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Join Us For the TopSpeed Podcast Episode 037 LIVE

Join Us For the TopSpeed Podcast Episode 037 LIVE

Hard to believe it is already Thursday again. My how time flies when you are having fun. I hope you enjoyed the experience that was Episode 037 of the TopSpeed Podcast and the experience of the madness that is this year’s LA Auto Show.

We start out with Weekly Wheels; Mark is in the Chrysler 200 S, and I spent a week with the Volvo S60, and once again Justin is sitting this segment out.

From there we jump straight into news as there is a lot to cover thanks to L.A. Ford finally unveiled the new GT350, Cadillac made the ATS-V official, there are a bunch of new Jaguar F-Types for sale, Volkswagen proved the existence of a Golf R Wagon, and Toyota went nuts with a hydrogen powered car. There is also the new Mazda CX-3, the Audi Prologue concept and the “concept” Bentley Grand Convertible. We also have spy shots of a basically undisguised Porsche Cayman GT4 as well.

Thanks to you guys, we have a nice collection of questions to answer about the LA show, about podcast guests and about Ken Block and his special brand of hoonage. We also have a new Own, Drive, Burn that features some Italian supercars and one American sports machine.

This week’s show was a blast, and we did really good about sticking to our 1-hour target on time. If there is a car from L.A. that we didn’t cover, and you want to hear our thoughts, make sure to drop it in those comments with your other questions. We will be sure to answer it on next week’s show. Now have a great weekend, and we will see you next Thursday.

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Join Us For the TopSpeed Podcast Episode 034 LIVE

Join Us For the TopSpeed Podcast Episode 034 LIVE

Well that was our show! We hope you guys enjoyed tuning in and checking it out. We will be back next week for another car-filled podcast extravaganza. If you didn’t happen to catch the show live, you sure missed a lot, but thankfully you can press that play button and watch it back, or listen to the audio feed below.

We started out the show with Weekly Wheels where we talk about the cars we have been driving lately. We cover the new Acura TLX, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid and the Range Rover LWB Autobiography. We have quite a lot to say about all of them, especially the fast one.

For news we had a ton of stuff to cover starting with the official announcement that the US version of the new Mazda Miata will indeed be powered by the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine. After that we jump straight into the biggest news of the week, the spin-off of Ferrari from parent company Fiat. We also find time to talk about the new Audi A8, the newest version of the R8, a Fiat 500 that is going to SEMA, updates to the current GT-R and Subaru’s teased Forester STI. Oh, we also cover rumors about the upcoming BMW M2’s engine and our best look yet at the Ferrari LaFerrari XX.

We wrap up the show with our signature Own, Drive, Burn segment that sees us deciding between three of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the market; the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, the Rolls Royce Ghost and the new Aston Martin Lagonda.

We didn’t have a Questions and Answers segment this week because we didn’t have any questions from you guys. If you have a question that you want answered on next week’s show, just drop us a comment below. You can also ask us questions on Twitter @TopSpeedPodcast, or reach us by email at As always if you want to chat with one of the three of us directly, you can reach us on Twitter. I am @Moeferd, Mark is @MarkMcNabb and Justin is @TheCarJunkie.

Have a safe and fun weekend, but please stay safe and we will see you all next week.

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TopSpeed Podcast Episode 030 LIVE

TopSpeed Podcast Episode 030 LIVE

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the show. We had a great time putting it on, and maybe it will brighten up your day when you hear it. As always, we appreciate anyone and everyone who listens and watches. Don’t forget to leave us your questions and Own, Drive, Burn suggestions below in the comments.

This week we have Justin back, and he has a new car for Weekly Wheels, so we let him start things off with a look at the Acura ILX. After that I get to talk about how the new 2015 Subaru Outback is a great SUV, but a terrible Subaru. Mark finishes us off with a look at the new Audi A3. Small spoiler, I like it more than he does, even if it is missing a door.

For the news segment of the show I spend some time talking about my new review for Forza Horizon 2. I think that is the only important part of our whole show really, but the other two figured that we should cover other news as well. In the end we talked about the Lamborghini Asterion, the death of the Lotus Evora, and Infiniti’s desire to build a car that it kind of already makes. We also have some truck talk with Mark as we discuss the fuel economy ratings of the new Canyon and Colorado trucks before we all get angry at GM’s latest “sport truck.”

We didn’t have any questions from last week’s show to answer, so we skipped the Question and Answer section to head straight to Own, Drive, Burn. Our own Ciprian provided us with a trio of the worst cars Ferrari ever made to choose from. I’ll be honest; it wasn’t a super great or entertaining ODB. Sorry about that.

