Tokyo Motor Show

October 24 - November 5, 2003

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The Tokyo Motor Show show takes place every two years, alternating with the commercial vehicle show. As always there will be a huge variety of new designs, predominantly from Japanese manufacturers, ranging from new production cars to some of the most unusual concept cars.

The 37th Tokyo Motor Show—Passenger Cars and Motorcycles—closed its doors on November 5 after a successful run that demonstrated the appeal of the new audience-participation format. During its 13-day viewing the show recorded 1.42 million visitors, significantly higher than the previous show (1.27 million). Not only did this mark an end to the prolonged decline in attendance brought on by Japan’s economic slump, it also provided impetus for stronger sales in the automotive industry. The show’s success is attributed to better vehicle exhibits and to a change in format from a "display-oriented show" to an "audienceparticipation show."

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