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1927 - 1931 Bentley Blower

1927 - 1931 Bentley Blower

The Bentley Blower was a development of the 3 liter model produced in the 1920s. The 4.5 liter model was produced as a performance road car and a possible contender for endurance racing . The Blower proved highly reliable on the track and nearly took victory at the 1928 and 29 Lemans. In 1929 Bentley dropped the 4.5 liter engine and opted to race the more reliable Speed 6. At this time Tim Birkin saw the potential in the smaller displacement car and modified the 4.5 liter for the 1929-30 race season. Three ’Birkin Blowers’ competed against the Bentley Speed Sixes at the 1930 Lemans. The 4.5 blower was surpassed by the Speed 6 that went on to win the 1930 Lemans with a 72 mile lead.

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