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Italian coach builder, Bertone, rarely makes waves, but when they do, they have a propensity to just take your breath away. Incidentally, the last we heard from these guys was when they unveiled the Jaguar B99 Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Now, Bertone returns to Geneva with a new concept in tow, one that’s being called the "Concept Nuccio." Making things extra special this year is the fact that Bertone is celebrating their centennial anniversary, and to commemorate this huge milestone, they came to Geneva locked, stocked, and ready to rock.

The concept was named ’Nuccio’ in honor of Nuccio Bertone, the son of company patriarch Giovanni Bertone. It was designed as an evolution of the company’s "cab forward" that started with the 1967 Alfa Romeo Carabo, the 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero, and the 1973 Lamborghini Countach. The concept combines elements from the three concepts in an attempt to create a modern, sporty, and "extreme," fully functional sports car.

UPDATE 03/08/2012: This review has been updated with the official details and images of the Bertone Concept Nuccio.

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  • 2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio
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    4.3 L
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2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio High Resolution Exterior
- image 439472

The Nuccio Concept borrowed its large, tapered windshield - a trademark signature for Bertone - from the Stratos Zero, as well as the so-called "twin peaks," but with a more futuristic interpretation. The first peak is visible at the highest point of the roof, while the second is placed behind the first one. Together they form the famous "eye of the crocodile."

Everything else on the Nuccio Concept is new, starting with its roof inspired by the avant-garde tensile structure technology used in modern architecture and going up to the air intakes located on the front bumper and lower rocker panels. There are also side and rear air outlets positioned strategically around the engine compartment.

The concept’s roof is painted in bright orange - Nuccio Bertone’s favorite color - and has been combined with a gray car body color which is also treated with a high- tech transparent coat, "sirallico" bronze.

The headlamps and the tail-lamps both feature LED technology and extend across the entire width of the front and rear ends of the car.


2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio Interior AutoShow
- image 442010

Since the Nuccio was designed as an extreme sports car, its interior is all about elegant minimalism. The center console starts with a tall armrest and angles up towards the instrument panel in an inclined plane where all the controls (climate, radio, etc.) are installed. The seats are wrapped in bright orange leather combined with aggressive inserts in anthracite gray.

The driver has control of what happens on the exterior of his car thanks to an external rear view camera that projects the view of the road onto a 26 " LCD screen situated where the rear window is usually installed. The screen is visible from the driver via a traditional, central rear-view mirror hanging from the windshield. This big LCD screen can be transformed into a transparent rear window from which you can easily admire the V8 engine.


2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio Exterior AutoShow
- image 442012

The Bertone Concept Nuccio is powered by a 4.3 liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 480 HP. It is mated to an automatic "triptronic" transmission, located under the steering wheel.

When Can I Buy One?

Don’t expect to see a production version of the Bertone Nuccio anytime soon, but it’s still a very cool design exercise!


2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio High Resolution Exterior
- image 439473

We know there won’t be a production version of the Bertone Nuccio, but the modern interpretation of the Lancia Stratos would be a good match up if there was. Built on a Ferrari chassis, it is powered by a 4.3 liter V8 engine that will sprint it from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and up a top speed of close to 200mph.

2012 Bertone Concept Nuccio Exterior AutoShow
- image 442006
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  (419) posted on 07.17.2012

This concept is very rare, and the design is more futuristic than the supposed future cars. 

  (553) posted on 07.5.2012

This concept is very rare, and the design is more futuristic than the supposed future cars. 

  (503) posted on 07.4.2012

The performance is not so impressive, but the extreme and unique design is very admirable. I’m wondering why this Nuccio not be produce? If you still remember, Maybach Exelero produced only one and bought by a rapper. Why can’t do the same in this concept?

  (762) posted on 07.3.2012

Wow, Bertone was already eye-catching on its exterior.

  (402) posted on 06.29.2012

This concept has a really superb coloring.

  (630) posted on 05.31.2012

This is the best car I’ve ever seen. The choice of LCD Screen as a rear window is great. The LCD which actually turns into a transparent window to the V8 Engine is simply amazing and yet so unique. 

  (501) posted on 05.29.2012

This concept features a car which is highly accentuated by its colors only.

  (599) posted on 05.29.2012

It’s really immensely futuristic. It’s what a car some time later is supposed to look like.

  (256) posted on 04.24.2012

The design of this car is unique and futuristic, while the features are innovative. Everything seems to be perfect, but I just don’t find it attractive.

  (727) posted on 03.16.2012

The theme of this project is futuristic, but they must use rims that are fitted to the theme. I like the concept, by the way.

  (531) posted on 03.14.2012

The brilliance of the orange color against its glossy black finish seems highly futuristic. I also noticed how the wheel rims complemented the bumper!

  (559) posted on 03.13.2012

I love the black and orange colors combination, they add futuristic appeal to the car. Also, the twig-like designs are very unique.

  (714) posted on 03.12.2012

The design of the exterior is plain, and it does not put some edginess to the car. I do not find this car attractive for the consumers.

  (449) posted on 03.12.2012

I’m not even going to hide my bluntness anymore; this looks like a wheeled UFO. When I saw it, I immediately liked the rear, especially the tail lights and the exhaust pipe. However, the interior doesn’t seem to flatter. It’s probably irrelevant, since it would be most likely judged from its exterior, and its sleek performance will aid on flaunting that.

  (526) posted on 03.9.2012

I thought this car came from the future; a man from the future left it and let jaguar release it to the public. smiley

  (377) posted on 03.1.2012

It looks far from the concept which they first showed. It looks good, and I hope this will be a production project after the unveiling from Geneva.

  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

The concept was good. For me, it was understandable. It has a nice side rim and linings. The frontal view was superb. It was good to have it while it lasts.

  (365) posted on 02.15.2012

It’s one of the most useless sketches ever. This sketch isn’t even good enough to show what the concept builds may looks like.

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