We’ve only reached the middle of March, but we’re already beginning to think that if there ever were an award for “Breakthrough Tuner of the Year”, the British tuning company, Amari Design, would run away with it. In the six weeks that they’ve come to our attention, Amari Design has already released three strong tuning programs: the Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia Edition, the Range Rover Windsor Edition, and now, the Bentley Continental GT Evolution.

The last of these projects is their latest offering, which is made all the more impressive considering that we didn’t even know these guys existed when the calendar struck 2011. For theContinental GT, Amari Design gave the car’s exterior a number of modifications, including a new front bumper, lip spoiler, a new hood, fenders, side skirts, panel extensions, a new rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and exhaust. All these components were made from high-quality plastic and carbon fiber. Inside the car, you’ll find plenty more improvements, including re-upholstered seats using Alcantara and Nappa leather and carbon fiber trimmings on the dash paneling.

Not much was divulged on the engine improvements, although the tuning firm did say that they were installing a hybrid supercharger to the Bentley’s 6.0L W12 engine to go with an ECU upgrade and in the process, bump up the Bentley’s output up to 750 horsepower.

The next step for these guys is to actually show one of their products – maybe all three at the same time – so we can ogle over them and see whether these guys are as good as we think they are.

  • 2011 Bentley Continental GT Evolution by Amari Design
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    six-speed automatic transmission
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    750 horsepower
  • Displacement:
    6.0 liters L
  • car segment:


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  (600) posted on 12.28.2011

Sorry to say but unlike you guys, I didn’t find it awesome neither stunning on its design, especially on its front. However, it’s a good thing that it still has an impressive and powerful engine specs.

  (449) posted on 11.28.2011

Bentley’s platform and abstract design really look so cute! Anyway, this GT evolution is already looking great on its neat and cool body paint. However, I’m quite curious on its interior?

  (630) posted on 10.4.2011

As of this project, It became more impressive from platform surface to its impact identity which give quality to the car.

  (347) posted on 08.22.2011

The only thing that doesn’t change was the platform of the vehicle! I like more the boost in the speed performance of the car. The Amari Design has made an awesome modification here!

  (517) posted on 08.22.2011

the speed performance of the car is quite impressive! I like the fact that Bentley has a continuous production for this vehicle. And I guess it would take a long time before we can see a successor for this car.

  (458) posted on 05.12.2011

What a pathetic idea?. Its pretty obvious that the car is too bad concept. I’m not surprising the details about this concept. Its so natural and less good features on it.

  (399) posted on 05.5.2011

It has a cool exterior design, Yet it looks suspicious and something his hidden inside this car.

  (592) posted on 04.20.2011

I thinks the new engine of this cars is well improving and the exterior design that i pretty cool and lovely designs on it. With its strong tuning ability and the high quality components that gives strong radar to the owner itself.

  (473) posted on 04.6.2011

I agree on what you have said Colby_Brian. However, Continental GT is the most successful line of Bentley. It has a powerful engine but fuel efficient.

  (399) posted on 03.22.2011

Well, a Bentley is a Bentley, whatever mod you do on this. And that’s really what I like about these cars, they are so distinct and classy.

  (858) posted on 03.21.2011

I really like seeing this Bentley setups a lot. The basic cars just feel a bit too drab to me, so these modifications are certainly a welcome touch.

  (579) posted on 03.21.2011

Well, I am not really particular with the design of this one, it’s a Bentley after all, and that’s how they are supposed to look. But I do like the fact that they have improved on the engine.

  (600) posted on 03.18.2011

Wow, this one is a rather great looking Bentley. I am not a fan of that car because I think it is a bit bulky, but this one made it look otherwise.

  (692) posted on 03.18.2011

One of the best looking Bentley packages that is have seen thus far. This one is indeed rather simple but it has quite a lot of elegance coming from its design.

  (410) posted on 03.18.2011

For the design of this car, I could see the poor engineering behind it!
I have to admit Bentley is one of the automakers makes a car that combines the sportiness and luxury, but I haven’t seen that two characteristics in this car.

  (309) posted on 03.17.2011

This one actually looks rather simple to me. But I do love how they sculpted the front bumper. And those wheels are certainly something nice to look at.

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