level. Audi offerings range from daily drivers to mid-level performance, and the R8 serves as a halo car of sorts with supercar looks and impressive performance.

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What is the Least Expensive Audi?

The least expensive Audi is the A3 sedan that starts out in the low-$30,000 range. The A3 can also be had in cabriolet form, which is also the brand’s cheapest drop-top model and is available for less than $40,000 before options. A mid-level performance model with sportier styling, known as the S3, is available in the mid-$40,000 range, and the RS3 – Audi’s entry-level performance offering - starts out in the mid-$50,000 range. In terms of SUVs, the entry-level model is the Q3, which starts out below $35,000 while the A4 Allroad is the cheapest wagon with a starting price of $45,700.

What is the Sportiest Audi?

Most would argue that Audi’s sportiest model is the $170,000 R8, however, the Audi TT, TTS, or TT RS are all good second choices while theA7, S7, or RS 7 offer a very sporty look if you’re into fastback or “four-door coupe” styling.

What is the Most Popular Audi?

In 2018, Audi sold 1,812,500 cars, 743,600 of which were in Europe and 222,323 of which were in the United States. While official statistics aren’t readily available, the Audi A4 is boasted as the best-selling model of the entire lineup, which isn’t surprising as it is fairly sporting and quite a bit larger than the entry-level A3. The Audi A4 starts out below $40,000 and is a viable family car as long as you don’t need a lot of space.

What is the Most Expensive Audi?

The most expensive Audi on sale right now is the R8 Spyder with a starting price of $182,100. The R8 coupe falls in second place with a price tag just below $170,000. In terms of SUVs, the new e-Tron SUV is the most expensive with a starting price of $74,800 while the most expensive sedan is the RS 7 at $113,900. If performance or SUVs aren’t your thing, you can jump into the Audi A8, which starts out just below $84,000.

What is the Fastest Audi?

The Audi R8 V10 Performance is, hands down, the fastest production Audi ever created. It delivers 602 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque from a 5.2-liter V-10 and comes packed to the gills with carbon fiber trim, aerodynamic enhancements, and ceramic brakes. According to Audi, the R8 V10 Performance can sprint to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and will continue on up to a top track speed of 205 mph, which is limited in the U.S. market for safety and regulatory reasons.

Are Audis Reliable?

Audi cars are fairly reliable and, according to Consumer Reports, are ranked No. 7 overall, being beat out by Japanese and Korean brands, including Lexus (No.1), Toyota (No.2), Kia (No. 5), and Infiniti (No.6). On that note, it does beat out its main competition with BMW ranking No. 8, Porsche ranking No. 11, and Mercedes ranking No. 17. Repair Pal reports that the average annual repair cost for Audi vehicles is at $1,011 with repairs being needed an average of once per year, with only 10-percent of those repairs being considered urgent. The 10 most reliable brands, according to Consumer Reports, include:

Top 10 Most Reliable Cars
No. 1 Lexus
No. 2 Toyota
No. 3 Mazda
No.4 Subaru
No. 5 Kia
No.6 Infiniti
No. 7 Audi
No. 8 BMW
No. 9 Mini
No. 10 Hyundai