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King Juan Carlos of Spain rolls around town in an Audi RS6

King Juan Carlos of Spain rolls around town in an Audi RS6

While we usually associated the kings of yesteryear with riding in some of the most tricked-out carriages you’ll ever see, the kings of today have traded in their horse-drawn rides for something a little more appropriate with the times.

King Juan Carlos of Spain, ever the car enthusiast that he is, is no stranger to riding – and owning – some of the most beautiful machines in the world. Known to have around 70 cars in his garage, King Juan Carlos is living proof that power begets style. Though not as addicted to cars as, say Sultan Bolkiah of Bruinei, the king of Spain still boasts of a pretty impressive fleet of cars including this fully-customized Audi RS6 sedan. If you’ll notice, the whole car has been customized in black with the exception of the car’s lights out in the front and back as well as the signal lights on both side mirrors. We’ll venture a guess that this particular RS6 has also been decked in some pretty sturdy bullet-proof armor.

After all, you probably wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the most influential royalty figures – especially a car enthusiast at that - in the world, would you?

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