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2019 Audi Pickup

2019 Audi Pickup

Could Audi leverage the Amarok to compete with Mercedes’ pickup?

The race for supremacy in the newly formed midsize luxury pickup segment is getting tense. Mercedes is fully committed to building a midsize pickup for the global market with the potential to become a luxury item for U.S. buyers. Tesla has announced plans to build an all-electric pickup and will come with all the Tesla tech we’ve come to love. GMC debuted the Canyon Denali for the 2017 model year and is the first to arrive in dealerships. Even BMW has hinted to “never say never.” So what other automakers might join the fray?

Audi has weighted glove it could dawn in this fight of the middleweights. It could easily rework the Volkswagen Amarok to become a high-class Audi pickup. Think about it. The concept is solid and the engineering needed would be mostly minimal.

To that end, we created a rendering of what an Audi pickup would look like. The idea is straight forward: take the Amarok pickup, badge engineer it to wear Audi’s latest corporate look, throw in a well-appointed interior, update the powertrain to be U.S. compliant, and boom, an Audi pickup.

Keep in mind, all this is pure speculation on our part. To our knowledge, Audi has neither released a statement nor made any hints to its stance on such a product. Still, that doesn’t make the proposition any less interesting.

Let’s have a look.

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