A few days ago Bentley managed to smash the world speed record on ice. With this type of opportunity just knocking away, Bentley has gone straight to work to produce a new special edition in order to brag about their accomplishment. The Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible will be revealed tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show. There will only be 100 units available worldwide, offered in just three exterior colors: Beluga, Quartzite, and Arctica White, all contrasting with a Dark Grey Metallic soft top. This special edition will be distinguished by muscular styling cues and 20” inch, 10-spoke Supersports wheels with a dark tint finish.

"Juha Kankkunen’s drive was a remarkable achievement and worthy of a very special car. The Continental Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ is a true driver’s car that captures that unique Bentley spirit. It offers extreme performance, agility and an extrovert personality, while retaining the refinement, handcrafted luxury and comfort our customers expect."

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  • 2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    twin turbo-charged W12
  • Transmission:
    Quickshift six-speed automatic transmission
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    631 HP
  • Torque @ RPM:
    590 lb-ft of torque
  • Displacement:
    6-liter L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.8 sec.
  • car segment:


2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 394137

For the new Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible, customers will have the choice of three exterior colosr: Beluga, Quartzite and Arctica White, all contrasting with a Dark Grey Metallic soft top. The model will be further distinguished by more muscular styling cues and a new set of 20” inch, 10-spoke Supersports wheels with a dark tint finish.


2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible High Resolution Models Female
- image 394129

The exterior of the Supersports model will be hot, but the biggest distinctions will be offered on the interior. The Ice Speed Record Convertible will feature a unique red wave on the high-gloss carbon fiber dashboard, center console, and roof panel. The same theme continues with Pillar Box red piping on the seats and doors, and Pillar Box Red contrast stitching on the seats, door casings, steering wheel, and gearshift paddles.

Customers will also receive a highly-advanced touchscreen infotainment system from the new Continental GT that provides rich map imagery and a 30GB on-board hard drive.


2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible Exterior
- image 394157

Under the hood we’ll find the usual 6-liter, twin turbo-charged W12 engine that delivers a total of 631 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a Quickshift six-speed automatic transmission and this combination rockets the convertible ‘Ice Speed Record’ model from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and to 100 mph in just 9.5 seconds.

Compared to a standard Supersports Convertible, the Ice Speed Record edition delivers an extra 10 HP thanks to new free-breathing air intake ducts, intercooler system, and exhaust system.

The special edition also receives large diameter (420 mm front, 356 mm rear) carbon ceramic brake discs, with eight-piston calipers at the front and Pirelli 275/35ZR20 ultra high performance tires.


2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 394134

Bentley hasn’t announced the Ice Speed Record Convertible edition’s prices just yet, but we’re guessing it’s going to be a tad more expensive than the $286,695 price tag found on the standard model.


2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 394156

The Continental Supersports Convertible takes on models like the Ferrari California, the BMW M6 Convertible, and the upcoming Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder.

The Ferrari California is powered by a V8 engine that delivers a total of 460 HP and can hit a top speed of 192 MPH. The 458 Italia Spyder will get the same engine as the coupe: a 4.5 Liter V8 engine that delivers 570 HP at a rather lofty 9000 RPM and will go up to about 200 mph. The BMW M6, set to be launched this year, will get a turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine with a total output of 555 HP. It will be the slowest from them all at 155 mph.

All of them, however, are less powerful than the Bentley model and none of them are capable of such impressive top speeds. Therefore, we believe the Supersports has a huge advantage.

2012 Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 394135
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  (474) posted on 02.14.2012

I couldn’t believe Bentley managed to produce a Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible that is a ’world record’. And that even the 458 Italia Spyder, BMW M6, and Ferrari California are less powerful than the Bentley and none of them are capable of such impressive top speeds. Unbelievable but truly impressive. Both exterior and interior are hot and superb.

  (238) posted on 01.12.2012

An awesome performance and design of interior and exterior. I really like convertible cars but the specified standard of the Bentley engine needs to improve. I already know that Bentley cars are best in quality performance.

  (599) posted on 12.28.2011

I’d have thought the coupe would offer better insulation form the cold also. Unless it’s one test vehicle that was lent out, and is going to another group in a few weeks for some other extreme testing.

  (530) posted on 11.22.2011

I just find out that the interior of this Bentley is not really so awesome as what I’ve expected of it. However, I’m still impressed with its simple inside and even on its speed performance.

  (466) posted on 11.21.2011

Even on a matte color, Bentley obviously still looks great on that! smiley Anyway, I love this convertible version of them, but I am hoping that it had a nice speed performance just like what their standard had.

  (434) posted on 11.17.2011

Bentley’s vehicle is still looking great even though it is only on a matte body paint. Anyway, it would really be so hard to decide if who is truly worth buying for, because on the fact that its competitor is a good-looking car as well.

  (382) posted on 11.14.2011

It really looks great in any exterior color combination, and I’m glad that they add more horsepower on this Supersports than to their standard model, but I bet this will be very expensive.

  (630) posted on 10.4.2011

It looks clean and very neat. Seems very smart and nice. It look more convenient and very muscular in style.

  (596) posted on 07.13.2011

Does it mean that the W12 technology is more powerful engine compare to the V12? The competitor of this car are high performing vehicle and some of them are already sold out..I don’t know if this car will sell.

  (488) posted on 07.13.2011

As expected from this vehicle it has a luxurious styling and I think is kind of bonus to see the power output of this car! I can’t believe that Bentley have boost the power of the car up to 600 hp.

  (473) posted on 06.28.2011

Talking about the performance of this car, it seems that Bentley Supersports is not that impressive! I was thinking that its competitor would be better!

  (559) posted on 06.28.2011

Well, looking at the performance of the car and its detailing this car seems to be perfect. However , when it comes to the pricing I bet the Toyota Hilux would be a good choice for snow and its cheaper.

  (939) posted on 06.16.2011

For me, comparing to the original version of the Continental GT this one seems to be more powerful and its details is just enough to make everyone drool on it! And I think this is top of the line model of the Bentley.

  (648) posted on 06.16.2011

Its been a long time since the first debut of Continental GT.I have to say that speed performance never failed and the elegance of the interior remains, I think the carbon fiber material used in this car makes it more fabulous!

  (458) posted on 05.12.2011

For the new Bentley Super sports is truly ‘Ice Speed Record’ the performance that can speed up to the highest level, But its more pleasing to the eye attention with the white color texture that seems to be an extraordinary concept.

  (398) posted on 05.5.2011

Well, this is unique Bentley spirit concept,That offers an extreme performance as well.

  (647) posted on 05.5.2011

Wow! As expected from a luxury brand! I like the carbon fiber material used in the car. I think it makes the car more elegant and luxurious! And for sure it will come in a high price!

  (592) posted on 04.20.2011

This is totally serves as the s8uper special well made car, Because of its speed ice capacity to travel in a strong range performances.

  (466) posted on 04.11.2011

Pure color black is kind of lame. However, when i got to see the carbon fiber seats i almost forgot how it looks like from the outside. BTW, i don’t find the car really powerful.

  (383) posted on 04.11.2011

Well, i do believe that the competition with the Ferrari would be not that tough since Bentley is expensive plus its limited edition.

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