As always, we all hope that everyone has a super great Friday and a wonderful weekend. We will be back next Thursday with another awesome episode. See you guys then.

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TopSpeed Podcast Episode 027 LIVE

TopSpeed Podcast Episode 027 LIVE

Well that was a blast, I hope everyone enjoyed it. It was filled with lots of Miata talk so if you are a big fan of fun to drive roadsters, this may be your favorite. If you aren’t a fan of the new 4-th generation Miata, no worries. We have lots of cool stuff for you too.

We start the show with a look in our driveways for the Weekly Wheels. Mark talks about the very large Lexus GX460 and I spend some time talking about towing a horse trailer with the 2014 Toyota Tundra. Oh, you also get the chance to see a cool new Lego Mini Cooper.

For main news stories we talk about the recent sighting of the new Audi TTaround the Nurburgring, a pretty blue Dodge Viper, the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport announcement and we finish things with the upcoming Kia Optima we just spied in camo.

If you did come for the Miata, well then we have lots for you. We cover all the information we know about the machine from overall size to wheel and tire dimensions. We discuss the design, potential drivetrains, what the weight savings really means and more. We also talk about some of the fun stuff that Keith Tanner from Flyin’ Miata was able to glean from a talk with one of the chassis engineers.

After the Miata madness and the news, we move as always to the Q/A portion of the show. We spend some time discussing winter tires, why you need them, and what you should look for when buying. We also take a few minutes to answer a question about the most recognizable cars in the world.

We wrap things with an Own, Drive, Burn that sees us trying to pick the lesser of three evils; it’s a trio of family-hauling crossovers.

As always, a huge thanks goes out to everyone who listens and watches, with an extra special little thanks to our live viewers. We hope you all have a great weekend and we will see everyone next week.

Don’t forget to leave us questions and Own, Drive, Burn suggestions for later eipsodes!

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TopSpeed Podcast Episode 017 LIVE

TopSpeed Podcast Episode 017 LIVE

Hello everyone, it is your favorite day of the week, TopSpeed Podcast day!

Join us for today’s show where we have lots of crazy cars to talk about from topless and one-off Ferraris to a 567 horsepower Jag and Audi’s newest superwagon. We have lots Subaru and Toyota news involving the future of the GT86 twins, and we will probably spend some time arguing about a few other things.

To start the show, you get to hear Justin’s impressions of the new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in Weekly Wheels, and I plan on discussing the strange experience that was driving the Mercedes Sprinter van in Gumball. We don’t have a Mark this week, he is off with Hyundai checking out some new cars for you fine people to read about later.

Of course we have a few viewer questions to answer, and we are also going to be Own, Drive, Burn. Tune in to catch all the crazy action, and as always we have an audio version up on the site and on iTunes for those of you who prefer to do without video. Although this week’s video is pretty entertaining to see.

Thanks for watching!

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TopSpeed Podcast Episode 011 - "Mark has complaints"

TopSpeed Podcast Episode 011 - "Mark has complaints"

Another Thursday afternoon means another Podcast. You can click play here for audio, or look after the jump for a FULL video podcast.

This week sees the return of Justin after his vacation, lots of cars with manual transmissions and a few automotive farewells.

Our weekly wheels for this week include the Honda Accord Touring from Justin and the Chevrolet Silverado High Country from Mark. I am a sad boy this week and have no new cars to talk about. Cue the sad trombone.

To make myself feel better, we cover a whole host of bad-ass car news. We start with the announcement of a manual transmission for the F-Type. We move to more fun cars with the Cayman GT4 spy shots, and the final edition of the Cadillac CTS-V. Cadillac gets some more love with the ELR-V and we finish with the BMW i8, the future of the M1 and round things out with a special edition Audi R8.

We wrap up the show with a trio of questions from you, our wonderful listeners, and an Own, Drive, Burn made entirely of Corvettes.

We had one final viewer question, but it was a long one, so we decided to tackle it as a special "after-show bonus" so feel free to stick around after the closing music to catch that. We discuss what you should buy if you are sitting on $30k and want a performance car.

As always, you can catch us on iTunes ( we would love it if you rated and gave us a review), drop us an email at, find us on Twitter @TopSpeedPodcast or just hit up the comments. We read and respond to basically everything, so if you have feedback, let us know.

Click "play" to hear this week’s Podcast

See you next week-

Hosts: Christian Moe, Justin Cupler, Mark McNabb
Weekly Wheels: Honda Accord, Chevy Silverado

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