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Audi TTQ reviews

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2018 Audi TTQ

2018 Audi TTQ

Audi has been hard at work trying to stretch the TT lineup and create a sub-brand from it to help boost sales without increasing costs too much. In this effort, the German automaker has revealed a few TT-based concepts in recent years, including the 2014 TT Allroad, the 2014 TT Sportback, and the 2014 TT Offroad. For one reason or another, the first two models were scrapped, but according to a report from CAR Magazine, the TT Offroad has received the green light for production under the TTQ name.

So, why did Audi name it the TTQ instead of the more obvious Q4? Well, Fiat currently owns the trademark to the Q4 name and apparently has no interest in relinquishing it to Audi any time soon. Additionally, putting the TT name in there gives it a connection to the brand’s small sports car.

So what does this rumored model have in store for us?

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Images of the TT Offroad shown here.

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